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  1. In our 2017 Bailey Cartagena, I've changed the layout of the plates and cup cuboard, because my wife had trouble reaching the cups in their wire holder due to the stick out worktop, also I did not like the way the plates and bowls rattled around in their wire fitting. Just added 3 stepped shelves. I also copied another members improvement by changing the 3 bottle wine rack cuboard into a vending cuboard. Just added 2 x 4" shelves. Everything is so much easier to get to now and looks really good, in my opion anyway.
  2. Thanks for that Toein, I will have a look behind the clock and speaker, see what I can sort out. It's sounds a bit daunting pulling down on the ceiling panel studs if they are that tight they break the ply wood. I don't suppose you know how many of those studs there were in your panel?
  3. Hi does anyone know how to take down the curved moulding that hangs below the front skylight, it has 3 lights in it and LEDs running half way round. It looks like it is held up with Velcro and I can see at least 1 kind of push in Christmas tree like stud. Im thinking of running some led strips along the tops of the cupboards, can anyone suggest the best place to pick up the 12 volt feed for these. regards Ian
  4. Managed to upload a couple of before and after pictures Before and after of locker doors over seats in longe area Curved door with gap at the top All ten locker doors had gaps, the problem was they were all different, the ones over the bed were massive, the clothes could poke out under the door. one of the long cupboards at the foot of the bed was scewed, bigger gap at one end than the other. Anyway all sorted now.
  5. I think our Cartagena is basically well built, and as I bought it at 3 years old, it seems in really good condition. Had I bought it from new would not have accepted the poor fit of the locker doors, one scue whiff the others all with different gaps at the bottom. A couple of things I would like to do: move the cup holder, the wife finds it difficult to reach because the stick out sink gets in the way and I would like to extend the LED lights so they completely surround the roof light feature. This seems to be held up by strong Velcro and pop studs. Don't think I will try pulling it down till get some guidance from some one that knows.
  6. PLOD I was not asking for your opion on the matter, just stating a rather sad fact. I do expect a £20k hand build product to be finish to an acceptable standard, not have serious issues with poorly aligned and fitted lockers, after all, the Unicorn is supposed to be Baileys top of the range model. (Never been in an Airstream) I can't help the comparison to a fitted kitchen cabinet bought for as little £200 and would not find it acceptable to have a gap at the top or bottom of the door and I would not consider it enjoyable to have to take all the hinges off and reposition them, to make things look just right. As I bought the caravan as nearly new, I kind of accepted that, what, was, is! Regards not being prepared to accept little niggles of course I do, but I consider niggles to be something like a blind not closing properly, water pump needing ajusting that sort of thing, certainly not having to refit 10 locker doors. Just reiterating what I say in my opening para I was not asking you to join me in in saying " Bailey need to improve on their quality control" just stating a fact. I don't think I would say they are utterly disgraceful, atrocious and need keel hauling (an old saying that) In MY real world, good standards are to be expected as a norm, why accept shoddy workmanship (it was not accepted in my work place) for our hard earned money. If Bailey don't pay attention to their quality control, they will loose out to the likes of Swift, Because people with my level of standards will stop accepting poor value for money. Anyway we have been long time Bailey owners, new and used and we do not want to see the quality bar lowered. How do I add pictures to posts, anyone know?
  7. Sat here, looking at the gaps at the bottom of the lockers doors on our 2017 Unicorn III, thought to myself, surely they are not supposed to be like that, you could actually see the clothes in the lockers above the bed. I had a look at how they had been fitted. Oh dear, come on Bailey boys such poor workmanship and attention to detail. They would never get away with this sort of workmanship if they were fitting kitchen cuboards!!! Anyway dead easy to fix, just needed the hinges that are screwed to the actual door, positioned a little bit. Just as easy for the Bailey boys to have done this right as to do it wrong. I even moved up the curved cuboard door, that is just to the right as you enter the caravan, it had a gap at the top of about half inch, not good to look at I was going to put some before and after pictures, but can't seems work out how to do it. It looks so much better now with all these doors nicely lined up tight at the bottom. Bailey need to tighten up on their quality control that's for sure. I know some will think I'm too fussy, but with this period of self isolation it was bugging me. lol.
  8. Is there anyway of of adjusting the overhead locker doors on the Unicorn III, mine have big gaps at the bottom. regards Ian
  9. I have just realised that my 2017 Unicorn has tyre pressure sensors built in, a couple of questions: do you have to buy the monitor from Bailey, priced I think at £90, or is there a cheaper monitor on eBay that is compatible? If the sensors are battery operated, would they now after nearly 4 years, need changing ? Another thought how do you change them? sorry if all this has been covered in the forum, but I can't find it. thanks Cavalier
  10. Having owned 3 Discoveries and one LR3 2012 4.4 V8 diesel, the later being my current tow car. This full fat Range Rover (as we refer to this model on our forum) is by far the best tow car I have owned, super comfortable, super powerful, at 21/2 tons it never lets the tail wag the dog. Towing at 58 mph the engine is only running at 1200 rpm, so economy is very good. A good, low mileage 2012 vogue model could be bought for around £17000. A lot of car that would have cost in access of 50K new. I must stress I am recommending the Range Rover as the perfect tow car and not a run around town car, for this we use a Renault Zoe electric car.
  11. Thanks for all the replies, I have told Emove I want to move the isolation switch, they tell me this is ok and are going to send me the necessary cable.
  12. I think you are probably right, but if I want to order some from eBay I need to know the spec ie: thickness and current.
  13. Hi does anyone know what thickness and current the cable needs to be between the battery and the isolation switch? regards Ian
  14. I have just purchased a 2017 Cartagena and part of the deal was the dealer would fit a motor mover, they fitted an emove unit and put the key under the bed as close to the recessed, in the floor battery. When I asked why it was in such an impractical place, they told me they get a wiring kit supplied with the mover for each caravan model and for the Cartagena emove only supply short cables from the battery to the switch. Having said all that, Emove have told me that is not the case and are sending me 2 meters of cable, so as I can move the switch to just inside the locker door.
  15. Thanks Asklowey, it is a U3. I was a bit disappointed to find that Bailey had gone back to a submersible pump, the onboard pump on my U2, although noisy, created good pressure to the shower etc.
  16. The dealer has given me the option to change the mattress from my 2013 Cartagena to the 2017 model he is supplying, I'm assuming they will be the same size. If they are I will swop them over.
  17. I'm about to take delivery of a 2017 Cartagena and have noticed it has an onboard water tank, does this mean it will have an inboard pump as well as the submersible one that drops into the water barrel?
  18. Thanks for the reply Mark, if I decide to change to a later Cartagena I may suggest we swop the mattress. Are your bench seats foam or are they sprung interior? Regards Ian
  19. I have a 2013 Cartagena and am thinking of changing it for a 2017 Catagena. Does anyone have any opion on how the quality of the mattress and bench seating compare. On the 2013 Cartagena the mattress and seating are Spring interior. Having tried the seating in the later model it feels as if it is only a thick foam. Does anyone know if this is the case? regards Ian
  20. I think the point I was trying to make was: it's nice to have an extra little shelf in the poorly designed space left between the basin and the round shower. Bailey designers should have included a shelf there at the build stage.
  21. Well at long last I got round to filling in the silly gap between the hand basin and the round shower in my Cartagena.
  22. Well well, my daughter found her handbook, it turns out to be a 1999 Avondale Dart 510/5, the handbook says tyre pressure should be 48 psi. Thank you all for your interest in this thread.
  23. Thanks for the replies. There is enough information there for me to work out a suitable pressure. Regards Ian
  24. Could someone please tell me what the tyre pressures should be on a Avondale Dart 5.
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