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  1. If there are no leaks, then it's likely to be grit in the valves in the pump head. You have three options: Replace pump head cost around £40. Fit a non return valve in the system. Strip down pump head, clean, reassemble and hope it works. Note you cannot get overhaul kits.
  2. It may not affect you and no doubt others can comment but I have in the back of my mind that some breakdown companies have an exclusion on cover if the van weighs more than the car.
  3. Now there was me thinking Doncaster was in Yorkshire.
  4. Just watched it display at bournemouth air show. Sad to think I will never see its like again.
  5. In that case, it more impressive than I thought.
  6. Saw it at Bournemouth today. Didn't display at Shoreham due to accident. Was due to do a fly past at Bournemouth in transit to Dawlish Some fly past. Went around several times before disappearing up into the sky like a rocket. Four Olympus on reheat. An amazing noise, noisier than the Red Arrows but not as noisy as the typhoon. Full display at Bournemouth air show tomorrow. Weather permitting
  7. I insure with LV. Just been diagnosed with Type 2. (No tablets or injections) They were not interested.
  8. CC site at Denham. Overground to Marylebone 5 mins away with good but not cheap car park. You can however park about 5 mins away for free Also not to far to West Ruislip or Uxbridge underground but not sure about parking though
  9. I was tempted to say that in the light of your penultimate sentence you may not be posting very much but then I decided that would be childish so I didn't.
  10. I have a friend in a wheelchair who qets quite upset with the phrase disabled toilet. He says that it is not the toilet which is disabled but the person using it hence it should be called a toilet for the disabled.
  11. Only certain buses can use it without grounding and they use their air suspension. I would be very doubtful and has been pointed out a coach got stuck recently It would be quicker to go via Wareham
  12. I think there are a number of people on here who are not familiar with the geography of Dorset. Bournemouth, Poole and Swanage are at one end and next to Hampshire whereas Lyme Regis is the other end and almost in Devon. They are between one and a half and two hours driving away. Remember we have no motorways and not many dual carriageways. Then there's the tractors.
  13. Having done these routes a number of times both towing and solo, I would also go for route 3. Mind you M27 and A31 through the Forest were horrendous today
  14. This is another topic but you are out of date. The law changed some years ago when clamping became illegal. if the registered keeper fails to say who the driver is they can pursue him. Companies can and do take civil action to recover their money. Been debated on these forums at length
  15. There isn't a best route but rather a least worst one. Possibilities Pickup A31 north of poole then go via M27, M3, A34, M4. Long way round but easiest for towing and probably as quick as any. Or A31, then A338 to Salisbury then A36, then A350 up to M4. Although country roads, relatively easy towing. Or Most direct route route is straight up A350. Very twisty between Blandford & Shaftesbury. You can make steady progress. I use route via Salisbury.
  16. I think your manual is confusing. The fridge 12v supply is from the car and only works when the engine is running as others have said. You say you have a 13 pin socket on the car. Have you used it successfully before. If manufacturer fitted its quite common for the permanent 12v supply an the 12v to the fridge not to be wired up. (it happened to me). Suggest you check this.
  17. Based upon my experience last year that should read "the effect of congestion on the M6 between Manchester & Birmingham". I m with Dartman
  18. I would suggest that a reality check is needed here. There are so many variables when it comes to measuring nose weight. What is the accuracy of the measurement instrument, most n gauges are quite inaccurate. To get an accurate reading you need a measuring instrument to be absolutely vertical. But how many would bother to put a spirit level on It. Then there is the question of whether the van should be level for the hitch at towball height. Unless you are right on the limit of either the van or the tow bar, then I would suggest you don't really need to be particularly accurate.
  19. I assume that you will be towing. The natural route is to take the M6 M 40 into London. However one of the big problems with the M6 is traffic congestion. It is very difficult to predict how long that will take. If you are a caravan club member then a good stop off is Chapel Lane Birmingham. It's only about half a mile off the M 42. I suggest we could give more details information if we knew what part of London you are travelling to.
  20. Two of their branches, Winchester and Chichester are registered with AwS.
  21. Certainly Honda rescue weren't when it happened to me.
  22. There is a rumour that on certain sites you cannot use a tap between 11. 00pm and 8. 00am if you have a noisy pump. :D
  23. It seems to me that we have two conflicting views here. Those who seek value for money recognising that a lower price does not mean lower quality and often gives them want they want. They shop at Aldi/Lidls and buy much of their equipment from them and find the quality is generally as good as branded items. It does what it says on the tin. They get their battery chargers from them and their batteries from Halfords when they are on offer. Those who will only countenance branded items. They shop at Sainsbury or Waitrose and often will only buy branded goods. They their chargers from C T
  24. Plenty around here. Just ask any traveller. Mind you won't be very popular with the locals
  25. Rockley Park has all you want but I doubt that it's cheap. With a 2 year old then Wilksworth Farm might suit. If you don't want too many facilities and don't want to pay anything, then just use any beach car park like our travellers do. The Council will provide toilets and won't charge a thing. They don't even expect you to purchase a ticket
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