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  1. Working with an Austin Rover Main Dealer I had dozens of company cars ranging from a basic Mini 850 , several Allegros, Marinas/Ital’s (including estate models) and latterly Metros’ there were only two which gave cause for concern. Oddly enough they were both Allegros’, one a 1300 Estate (which I quite liked the style) but this one burnt oil at an alarming rate from day one. The second which was probably the best looking car of all my company cars a 1500 Special in Russet Brown with velour trim and brown vinyl roof which was very stylish in the day but this car with the 1500 engine was so gutless I wore right through the clutch pedal rubber in 10,000 miles. Shame as was such a nice looking car. On my personal cars my worst was a Cavalier 1.6 GLS which was so poor in performance you literally had send the engine management a postcard when you wanted to overtake something. We only kept the car for 14 months before trading it in for a 2.0 Vectra and what a difference.
  2. Much as I like using my caravan I would never use to travel abroad. We visited Lake Garda area four years ago and stayed in a lovely apartment in Desensano. We flew from Malta to Gerona ( I think) as we were already on holiday in Malta. Hired a car a saw a good part of the Lake Garda area. Only comment was we were in the middle of a bank holiday so roads were “rather busy” especially with suicide bikers. Why give yourself the extra stress tugging a van all that way.
  3. I was over in Kintyre (Campbeltown) last week and passed through Tarbert but didn’t notice anything untoward. Their web site seems to be still active but remember it is quite a remote area so maybe closed for the winter. BTW it’s a beautiful area when the weathers nice, we were extremely lucky as last Friday our drive from Ayrshire was in lovely sunny weather but all day Saturday was stormy then back to sunshine all the way home on Sunday.
  4. Good idea, I must remember this when I put mine into storage. My van sits tight against a wall inside a shed and I’ve been struggling to do this using a socket with a ratchet whilst lying in a tight corner. Many thanks, great tip
  5. Then there was BT who spent millions re branding
  6. Remember even when “fully drained” there’s still a fair amount of water lying in the bottom. I remove the top off my tank where the push button is housed and clean the tank thoroughly to get rid of any bacteria **. before drying the tank out thoroughly with a micro fibre cloth. For winter storage I remove the pump and wrap it up in a towel for protection over the winter. ** You may be surprised just how dirty the inside of your flush tank can get due to bacteria build up. I rinse mine out after cleaning it with a reputable kitchen spray cleaner with added bleach and using a bottle brush to get into this awkward corners. ps I never use any flush additives in the tank.
  7. I’ve nothing against motorhomes but the name of the club to me will always be the Caravan Club. A shameful waste of money, time and resources which could have been better applied to the then existing club.
  8. To the OP. To err is human so a lesson learned. It’s takes a lot to admit such a mistake on this forum I consider the jack up test the most important test. You can get away (for a time anyway) without checking weights, lights tyres etc. But you have to be safely coupled up.
  9. Recently I noticed two of my overhead cupboard doors on my 2007 ViP were out of alignment where they curve. I found this was caused by the lower wood panel coming adrift from the curved part of the door. It was an easy fix after removing the two doors I applied a run of Gorilla Glue then left them overnight under tension while the glue sets. Here’s a couple of shots Left one shows the doors with the gaps, you could actually move the two parts of the door. On the right image it shows the door on top glued and held together with string under some tension and the difference between door 1 glued with the door 2 still to be glued.
  10. As a former Jaguar owner, a 3.0D XF Premium Luxury I thought it was an excellent tow car but the after sales service from Jaguar was shocking. I had decided to move to an independent for repairs but unfortunately the car was involved in an accident and was written off. I’ve now moved to Mercedes with a smaller engine CLS Shooting Brake and never regretted it. The CLS tows every bit as good if not better than the Jaguar and so far I haven’t been ripped off with servicing. I appreciate this has nothing to do with the OP ‘s question but a conversation overheard this evening was two colleagues discussing the exorbitant running costs of a Land Rover Discovery Sport and an Evoque with one party moving on to Audi A7. I resisted temptation to join in with my experience.
  11. Maybe I’m just old but I find carrying a full toilet cassette to the disposal area a chore, especially if it was some distance to carry it. Now I know you can place it on the Waste master but it’s not secure plus with the waste-master already full that makes things even heavier. Earlier this year I came across a solution during a “shopping trip” with the boss. I spotted one of this trolleys and thought why not try it. Back at the van I tried it out just securing the cassette with a couple of bungee ropes but when I got home I perfected it a little. Using some off cuts of plastic laminate left over from out kitchen splash back I made up a board with some blocks at the strategic places to prevent the cassette from sliding about. The board was then mounted onto the trolley and using a plastic strap with quick release I had lying among my caravan spares I have attached this to secure the cassette. I’ve tested it with the cassette full of water and it works with no threat of falling off. Not wanting to waste anything I’m now thinking of mounting the bag which came with the trolley onto the back of the toilet door to hold the dirty clothes.
  12. I’ve just replaced the element on mine, it did exactly the same as the OP, i.e. it tripped out the mains on our first night away. I waited till I got home then removed the entire unit. Remove all the screws securing the vent on the outside of the van. Un couple the water pipes. Disconnect the mains and 12 volt wiring plugs Disconnect gas pipe. Remove screws securing unit to floor of caravan (mine had three) With unit out on the bench remove the plastic outer covering to gain better access to the heating element. Remove heating element (two small nuts) along with the “electrical component” ( another two screws) Pull out element. Refitting is simply a reverse of procedure. My element cost just over £100 Hope this helps.
  13. Hi Caroline, You don’t say what model year your Laser is. On my 2007 ViP , the drawer unit can simply be lifted out after turning the locking tabs to release it. Remove the drawers and look inside the cabinet to see if it has the locking tabs. Welcome to the forum BTW
  14. Caravan radio / stereo systems are no better than the car systems of the 70’s & 80’s ( I used to fit them) We seldom use it and have a portable Bose Sound Dock which also charges the iphone.
  15. I had a “crash” driving course back in 1967. I got my licence on my 17th birthday 6th November, had four driving lessons and passed my test in my mums Morris 1000 on 8th December. I still remember the instructors car, a red Viva SL registration GSD 7E. During that time I was involved in two accidents in my mums car, both while stationary and not my fault. A bus undertook me (partially on the pavement) and damaged the rear wing. The driver didn’t stop and simply drove onto his next bus stop further down the street. Meantime I removed the ignition keys and ran after him to have a few “nice” words. Two weeks later a van hit the other side exiting from a car park. He gave my mum a false address.
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