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  1. Hi, you could try Fenwicks Overwintering a liquid made too protect your unit without the worry of checking it after bad weather, (easy on easy off) safe Caravanning Roger( omf)
  2. Hi Paul , Talk about money to burn, wood burners as against multi fuel stoves are not quite the same things (wood was a cheap way of heating on a canal as fuel was readily available where ever you moored no lecky or gas.) Romany Caravans were at an advantage because they could feed the horse at the same time, no fire risk to anybody. That was then ----,they new their woods what burns and what smokes etc. it's almost an art form these days and the youngsters can't Evan light a match H/S you know. Cheers Omf------- ps. I spent over 3000 grand on wood last year .
  3. That's called choice , you pay's your money and makes your own mind up. It's not always the dearest or the cheapest that's best but also consider value for YOUR money.😉
  4. Prima leisure sell a wide range of caravan cleaners and maintenance products for both Caravans / Motor homes.😉👍
  5. Yes so have I and a very good morning to you.
  6. There's only one Bobby Dazzler
  7. Cheers , and thanks it tough at the top , but there's still only one Bobby Dazzler
  8. Hi, just a bit of info ----the sticky substance is aphid secretion a sugary substance that encourages  mould,  please don't use any abrasive cleaners to remove the affected area as this will  scratch  the surface the same goes for the roof too. Hope this  helps---- OMF

  9. OMF

    Hi Bryn, your observations on Fenwicks were very fair and it is obvious that you unstand the problems that  we have with misinformation, I am aware of wet & forget being a good cleaner on very hard surfaces ( stone concrete etc.) as far as being suitable for caravans I have my doughts as the run off could effect any plants and grass that it comes in contact with.  Your  thoughts would be appreciated Regards omf 


    1. Bryn58


      Hi, I agree with your thoughts on possible effect on plants etc. however I personally cannot  confirm that this could or even is a problem as although I have used it on my own van (and will again when the need arises as it did do a great job of keeping my roof clean and algae free) I am lucky enough to have enough space at home where I keep my van parked to be able to use wet and forget without having to worry about possible effects on grass/plants etc as my van is parked/kept on an area devoid of plant life so the potential issue does not apply in my case.

      I still swear by and and use the range of Fenwicks caravan products though and will not waste my money elsewhere as they do exactly what they say they will and that is just what I need.

      All the best 


    2. OMF


      Thanks for your comment, just as expected

      Cheers Roger 🤝

  10. Hi oldboy, thanks for your continued support it's much appreciated by me and Fenwicks and as the company has grown organically and still a family business I'm finding it increasingly hard to keep up with a changing market place, as many of you know,( I haven't got where I am to-day by being diplomatic and sycafantic ) but love meeting people, I started on the rally field and just loved it but times have changed you can't say a thing or put somebody on the right track as it might be the truth, and it's all round the world in a nana second, so thanks again safe caravanning stay safe Roger business
  11. Hi Geoff, please can you remove my name from caravan talk as iv'e said before many times" l must be repeating myself" my sense of humour and spelling are going slower than my mouth. As I said in my last post to you cleaning and marketing was my job( can't spell speciality) and now Amazon have taken over the world and any Q can B answererd by Google, thanks for help cheers Roger
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