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  1. Good morning Amanda, I apologise for taking my time answering your question fully only I was waiting for other explanations from other posters rather than only putting my point of view, so the key answer is YES ! Fenwicks Black Streak Remover. Safe caravanning Regards Roger (omf)
  2. Yup,yup-----hoc. Hip---- must get back on the pills ( Lager that is) cheers hic
  3. Hi geoff , (is it alright to call you Geoff? ) I am trying very hard to be PC but you welcomed me back after my tenth retirement and I couldn't let you down now could i? Any road up I've been proper poorly so have more time on my hands to get into trouble , but has it been with it YES! Just to take you back a bit I had a stall in Blackpool in the70s now then not a lot of people know that (and it cost me). Cheers old miser fenwick ! Just to take you back a bit I had a stall in Blackpool in the70s now not a lot of people know that (and it cost me). Cheers old miser fenwick Sorry Ditto repeato
  4. Hi GarryB1969, their is good advice and bad, your 's is floored on so many counts I couldn't possibly comment. PS . Thankfully you haven't used Fenwicks products.
  5. Hi Amander, there are a great many reasons for this steaking but it's certainly not Fenwicks Overwintering that's caused the problem, it's more likely too be the previous misuse of cleaners etc. and how they are applied and removed. Regards Roger( OMF)
  6. Mr Plodd, hi, you must be right as I have never had to wash a Mazda. just sayin! Roger
  7. Thats where I learnt it from, my Dad who chauffeured many famous people around Manchester previously served his time at Cockshoots,as you probably knew were coach and body builders for Rolls Royce. Roger
  8. Hi Steve and thanks , Fenwicks have always advocated washing from the bottom of the Caravan and Motorhome keeping the offending Black&white streaks at bay and your sleaves dry. Cheers Omf
  9. Hi, I didn't realise it was that long ago let's hope all is OK with him and thanks for the update . Cheers OMF
  10. Q Hi, I'm sorry to read your critiqe of Fenwicks but here are few handy hints that you might like to try. (1) Starting at the bottom of the unit useing Fenwicks cleaner upwards useing a spray bottle on a nice gentle spray (2) rinse off from top to bottom with Bobby Dazzler this will help to shift and lift any dirt etc.and leave a protective coating, it makes cleaning easier next time. Cheers OMF
  11. Hi, Fenwicks made a cleaner(Fendox) Amazon give good reviews with a very credit worthy Q. & A section. Sorry about the use of the(F word ) safe caravanning OMF
  12. Hi, you could try Fenwicks Overwintering a liquid made too protect your unit without the worry of checking it after bad weather, (easy on easy off) safe Caravanning Roger( omf)
  13. Hi Paul , Talk about money to burn, wood burners as against multi fuel stoves are not quite the same things (wood was a cheap way of heating on a canal as fuel was readily available where ever you moored no lecky or gas.) Romany Caravans were at an advantage because they could feed the horse at the same time, no fire risk to anybody. That was then ----,they new their woods what burns and what smokes etc. it's almost an art form these days and the youngsters can't Evan light a match H/S you know. Cheers Omf------- ps. I spent over 3000 grand on wood last year .
  14. That's called choice , you pay's your money and makes your own mind up. It's not always the dearest or the cheapest that's best but also consider value for YOUR money.😉
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