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  1. Welcome to caravanning! Our first caravan was an Avondale which we enjoyed very much. Your caravan has two electric systems - one which is 240v and works when you plug the caravan in (and works the sockets and the battery charger) and the other is 12v and works from the battery (and that works the lights, and water pump). The battery gets charged when the caravan is plugged in. Sometimes the battery charger can power the 12v system without a battery in place, but if it's the original charger from when the caravan was built, that's unlikely for you. So it will need a battery for the l
  2. Noseweight gauge received from eBay, and showing 88 kgs. Might not be accurate, but it suggests my cheap bathroom scales are over-reading, and I'm feeling more confident that I'm within limit. I moved the spare wheel from the back of the 'van to closer to the axle. Thanks again, all, for advice, experience and reassurance.
  3. I think that'll change rapidly once we're allowed to leave our local authority area in a couple of weeks! Jason (Perthshire)
  4. Noted, with thanks. I'm not sure moving everything in the front locker to the middle of the 'van will bring it within noseweight limits, but I'll avoid putting anything heavy at the back. In my previous 'van, I had to put the spare in the aisle, and take it out on arrival every trip. I was enjoying not having to do that, but it looks like it can't go at the front or the back, so I'm back to the moving it in-and-out again.
  5. Thanks for the reassurance and advice. It's still showing over the limit with everything in (with spare tyre at the back), but I'm beginning to doubt the (cheap) bathroom scales. I've ordered a gauge, and will check again with that. I've also realised the mattress could weigh less than the seat cushions it's replaced, which would explain the increase. Cheers!
  6. My 1997 Bailey Hunter Lite has a max weight of 1035. It's not heavily loaded (no mover, single gas bottle, small 70Ah battery, not too many belongings). I've added a lightweight small double mattress to the rear, so checked to make sure the noseweight hadn't got too light. Instead, I've found it at my car's limit (100kg). Assuming an actual caravan weight of 1000kg (Max is 1035), I know I should be looking for a 5-7% noseweight of 50-70%. Having moved the spare wheel from the front locker to the rear of the 'van, there's nothing else of significant weight to move back, other than the
  7. I have a 1997 Bailey Hunter Lite, which has three waste outlets - one middle left, two back right. I used to have them all into one Wastemaster, but it involved a palaver under the caravan setting it up. I now use two containers. I'm now trying to add a rigid connection to the rear to combine the two outlets there into one, either for the Wastemaster or the drain on a fully-serviced pitch. I'm reasonably sure it's a 23.5mm outlet, and I've been using convoluted pipe. Plan A involved getting 28mm Y- and T- connectors, hoping I could somehow fit the smaller convoluted pipe into the connecto
  8. I resealed the awning rails and window rails before dealing with the inside. It was hard work - most of the screws were rusted beyond easy removal, and the old sealant took careful removing. Then there was getting the right sealant (a few hours of research on Caravan Talk!) - Sikaflex, if I remember correctly. You'll see from the first photo that the front corner was rotten, and I just worked from there until I found apparently solid wall. This wasn't intended to be a 'forever' repair. It'd be quite a project to do, and if your aim is for a long-term fix, I'd suggest a thorough damp
  9. I had damp and rot in the front corner of an older 'van, and decided (because I really liked the 'van) to spend the time stripping it back, replacing the frame and insulation. It was very labour intensive, but very rewarding. I've attached photos which give some idea of the process. It gave around five more years of use, before signs of damp started behind the kitchen, and I wasn't going to start trying to dismantle that (necessary to even get in at the wall). By the sound of it, you've got a bigger area to deal with. So unless you've got a *lot* of time to spend on this (or, alternativel
  10. I decided to go posh, and splurge £14 on one of these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Inpress-Plastics-Royal-Black-Carrier/dp/B00YINLVCQ/ref=asc_df_B00YINLVCQ/
  11. It's an option, JTQ. Sensible would be two smaller containers, though I've already got a Wastemaster, which is handy for carrying the toilet cassette too. But one small container, in addition to the big, would probably fit in the front locker. Thanks.
  12. I've a 1997 Bailey Hunter Lite 470/5, which I'm enjoying very much, other than connecting up the waste. The kitchen waste is forward of the left axle, facing forward, and the toilet sink waste is at the rear right of the 'van, facing backwards. (We don't use the shower, so the third waste isn't relevant). Currently using lengths of flexi hose, but each has to double back under the 'van, and it's a bit of a pain getting them both into the waste container, which needs to be far under the 'van for the hoses to reach. I could just get longer hoses, but is there a cleverer way of doing it
  13. Good point. That rules out that theory :-) The fridge had been cooling enough to provide ice for my whisky :-) It's definitely working irrespective of the unidentified switches. The battery is definitely charging even with all the fused switches off. The mystery continues...
  14. I'm pretty sure it's not the fridge, as that's been working whilst all the switches are off (using EHU). One could be the fridge gas ignition, I suppose, though would that be through a wall-mounted fused switch? The gas heater is definitely a gas-only Carver - no sneakily hidden electric elements. The other contender, perhaps, is the hob ignition. It's not working at the moment, so I might see if I can trace that back to one of these switches. Thanks for your help, bspks.
  15. I think the leisure battery is only connected to the 12v system via the charger (which is also a voltage regulator, I believe). So it could be that the charger needs to be "on" (even if no mains hook-up) for the battery-to-accessories circuit to be made. I've never tried switching my charger off to find out whether it un-powers the 12v side. I'll try that later this morning. I'd first be suspecting the charger. Off-mains, is your multimeter reading voltage on its 12v output? If there's battery voltage going in, and nothing coming out, that's the culprit. I've had 1993 and 1997 cara
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