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  1. Looks like you've done a cracking job.
  2. nearly 3 years, it's great! Haven't seen anything I'd swap it for.
  3. No problems so far with our Isonzo but at the first sign of the sealant between the panels breaking down it will be redone. Rad in the shower drys the flannels quickly!
  4. Anyone tried one of these? Only 4 sensors so could do rear wheels of car and single axle caravan or just twin axle van. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Monitoring-Universal-Waterproof-Real-time-Temperature/dp/B07BBP2TGH/ref=sr_1_13_sspa?keywords=tpms+for+caravan&qid=1553149180&replacementKeywords=tpms+for&s=automotive&sr=1-13-spons&vehicle=29-403&psc=1 I like the idea of solar power.
  5. Sussex Caravans are a good dealer. They made owning our Elddis more pleasant than it could have been given what you hear from other dealers around the country.
  6. I reckon after a first tow like yours it would be 50/50 as to whether most people would give up and buy a time share! I always remember an early mistake we made with our first caravan when I accidentally turned into a leisure centre carpark. It was very tight and the only way to get out was to unhitch and push the caravan round 180 degrees by hand. No harm done to anything but our pride. Luckily we only had a small two berth back then. A good lesson learned and now I use a Caravan Garmin and I always like to know of any potential problems on route seeing as we have an 8ft wide Adria. Well done for surviving treacherous conditions, I would have taken my new van home and waited for a nicer day. What a coward!
  7. I thought the Alde fluid needed changing after 3 years?
  8. Yes Disco3 Shop as onewheelonmywagon says.
  9. I find my battery is best left on charge overnight to get the best results. I too have the CTEK MSX 5. Use one of these; to charge the battery in situ via the trailer socket. Don't even have to open the bonnet!
  10. Alde unit is in the cupboard right next to the bed in our Isonzo and I think the fridge makes more noise than the central heating. I do notice various ticks as pipes heat up and cool down though. Towing is not a problem for us with a Discovery, I'm sure a twin axle is more stable but I've had no issues apart from getting a "nudge" as large vans an coaches pass on the motorway. I was slightly concerned about towing an 8ft wide caravan but in reality it is not a problem on the open road. Just be careful at gate entrances, drive sensibly & in control. Once you arrive onsite the benefit of the extra width inside is amazing.
  11. I'm wondering why the OP has asked his question on the Adria section? In my experience Adria vans are not badly made.
  12. Interested to find out the effects of the Alde circulation pump on the state of a caravan battery when using the heating off grid. Is there a high current draw by the pump? Obviously gas is providing the energy for the heat but the pump runs off the battery.
  13. Our Whale external pump works really well when setup properly in combination with the Whale pressure switch. When not set up properly it can be very noisy and does need a tweak from time to time. On our last trip the pump wasn't working at all well and I had to go right back to basics with the instruction sheet to sort it out but once done it performed faultlessly for the rest of the stay.
  14. https://www. lawnandpower. co. uk/product/hyundai-hy1000si-lpg-1kw-inverter-generator/ shame me the gas regulator is a bit of a bolt on feature. I’m looking for something that will easily slide into the cars rear passenger footwell.
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