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  1. Well done Mr Plodd. That made my day 👏🏻👍
  2. They would of course as they want to “steal” as much cash from you. Many locally operate tow bar companies have decades of experience on this but yes I do admit our cars are getting more technically advanced. I used to work with an Austin Rover Land Rover main dealer and fitted tow bars to all the vehicles. My current car, a Mercedes CLS shooting brake was by far the easiest bar & electrics I’ve ever fitted as it uses a Canbus system so only a couple of wires to connect up all lights.
  3. I use Milton and find it does the job. The element I fitted in 2019 was only used for approx one hour when tested on my driveway earlier this summer. Other than that we had the 9 night stay before it was removed again so obviously it still looked like new except the orange coloured substance which had leaked out from the area where the tubes are attached to the mounting flange. As I recall even the original element didn’t look dirty or corroded but it was certainly duff. My caravans a 2007 model but it looks very good for its years. I’ve owned it since it was just three years old and know all its previous history so the original element served well.
  4. For a moderator I’m surprised at your reply. The original element was approx 14 years old and the replacement lasted approx one hour, based on the time actually used I don’t see how this stretches the possibility of faulty products. As for a wiring fault, well there’s only the live neutral and earth so where can a “ wiring fault” cause a current trip out. As for the over dramatisation and going 9 days without warm water, we did have full use of the kettle so we did have warm water and I think my topic was in no way “dramatic” but fully informative of events as they occurred. Perhaps you just wanted to blow off some steam to get your thread count up. As an update the supplying company have replaced the element free of charge and it has now been fitted and tested over two days heating and cooling and it is working fine.
  5. Yes of course I know you can use gas but I’m sure most will agree if your hooked up to mains 240 why not use it. Maybe this is why I see so many vans carrying two rather large 6kg bottles. I travel with one 3.9kg cylinder which I use for cooking. BTW I don’t BBQ preferring traditional cooked food. I wonder how they manage to keep the hitch weight down with all the items I’ve seen in front lockers. Speaking of gas I’ve found it extremely difficult to find a new3.9kg bottle due to Calor putting their staff on furlough I’m told. The lucky white Heather quote is a figure of speech used when “things sometimes don’t go to plan” Anyway I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Truma replace the faulty part in time for our next outing otherwise I will have to purchase another new rather expensive heating element.
  6. Hi folks not posted for a long time as I’ve been lying low so to speak, although I’ve been very busy doing some charity work for my social club during the Covid closure. Anyway as the title may suggest I thought I’d post this: Back in 2019 we left home on a three week break, I think the longest break ever with our Coachman 520/4. We stopped off for the first two nights at Moffat which we have used a few times. Woke up the first morning and found we had tripped the electrics, and after checking I found this was due to a faulty water heater (Truma) so no warm water for the remainder of our “holiday” other than using the kettle and no showers in the van which we prefer. Next morning and with torrential rain water was leaking through two windows. This was later found to be poor sealing which had dried out while our caravan sat on the driveway during an extended hot spell. Back home I removed the windows and re sealed them with extra sealant. I also fitted a new Truma element but with other commitments we couldn’t get back out with the van so it went into winter storage under double cover, inside a shed and with the Protec cover on. March 2020 and Covid landed on us so the decision was made to stay put for the remainder of the year. Now into 2021 and I still was very apprehensive about going out but eventually agreed to go to a quiet site in Stranraer. Prior to this I pulled the van back home and serviced it myself replacing the onboard water pump as it was getting past its best. The water heater was eventually tested as I sterilised the water system and it worked fine, the missus actually used some hot water to clean down the worktops etc. Our first trip out in almost two years could have ended in disaster a few miles from home when a white van cut right across me where I missed him by two feet under braking but made it to the site and after hooking up enjoyed that lovely cool gin. I then realised that I hadn’t switched on the water heater so flicked it on and the TV went blank. I checked the onboard circuit breaker but within a couple of minutes the TV came back on so I decided to wait until morning fearing the worst with the heater. In the morning I again tried the water heater and again it tripped out the electrics which was “pointed out” by my caravan neighbour. So for the second time in two years we faced the break, this time for 9 days without warm water. Back I removed the element and via my supplier they are in contact with Truma to see if they will cover the element under warranty as it really only worked for approx one hour. I hope they make decision soon as we are returning to the same site soon along with a week at our favourite site at Garlieston.
  7. We’ve used Redgates site in Maidens Ayrshire. All pitches are hard standing with easy access. Site overlooks the sea with views across to Alisa Craig. I could also recommend a CL owned by a friend, Crawfordson Farm (Glendell) near Annbank which is only approx 5 miles from Ayr.
  8. Up until last year I had a collection of five “other cars”, Fully restored SD1 Vitesse, 2 x Rover 75 Connoisseurs, classic Mini and a Vanden Plas Princess 1300. I sold all of them except the Vanden Plas but in there place I punched a lovely 2004 Mercedes SL 350 which had only done 7k We both love it and use it regularly even on colder days. This summer, to help shield us from Covid 19 we decided not to use the caravan and used the SL when we had the chance for picnics by the roadside keeping away from the crowds.
  9. What a coincidence, I’ve not been logged in but I do look in from time to time. I’ve been keeping a low profile during Covid and have decided not to go out with the caravan this year. In answer to the question DAJ38. I used the vehicle specific electrics from PF Jones. I used to fit tow bars at the main dealer where I worked back in the day and the CLS was definitely the easiest electrics kit I’ve ever fitted. On the rear suspension it readjusts according to load even when extra passengers are in the car. I’ve found the CLS very practical and tows our 520/4 with ease. Just don’t go out in snow as a sledge has better road holding capability. I just hope we can get away next year if this horrid situation is eased.
  10. I use a regular household cleaner spray (the one with added bleach) along with a bottle brush. First I remove the top for access and open the drain. I flush it out using the garden hose with spray nozzle.
  11. Whenever I’m travelling I never stop at motorway services preferring to find a route just off the motorway and pull into a lay-by. To the OP if you make it as far as Scotland there’s plenty of lay-by rest stops on the A75 after Dumfries. Enjoy your stay, hopefully the spike in Covid cases in the Gretna area will be resolved by then but take care anyway.
  12. My missus applied for her licence renewal about two months ago and has not yet received her new licence. I couldn’t put her down as second driver when renewing the insurance for my SL as I couldn’t produce her licence. We’ve just put the delay down to the Covid crisis causing a backlog.
  13. For the last 9 years my caravan goes into storage around end Oct or beginning of Nov then doesn’t come “home” until March. Its a very short trip to my home and every year when I collect the van there’s been sufficient power to place the caravan on my driveway using the motor mover, about the only time I have to use it. This year with the lock down extending the storage season I decided only last week to go to my storage facility, remove the battery and bring it home to top up the charge. I measured the voltage before connecting it up and it was 12.7 volts, so not bad for a 10 year old battery left standing since Nov last year.
  14. My previous owner had this system and I’ve remained with it for 10 years now. It’s simply two Aquarolls placed on their sides and interlinked using regular plumbing fittings. There are isolating valves on each Aquaroll which allow you to close the flow of water when placing them on their side then open the valves to allow the water to flow between the Aquarolls. I have a high pressure on board pump which I have insulated to reduce the noise. Connected to the pump is a length of blue food grade hose which passes through the redundant filter casing. On arrival at site I fill up both Aquarolls, connect them up and pull the blue hose through the filter aperture and fit into first Aquaroll. I then bleed the water system with a custom pipe fitted onto the end of the shower wand which in turn fill up my toilet flush tank. I then top up the now interconnected Aquarolls via the top of number two Aquaroll using two 10 litre plastic cans. with the Max 80 litre capacity I never run out of water at an awkward moment (like during a shower or late at night) As for the waste, well its quite easy even at my age to judge when it requires emptying and it give me some extra exercise. When leaving the site the Aquarolls are neatly stored in the toilet with the wastemaster in the front locker. The blue water pipe is simply pushed back inside the caravan and the original blue filter cap screwed back on to keep the dust away.
  15. I re sealed two side windows on my 520/4 ViP just last year. Sorry I can’t remember the make of sealant but it was recommended by a large caravan dealer in Dumfries. One thing I found when I removed the windows is that there was only a thin line of sealant applied at the factory. I reckon I used three times as much sealant to ensure they won’t leak again. The sealant remains soft unlike Sikaflex I’ve used on other applications in the past where it dries fairly hard.
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