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  1. Look for one with the 'Secured by Design' accreditation, you will find them on the Sold Secure web site and other outlets. Secured by Design only endorses security products that have been tested independently and are generally required by insurance companies.
  2. Hi - I have the Superb 4x4 170 bhp, the quoted weight is 2000 kg and it's based on the A6 floor plan according to Skoda. We have a 1400kg Lunar and have the same issue reversing into our drive which is up an incline. The answer is motor movers which will probably be cheaper than a new clutch!
  3. Terry - There are other posts on here about this subject. Sounds similar to your problem, let us know how you get on, I have a 2011 Delta with a crease appearing near to the hab door. Having read the previous posts I emailed Lunar twice asking which models were affected but had no reply. Good luck.
  4. Have you considered getting a second opinion on the damp? We had a three year old motor home serviced by an NCC dealer to be told it had 3. 5k worth of damp requiring the roof removing - and it was just out of warranty. We went to a mobile repair company in Bracknell still NCC who did it for £800, still a couple of days work, the repair was just as effective and the roof stayed on. Just a thought as a fresh set of eyes might bring a different solution.
  5. Bob - thanks I have, today, had a similar experience. Live and learn! Thanks for the replies.
  6. Hi Does anyone on here know if this company are still trading? I ordered from their online shop, the item hasn't arrived and they are not answering their phone or emails.
  7. I use a camera supplied by jabbkam. It's a cloud based system, movement sensing and can be accessed from a smart phone. It will also send texts if movement is detected. Excellent quality for the price. One thing to consider is some signage to ensure you maximise it as a deterent.
  8. I have the 170 4x4 elegance six speed manual and can easily achieve mid thirties towing. Hope I am not tempting fate, but this is the best car I have ever owned. Great customer support as we'll.
  9. Cheers fireman - I have recently moved across from motor homes where I had similar problems to you with a CI and Romahome. It is frustrating when the manufacturers won't talk directly to their customers. These things are as expensive as cars but by and large the customer service we receive is way behind the auto industry, it seems to come down to communication. Good luck and keep us posted.
  10. Hi baileynewforest - Is there any update on the van.
  11. Are there any updates on this yet? I have a 2012 conquest 534. This the Delta body with the clubman trim and would like to know what to look out for. I would also be interested in how Lunar deal with this. Thanks
  12. We have recently purchased a Challenger (Lexon with higher spec interior) which we got from Highbridge. We have had a number of motorhomes before, Autosleeper, Romahome, CI and latterly Hobby. They have all had issues. Romahome and CI were the worst with damp and build quality issues. Hobby was by far the best made but I have learnt to accept they are all hand made vehicles so you cant expect production line quality control. I am impressed with the Lunar. It is as well made as the Hobby and I have found it easy to tow but the thing that has struck me is the thought that has gon
  13. I too have a 2012 170 4x4 Elegance. I tow a Luna Conquest with no problems at all. MPG averages 46 mpg and 36 when towing on the motorway dropping to 28 round town. I previously had a BMW and this is a better car and significantly better value. Investing in the Skoda tow bar is, in my opinion, worth it. It alters the reversing sensors, ESC (detects weaving) and the lights. It also extends the alarm function to caravan, activating if the electrics are disconnected. All round an excellent car.
  14. Hi - We have just gone from MH to Caravan. We owned four MH's over the last eight years, an Autosleeper, CI, Romahome and Hobby. We changed for the following reasons: Lack of flexibility on site - need to pack up the van to go any distance off site. Running costs - tax, MOT and insurance Sleepy van syndrome - they need to be run every week or so otherwise clutches, brake discs and battery will suffer eventually Parking when away can be a pain - height barriers, public car parks banning vans and bay size not to mention access to country lanes / small villages. We got fed up not being
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