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  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed your visit. Haste Ye Back
  2. I’ve been running my 2007 ViP for around 10 years now and never had any problems.
  3. After a phone call to Truma the problem was solved. With the new remote the buttons required to move the actuators in and out have been changed. Pity Truma didn’t detail this change on the programming instructions but their service guy was very helpful in solving the problem. BTW the process now works much quicker than on my old remote.
  4. Yes they’re auto engage, linear actuator is the term used by Powrtouch. You press the centre button and the respective forward or reverse button simultaneously and the auto engage will function. There’s not a peep from mine but the main motors function correct with there respective buttons, only they’re not engaged to the tyres. Ive tried resetting the system three times but still no auto engage. One difference between my original remote and this new one is the original had a count down marker with the green lights whereas the new remote goes straight to a green light. The only time I really use the mover is going in and out of my driveway due to the sloping access over the pavement but I’ve parked it up at a neighbours house with a flat access.
  5. After leaving my remote control on the top of the A frame last year, Oops! I purchased a new one from Truma, excellent service by the way. Today I was collecting the van from storage to bring it back to the house but first I re programmed it according to the instructions supplied. After programming the motors work perfectly for forward and reverse but I have the Linear Actuators fitted and they will not motor in against the tyres. I’ve read through the linear actuator fitting instructions but don’t seem to find anything about using with the remote. Anyone on here done this ? If not I can always give Truma a call tommorow.
  6. Moffat is a very good site being so close to the M74 We’ve used it often as an overnight stop when travelling south. Its also convenient for visiting Gretna outlet and Dumfries.
  7. Rubbish is now a major problem in our communities but I’ve never heard of anyone being fined for littering. Only yesterday I spotted a local farmer picking up litter from the verges adjacent to his farm. Well done on him.
  8. Three years ago the fuel filler flap refused to open on my Jaguar XF. I called Jaguar Assist and while I was trying to tell the operator where I was she could tell me exactly where I was from my phone signal.
  9. Hi Coachman.

    I am thinking of fitting at detachable towbar to my 2015 CLS estate, I see you did your own and say it was easy. Is there any guides for removing the BUMPER and electrics fitting?

    How long a socket is the 10mm one I saw you mention?

    Regards, Rob

  10. I have to admit I’m a bit embarrassed at Prestwick Airport but at least they got rid of the “Pure Dead Briliant” name above the door It’s not like it used to be when it was the transatlantic hub before they doshed a load of cash into Abbotsinch airport morphing it into the now Glasgow Airport. Prestwick is never closed by bad weather and has a very good runway, it could take the Jumbo jets with ease whereas Glasgow had to be extended. Sadly it’s now a bit forlorn and relies heavily on Ryanair flights. It’s also still used for pilot training and when the world leaders drop in for conference. Its even got a direct rail link, something Glasgow still doesn’t have.
  11. Well if you finally manage to visit Ayrshire there’s loads to see. Not forgetting Croy Brae (The Electric Brae) just a couple of miles further on is Culzean Castle. For a coffee with a view visit the lighthouse out in the middle of Turnberry Golf Course. It’s the midway stop for golfers but is also open to the public. For something extra special try afternoon tea at Turnberry Hotel. Donald Trump has transformed not only the golf course but the hotel and is worth the visit. For something less expensive visit Dumfries House near Cumnock. Owned by HRH Prince Charles the grounds are open (free entry) to the public The gardens in summertime are outstanding and the walks within the Estate worthwhile. There’s also a nice coffee shop, oh! I could go on and the great thing this is all on my doorstep. Ps The weather ain’t that bad either, two weeks ago it was warmer than Malta Italy and Spain.
  12. Re the flush tank. To replace the micro switch you have to order the full part as shown. I replaced mine a few years back. I have a drain down pipe fitted with a gas valve (brass) to control it. I drilled a hole through the cassette locker floor which drains the water to the ground rather than just inside the locker. It’s also handy as a flush when topp8ng up with BlueChem. Even with the tank fully drained there’s still quite a lot of water in the tank so for winter lay up I remove the cover etc and soak up the excess water with a micro fibre cloth. anther little MOD I’ve done is fitted an extra filler cap to the left side of the tank top so when bleeding the water on arrival at site I couple a pipe from the shower and fill the flush tank. It’s also a handy point to top up without having to go outside. Have you not noticed it’s always late at night when you run out of water !
  13. With the ambient temperature at this time of year I doubt that it would cause any problem. It’s much the same scenario as using the fridge with winter covers on during warmer weather.
  14. Follow my advice on the 75 forum and you won’t go wrong. You do need to fit the TEB7AS relay otherwise you will have problems with the CanBus system on the car.
  15. Don’t forget to turn left at Gretna. The south west has so much to explore as well as “up north” I can recommend Garlieston for a start to your tour.
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