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  1. I use a regular household cleaner spray (the one with added bleach) along with a bottle brush. First I remove the top for access and open the drain. I flush it out using the garden hose with spray nozzle.
  2. Whenever I’m travelling I never stop at motorway services preferring to find a route just off the motorway and pull into a lay-by. To the OP if you make it as far as Scotland there’s plenty of lay-by rest stops on the A75 after Dumfries. Enjoy your stay, hopefully the spike in Covid cases in the Gretna area will be resolved by then but take care anyway.
  3. My missus applied for her licence renewal about two months ago and has not yet received her new licence. I couldn’t put her down as second driver when renewing the insurance for my SL as I couldn’t produce her licence. We’ve just put the delay down to the Covid crisis causing a backlog.
  4. For the last 9 years my caravan goes into storage around end Oct or beginning of Nov then doesn’t come “home” until March. Its a very short trip to my home and every year when I collect the van there’s been sufficient power to place the caravan on my driveway using the motor mover, about the only time I have to use it. This year with the lock down extending the storage season I decided only last week to go to my storage facility, remove the battery and bring it home to top up the charge. I measured the voltage before connecting it up and it was 12.7 volts, so not bad for a 10 year o
  5. My previous owner had this system and I’ve remained with it for 10 years now. It’s simply two Aquarolls placed on their sides and interlinked using regular plumbing fittings. There are isolating valves on each Aquaroll which allow you to close the flow of water when placing them on their side then open the valves to allow the water to flow between the Aquarolls. I have a high pressure on board pump which I have insulated to reduce the noise. Connected to the pump is a length of blue food grade hose which passes through the redundant filter casing. On arrival at site I f
  6. I re sealed two side windows on my 520/4 ViP just last year. Sorry I can’t remember the make of sealant but it was recommended by a large caravan dealer in Dumfries. One thing I found when I removed the windows is that there was only a thin line of sealant applied at the factory. I reckon I used three times as much sealant to ensure they won’t leak again. The sealant remains soft unlike Sikaflex I’ve used on other applications in the past where it dries fairly hard.
  7. A word of warning with most of these products, wear some old clothes or an apron when using them. I've ruined a few jerseys etc with the staining, one of which was brand new. The missus was not amused.
  8. When my caravan is at home we often sit it having a coffee and the grand children love it. Difference this year is it’s still under cover in storage and at the moment looks unlikely to be out this year.
  9. Is this the long square bar approx 1” square and the full width of the van. If so I have one lying in my garage, it came with the spares when I purchased my caravan with remote actuator motor mover.
  10. Yes Machrihannish is a lovely site with lovely views. I’m lucky as it’s only about 45 miles from home but the caravan would get a bit wet on the crossing from Ayrshire 😆
  11. My friend in Malta is self isolation on his boat tied up in the marina. He came into contact with someone at work who tested positive and doesn’t want to return home to his wife and two girls. It’s a lovely boat which we’ve been out on many times but living on it for two weeks tied up at base cannot be nice.
  12. We’re been away to a relatively local site at Easter for the last five years but not this year. My caravan will remain in storage under cover for as long as it takes for this virus to clear. Reading the OP helped me to reach the decision to cancel my membership to C & cc earlier today. The renewal was due next month but the new cards actually arrived last week. In the last few years we only used C&CC sites a couple of times. Our cc membership ( sorry I refuse to use the new name) is due later this year and if this crisis is still with us it will also not be renewed.
  13. Now we can’t even go to Church to pray. Church of Scotland has issued a directive today so looks like no services over Easter.
  14. Em! Caravans don’t have to be MOT’d As for plate size I’m not aware of any legislation, there is however legislation on the size and spacing of the digits on the plate. I have a “shaped “ Rover 75 style plate on my caravan. I removed it from my car because it had dealer advertising on it (since removed) but still carries the B.S. Standard number.
  15. Working with an Austin Rover Main Dealer I had dozens of company cars ranging from a basic Mini 850 , several Allegros, Marinas/Ital’s (including estate models) and latterly Metros’ there were only two which gave cause for concern. Oddly enough they were both Allegros’, one a 1300 Estate (which I quite liked the style) but this one burnt oil at an alarming rate from day one. The second which was probably the best looking car of all my company cars a 1500 Special in Russet Brown with velour trim and brown vinyl roof which was very stylish in the day but this car with the 1500 engine was
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