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  1. I found the thread below and have been testing for most of the afternoon, pulling fuses and running the water heater on a spare leisure battery, nothing has stopped the clicking igniter which is intermittent until it finally stops the heater from working, then I started testing JanandJay's suggestion and closed the gas tap to the heater soon after switching the heater on, as soon as the tap is closed and the gas supply stopped then the clicking is continuous until the tap is turned on. Using this method, so far, the clicking stops and the heater functions normally. So now i believe it's a g
  2. Hi All, My van is fitted with a Trumastore Rapid with model numbers BN10 & BN103 (pre-2006 model). In the time I've had the van (around 5 years) I've had intermittent problems with starting the water heater when running on gas but always managed to get it started and keep it running, not so this time. The heater will start as soon as the dial is turned to the on position and I can hear, smell and feel the heat from the external burner flue, within about 10 seconds it sounds like the electric sparker clicking rapidly as though attempting to light the gas and after another 10 secon
  3. Well I fitted the new brushes and all is working again, the old brushes had lost around 6 or 7mm of carbon compared to the new ones. Thanks to this thread I tracked it down, such an easy and cheap fix, you've just got to crawl under the van to do it.
  4. I'm about to order a couple of new brushes cost around £8, delivery is £10 !! Will update once fitted, if it's the brushes, then it's a cheap and easy fix
  5. I'm not sure I know what you mean, the braided pigtail connects the brush and the spade connector, the pigtail runs inside a lightweight spring. By 'brush holder' do you mean the hole that the brush slots into on the side of the motor? There's no burning on the ends of the brush, they look very clean and the brushes seem to be slotted all the way in as there is a really fiddly square plastic piece that keeps the whole mechanism in the slot under pressure. There is also a bent tab on the spade connector that slots into a groove in the body of the motor.
  6. OK, so I've checked the voltage at the box and to the motor, 12v good. I then removed the spade connectors from the motor with the spring and copper wire attached with what looks like a graphite block with grooves in the end from each side the motor, are these the brushes? There was a small amount of dirt and dust as they came out but otherwise clean, put them back in and tested. When power is first applied there is a fraction of a second of a whine as if the motor is going to start but then nothing, off power and then back on again, no whine, I only get the fraction of a whine if I take
  7. Yes that's exactly the setup, on seconds thoughts though, if I disconnect the connecting bar, then I won't be able to wind-on the working motor from the non-working side (caravan door side) as I need to park the van hard against a wall and this is the side that is working. The motor doesn't run at all, I don't think it's the pin, so must be the motor itself or an electrical fault, there doesn't appear to be any poor connections at the control box end or the motor end. I need to test that 12 volts is reaching the motor though.
  8. Yes I think this might be one option, will have a crawl under when I get chance. Also possibly another option, assuming I can adjust it far enough backwards.
  9. I've got a Reich mover fitted to both wheels of my single axle van, I think it's the Reich economy version of 2005 vintage. A couple of years ago I had a motor replaced by a local caravan dealer at a cost of approx £250, but I wasn't convinced the motor had gone, it could have just been the brushes. Anyway, onto the present day - one side has stopped working, I've gone through the synchronise procedures and also made sure the remote controller is not at fault. Pressing the button for that side actuates the solenoid, I can hear it clicking, but the motor does nothing. Any suggesti
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