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  1. You j might find owners of reliable Land Rogers are keeping quiet to fear of joining themselves! 😱
  2. Hi Alan Sounds like a great set up. I have been thinking along similar lines myself. Do you have a link to the products you have used, please? Thanks
  3. Very nice, loads of space. Hope you have a great time with it.
  4. Sorry, didn't explain my issue very well, the problem appears when switching between mains hook up and just using battery power. The variation in voltage (I know its 12v either way) but there must be a small difference as the pressure switch in the water system needs adjustment s ting each time. I have now purchased a Whale Aquasmart pump system which will give me an in board pump with automatic pressure adjustment. I appreciate the new set up will produce a little more noise but at least we'll be able to hear the pump running unlike the situation with the outboard pump would occasionally
  5. This is an old thread. Adria now publish a list of approved mobile service technicians. I have one coming to service my 4 year old Isonzo this week.
  6. I suppose I mean when switching from book up to just battery power, we always have to reset the current pump. Whale FP0814B Master 12V Water Pump. I wonder if this is any good?
  7. I'd like to switch to a decent on-board pump from the Whale submersible currently in use in our Adria Isonzo. Ideally the new pump will seamlessly switch between 12v and mains power without needing adjustment. Any ideas, please?
  8. I do the oil changes on my Discovery myself. Engine every 6 months or so + diffs and transfer box at the designated intervals. It is fairly easy to drive the car onto wood blocks and being a 4x4 with good ground clearance I can easily slide under to get to the sump plug. Whilst I'm there I have a good look at anything else that might need attention. I'm no mechanic but its a fairly simple job and the satisfaction of doing it myself is well worth the effort.
  9. Apparently a 50 amp/hr lithium is equivalent to 100 amp/hr lead acid.
  10. We had one of those on our previous van and the pump set up gave us quite a bit of grief. Want something that will be fit and forget, if such a thing exists.
  11. Glad we have the little Honda with us on this trip as we have used it every evening. Seems a faulty water pump may have knackered our battery as it struggles with lights and telly on for just over an hour. Looking at the possibilities of a lithium battery.
  12. I was thinking of a Whale AquaSmart such as this. https://www.whalepumps.com/rv/product.aspx?Category_ID=10006&Product_ID=12&FriendlyID=AquaSmart
  13. Electric, seems switching between mains and 12v needs a pressure switch adjustment?
  14. We have a Whale Watermaster external pump and I’ve been considering installing an internal pump as we seem to be always adjusting the pressure switch as we don’t always pitch on a hookup. Is there a pump that is automatic? Advise please on what to buy.
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