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  1. Maybe I’m just old but I find carrying a full toilet cassette to the disposal area a chore, especially if it was some distance to carry it. Now I know you can place it on the Waste master but it’s not secure plus with the waste-master already full that makes things even heavier. Earlier this year I came across a solution during a “shopping trip” with the boss. I spotted one of this trolleys and thought why not try it. Back at the van I tried it out just securing the cassette with a couple of bungee ropes but when I got home I perfected it a little. Using some off cuts of plastic laminate left over from out kitchen splash back I made up a board with some blocks at the strategic places to prevent the cassette from sliding about. The board was then mounted onto the trolley and using a plastic strap with quick release I had lying among my caravan spares I have attached this to secure the cassette. I’ve tested it with the cassette full of water and it works with no threat of falling off. Not wanting to waste anything I’m now thinking of mounting the bag which came with the trolley onto the back of the toilet door to hold the dirty clothes.
  2. I’ve just replaced the element on mine, it did exactly the same as the OP, i.e. it tripped out the mains on our first night away. I waited till I got home then removed the entire unit. Remove all the screws securing the vent on the outside of the van. Un couple the water pipes. Disconnect the mains and 12 volt wiring plugs Disconnect gas pipe. Remove screws securing unit to floor of caravan (mine had three) With unit out on the bench remove the plastic outer covering to gain better access to the heating element. Remove heating element (two small nuts) along with the “electrical component” ( another two screws) Pull out element. Refitting is simply a reverse of procedure. My element cost just over £100 Hope this helps.
  3. Hi Caroline, You don’t say what model year your Laser is. On my 2007 ViP , the drawer unit can simply be lifted out after turning the locking tabs to release it. Remove the drawers and look inside the cabinet to see if it has the locking tabs. Welcome to the forum BTW
  4. Caravan radio / stereo systems are no better than the car systems of the 70’s & 80’s ( I used to fit them) We seldom use it and have a portable Bose Sound Dock which also charges the iphone.
  5. I had a “crash” driving course back in 1967. I got my licence on my 17th birthday 6th November, had four driving lessons and passed my test in my mums Morris 1000 on 8th December. I still remember the instructors car, a red Viva SL registration GSD 7E. During that time I was involved in two accidents in my mums car, both while stationary and not my fault. A bus undertook me (partially on the pavement) and damaged the rear wing. The driver didn’t stop and simply drove onto his next bus stop further down the street. Meantime I removed the ignition keys and ran after him to have a few “nice” words. Two weeks later a van hit the other side exiting from a car park. He gave my mum a false address.
  6. Another one to add to my list. last year when returning the van to storage I had coupled the van up after using the mover to get it out of my driveway. When carrying out my safety jack up test I placed the remote on the A frame. I guess you know what’s coming, anyway half way down the short trip I began to realise my mistake and surer enough when I got to the storage there was no sign of the remote. I unhitched the van and drove home and found the remote still intact in the middle of the road at the bottom of my street. I picked it up but on returning to the storage I found it was goosed even though the electrics looked ok. I purchased a new remote from Truma and it works better than the original.
  7. Used regular toilet paper for years without a problem. Just take care when emptying out and give it a good rinse out. I always strip out the seal most years to give the seal and cassette a thorough clean out.
  8. Finally managed to view this, been on CMC sites the last two weeks so Wi Fi was poor and would not show video past the first five seconds. It really was a spectacular crash and the occupants were lucky this time. You’ve got to know your limits when towing so maybe a lesson learned here.
  9. Thanks for the replies, yes I can use gas but I wanted to conserve it as much as possible for cooking. I only run a 3.9 kg cylinder. Been using the kettle for warm water and showers are not a problem on the sites. I really can’t complain as the caravans a 2007 model and hasn’t given any problems in the 9 years I’ve owned it.
  10. Just at the start of our two week plus holiday and after the first night at Moffat the rain started to seep into both off side windows. I think with our recent very hot spell the caravan’s been getting to much sun on that side and now the seals have cracked a bit letting the water in. After a visit to a local hardware store I’ve managed a temporary fix with some black duck tape and even the boss thinks I’ve done a good job. I’ve already purchased some new sealer so the windows will be removed and re sealed when I get home. Second night all was well with the windows but woke up to no mains power ! After a process of elimination it appears that our Truma water heater has decided to “let go” as it’s tripping the mains out. This is not going to be an easy fix on site so it’s back to cold water only for the remainder of our holiday. We always used the caravan for showering so now we will just have to join the morning queue.
  11. Mercedes use the name tag Shooting Brake for the CLS but strangely Estate for the E Class. The CLA is very similar in styling only smaller and I think they use the Shooting Brake term for it as well. You don’t see too many of them on the road so you get a bit of “exclusive membership” They dropped the Shooting Brake from the latest model line up though. Mine is a 2017 model as is shown on my Avatar along with my lovely Boss and of course the caravan.
  12. Have you considered the CLS Shooting Brake ? I’m running a 220 AMG line at the moment and it tows our Coachman 520/4 with ease. We moved from a 3.0 D XF and can hardly tell the difference. At least the Mercedes has a temperature gauge ( not on the XF) plus you can put up the engine oil temp on the screen to monitor any hard pulls. I fitted a Witter Quantum Vertical detachable myself and it’s was the easiest tow-bar I’ve ever fitted. The CLS “Estate” is very well appointed and with very good carrying capacity plus economical to boot if you pardon the pun.
  13. It could be you’re drawing in air via the connection from the Aquaroll to caravan. I got so fed up with this I made a hole passing through the filter casing ( I didn’t use the filter anyway ) I then passed a length of blue hose direct onto my on board pump. When travelling I push the hose back inside the van and replace the blue dust cap. On arrival at site I pull the hose out and place it into the Aquaroll The hose has a non return valve placed on the end.
  14. With that amount of “luck” Steve I would buy a lottery ticket, you never know It could be you.,
  15. Not so up here in Ayrshire, you would have to catch up with the tractor first.
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