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  1. OMF

      Hi, On looking at the  product on YouTube  I would NOT use this product on a caravan, it might well clean every thing in sight but in my opinion it could be tad to harsh for  a caravans finish. I hope this helps stay safe 


    1. OMF


      Hi CliveB, so sorry about the delay in replying to your  post but I thought you would have had it already my mistake but done in a bit of a rush and forgot to send it altogether.

      Regards OMF        (dizzy  omf)


  2. Hi SamD, Fenwick's Bobby Dazzler will gives you a product that's capable of giving caravan protection on (approx 40 units)used in the tried and tested Fenwicks manner. Bobby Dazzler is safe on all surfaces and the most cost effective and easiest way to keep you unit in great condition . Safe caravanning OMF
  3. Thanks Johnaldo my stupid mistake, you are quite right Fenwicks waste water cleaner is for GREY water , I hope the lady isn't offended i'm so sorry for my gaff. OMF
  4. Hi john, Fenwicks make a waste water cleaner for this very problem. Cheers omf
  5. Hi, Bobby Dazzler has been used to keep showers cubicles and curtains clean for over 20 yrs.( keep it lean 1/4 of a capfull ---75 cls) any spots or runs can easily be removed with a quick flick over with a microfibre cloth. Cheers
  6. Steve, I was told a long time ago ---- that a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still, cheers omf
  7. Good morning Amanda, I apologise for taking my time answering your question fully only I was waiting for other explanations from other posters rather than only putting my point of view, so the key answer is YES ! Fenwicks Black Streak Remover. Safe caravanning Regards Roger (omf)
  8. Yup,yup-----hoc. Hip---- must get back on the pills ( Lager that is) cheers hic
  9. Hi geoff , (is it alright to call you Geoff? ) I am trying very hard to be PC but you welcomed me back after my tenth retirement and I couldn't let you down now could i? Any road up I've been proper poorly so have more time on my hands to get into trouble , but has it been with it YES! Just to take you back a bit I had a stall in Blackpool in the70s now then not a lot of people know that (and it cost me). Cheers old miser fenwick ! Just to take you back a bit I had a stall in Blackpool in the70s now not a lot of people know that (and it cost me). Cheers old miser fenwick Sorry Ditt
  10. Hi GarryB1969, their is good advice and bad, your 's is floored on so many counts I couldn't possibly comment. PS . Thankfully you haven't used Fenwicks products.
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