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  1. A plastic part broken in sliding part, keeps jumping off track, needs whole thing replacing so looking for stockist.
  2. My door flyscreen keeps popping Off the bottom, I must have broken it somehow. Anybody know where I can get a replacement OEM. thanks David
  3. Got it working, looks like some pigtails don’t push deep enough. Msybe the valve you mentioned in your post. I will email safefill, maybe there’s a slight fault as I would expect to work with all pigtails. At least I can use it now though.
  4. I can see the gas in the bottle so yes.
  5. Any safefill users out there that can help? a friends just bought a safefill, I filled it for them. No issues on filling, but they have connected and no gas flow. Think its a problem with valve as a second one works fine. i have emailed safefill but on Easter shutdown . Anybody had same and how did you resolve? thanks
  6. It is just like that, thanks for the advice on how to remove, I did think of pulling the fridge out but your option may be simpler, hopefully it’s just become detached at rear.
  7. I’ve got a friend, just purchased a second hand caravan, the fridge has a piezo starter. Think model is Donetic RM8400. They have managed to push the starter through the top panel, not sure what’s happened must have come loose indie cover. Has anybody experienced the same and how did you remidy it.
  8. MOD please close topic as sorted or even delete. I cant see how original poster can do.
  9. Thanks for all comments. I agree simple job. I was trying to sort a fix out for a friend whom not so sure of DIY but they have managed to sort.
  10. I need an engineer to switch out a trauma regulator first thing Friday morning in Chesterfield area. Anyone available? I have the regulator.
  11. On a Truma gas bulkhead regulator, is valve in line when turned on or through 90 degrees. Picture shows in line.
  12. Hi, I’ve changed my towcar from a 12 plate D4 to D5. My D4 had the old style square wing mirrors and I put my rocksteady mirrors on the top. My D5 and believe late D4’s have a mirror that tapers down towards the tip and have a plastic profile that make it less practice to put mirrors on top and still see past an 8ft van. I have tried mirrors fastened to bottom which does work but when mirrors fold, the screw mechanism on the clamp catches the paintwork. im wondering what you guys are using or how have you adapted rocksteady mirrors to suit. thanks
  13. 10kg fit Buccaneer’a,I do have to tilt to get through locker door, I had to remove base plate and extend the strap but it’s one of my recommend buys to new caravaners especially if you go off grid a lot.
  14. Yes in D4, I have a special holder inside the removable panel just inside boot n/s, but I don't think the D5 has the same cubby hole and was wondering if a D5 owner had a removable and knows its stowed away.
  15. Those that are towing with a D5, can you confirm where a detachable tow ball is stowed when not in use I. e. Is there a special place like in the D4. Thanks
  16. I'm just about to purchase a generator for use on rallies, rather than lug my 25m 2. 5mm cable along, thinking about getting a short one for between generator and caravan. Main cable is 2. 5mm, should I go for a 2. 5mm or will a 1. 5mm suffice. Where best place for a short cable say 5m.
  17. Wrap Around Seat Pack 2016 Schooner. If anybody is interested in purchasing a wrap around seat pack for 2016 Schooner in the trim with the purple piping in please message me. Regards
  18. I've read the stats, i'm after some actual driving the car views on the engines.
  19. Has anybody been towing with a new Discovery. Are you towing with the 2ltr or 3ltr engine. I'm interested if the new 2ltr performs against a D4 3 Ltr. Honest views appreciated.
  20. I can't recall the exact phrasing/name but I believe it's a small expansion vessel for when the onboard tank pump is used. I'm sure somebody else can confirm this and maybe offer the correct name for the part.
  21. Yes but I don't think they are Truma. Found it TND Grey model PO682
  22. Can anybody tell me what make the external BBQ point is on a 2016 buccaneer? Reason is to buy a replacement, mine seems to have a slight leak. The 8mm quick connector very slopppy when fitted. There us an end but part, maybe there is some adjustment that could be done if anybody knows. Thanks
  23. I'll be trying them tomorrow, to answer question regards if it's just appeared. I last used van 2 weeks ago, did not notice it then, it is in an area that when you sit on the loo my eyes naturally look so I am sure I would have spotted before but who knows. I am very disheartened with the quality at the moment. I know these things are hand made and I know you get the odd teething trouble but I think I am beyond that now.
  24. *****, Just had service 3 weeks ago, had clean bill of health. Unfortunately don't have a moisture meter so can't check. I have emailed picture to dealer. Is it worth sealing, would not want dealer to reject because of doing that? It's just over 12 months old!!!!! David
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