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  1. The Hella kit can handle higher amperage than some of the dubious cigarette lighter plugs that are around
  2. I wired a 12v Hella waterproof socket (fused) to the underside of my caravan. Mine was mainly for the air compressor tyre pump. much better quality than most of the other cigarette lighter plugs and sockets on the market. http://www. hella. com/MicroSite/soe/sites/default/files/downloads/J00271_Elekt_Steckverbindungen_EN_HKG. pdf
  3. I used a 300 Isabella "Shadow" sunshade light and easy to store, just before I sold my caravan I bought the Shadow Net Front which gives more shade but is "see through" it has not even been unpacked.
  4. Through various vents in your caravan the interior is "open to atmosphere" therefore any chemical or electrical dehumidifier is a waste of time. You need windows cracked and a roof vent just open so that air will move the full length of the caravan. Cushions, and seats should be removed or "stooked" so air can circulate under bed boxes and cupboards left open.
  5. So where are you and I assume you are going back to St. Albans.
  6. Superkettle reach usable temp. from ambient in 15-20 minutes
  7. I've had one for years by Super Kettle, 3. 2ltr. it provided all day tea/coffee or washing up water in my Eriba and had quite a small footprint on the counter. My version had a dispensing button that you triggered with the rim of your mug and a hand pump so you could dispense water away from the mains
  8. Eriba owners had a special strip, made especially to stop roof torrents swamping the awning rail awning joint.
  9. Eriba owners could buy a strip especially made to deflect this sort of torrent water. I cannot remember the exact details but it worked well
  10. Milton on a cloth or if you use a face mask dry it and very carefully brush into a sealable bag (spores) and bin.
  11. Coming toward Tor Martin large caravans were being pulled off the road along with other vehicles apparently randomly but as I slowed expecting to be selected, I was waved off. Had my towing mirrors protected me or did they just have enough?
  12. It sounds as if you have perhaps overtensioned the awning opening up the stitch holes. Mind you my last couple of awnings had external strips designed to cope with heavy run off from the caravan roof and gutters. Your awning is made by a very good maker so I would think the quality is not in the leasr suspect
  13. It will make some of the less aware perhaps more aware
  14. When I towed my Eriba Puck L, it was normal to see other caravans displaying all the no,no's of overloading. Too much nose weight, too little noseweight, wagging tails under inflated tyres, badly loaded, grass still in the wheel rims from where they had dragged the caravan straight out of the field they kept it in. The OP's young man was just unlucky. Me? I fitted towing mirrors and they kept me out of it
  15. I had my caravan checked for a gas leak, I could smell gas and even leaving the locker door open did not seem to diminish the smell. I changed the pigtail for a stainless one the smell still persisted I had it checked for leakage, none that registered. Could it be possible that the regulator diphragm leaks?
  16. Using convoluted pipe requires, end seals and reducers so that it fits properly. That would be two Elbows and a Tee
  17. Take leaks seriously, look at todays papers, Wirral the Merseyside! I reported a smell of gas on my way home at the end of a shift, the operator told me it was the river I could smell, I insisted that they sent someone out and waited. There were some very red faces as it turned out to be the huge gas main just above Keynsham station that fed Fry's of Somerdale factory that was leaking. They were working on it for weeks.
  18. It would not hurt to take a couple of cocktail sticks along and a few screws to give the old holes some "bite" And yes I would reseal the new catch.
  19. All sorts of useful waste water kit on here (and water supply!) https://www. caravanaccessoryshop. co. uk/product/waste-outlet-kit/4260
  20. As water is absorbed into the floor edges of various units it can cause the laminate to expand and "bloat"
  21. I would get the manufacturers opinion on the situation, I hope you took photos.
  22. The only hard standing I had problems with, had concrete wheel pads underneath the gravel. Most of the time "hardstandings" appear to have power station ash instead of hardcore with a dressing of gravel and the pegs came out as easily as they went in.
  23. I had a bloke moaning about pegs on a hardstanding, he had the same blue diamond pegs as I used. The difference was I used a 1kg. lump hammer and he was trying to use a rubber mallet!
  24. Murphys Law states; If it is detachable, then it will detach itself at some unbidden moment. Confucious was of the same opinion when he and Murphy occasionlly met
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