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  1. Apparently a 50 amp/hr lithium is equivalent to 100 amp/hr lead acid.
  2. We had one of those on our previous van and the pump set up gave us quite a bit of grief. Want something that will be fit and forget, if such a thing exists.
  3. Glad we have the little Honda with us on this trip as we have used it every evening. Seems a faulty water pump may have knackered our battery as it struggles with lights and telly on for just over an hour. Looking at the possibilities of a lithium battery.
  4. I was thinking of a Whale AquaSmart such as this. https://www.whalepumps.com/rv/product.aspx?Category_ID=10006&Product_ID=12&FriendlyID=AquaSmart
  5. Electric, seems switching between mains and 12v needs a pressure switch adjustment?
  6. We have a Whale Watermaster external pump and I’ve been considering installing an internal pump as we seem to be always adjusting the pressure switch as we don’t always pitch on a hookup. Is there a pump that is automatic? Advise please on what to buy.
  7. I don't need a hair dryer other than to dry the hair growing out of my ears!
  8. Hopefully it won't get agreat deal of use but it will be good to have in reserve if necessary. Next trip is last week of October and the EU10i is arriving soon, so will report back in November!
  9. Thanks for the replies. The microwave is the one sacrifice in all this but we know we can live with that. Next question is to buy new or second hand?
  10. Just sold my Kipor IG2600 as it was big and heavy and had been hardly used since we got a 120 watt solar panel on the roof of the caravan. We have used a cheap inverter with the hairdryer and only in the mornings when there is plenty of time for the sun to charge the battery. Last October we spent a week away and the solar panel just about kept the battery in good condition for a week in pretty bright weather for the time of year. Fearing worse weather this year I am thinking of the Honda 10i as a way to top up the leisure battery. Being compact and light the 10i fits the bill as it also very quiet in comparison to it's rivals. I figure it will produce more than enough power to keep the battery topped up. Does anyone who owns one have anything to add? All opinions welcome and just to add we camp in fairly remote locations with just a few other vanners (who also run gennys) so limited day time use is not going to upset anyone.
  11. Looks like you've done a cracking job.
  12. nearly 3 years, it's great! Haven't seen anything I'd swap it for.
  13. No problems so far with our Isonzo but at the first sign of the sealant between the panels breaking down it will be redone. Rad in the shower drys the flannels quickly!
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