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    Caravanning abroad,never done it before,advice welcome!
  1. Dale Hey Farm Touring Caravan Site, Ribchester, Lancashire. PR3 3XL
  2. Thanks Gavin, I have checked above and below the window rail and there is no visible cracks. Is it possible that water is getting through the rail sealant and then through the screw holes, as the sealant does seem in poor shape ? Can the rail be re-sealed, and if so, with what kind of sealant ? Thanks johnboy2, did the dealer give an explanation as to the Vendees leak problem ?
  3. Hi, can anyone offer advice on how to deal with a Vendee S5 2005 that is leaking rainwater into the front locker from under the front windows. I am not too concerned that rainwater is leaking onto the front locker plastic/resin floor, but very concerned that the woodwork inside the front panel may be rotting. It appears that the water is tracking down inside the two vertical window frames that separate the three front windows. Could the rainwater ingression be though the window hinges at the top of the windows or is it possibly more serious and the ingression be through the roof joint at the top of the front panel. There is no ingress on the inside of the van. Your help is appreciated.
  4. Thanks for putting us right burnsguitarman and 8342mat, I stand corrected.
  5. Hi, I have copied this from a Thetford refrigerator online manual, not sure which brand you have though! Here's the link. http://www. thetford. com/HOME/CUSTOMERSUPPORT/ProductManuals/tabid/265/Default. aspx 4. 1. 1 Electrical operation The refrigerator can be powered by electricity in two ways: - DC (12V): Set the energy source selector switch (A) to (Battery symbol) the refrigerator will now be powered by the battery of your car or camper. Important! - Always use the gas connection or mains voltage to start up the refrigerator for the first time and to cool it. Powering from the battery of your vehicle is suitable only for maintaining the temperature of the refrigerator and its contents once it has been refrigerated. - When powered by a vehicle battery (12 V) the refrigerator works without temperature control (i. e. constant operation). So, (whilst towing), if your car engine is turned off, i. e. , on ferry, the refrigerator will be powered by your caravan battery. Hope that helps with your question no. 2
  6. Wyreside Farm Park. St Michaels-On-Wyre, Garstang, Lancashire. PR3 0TZ
  7. Thanks caravan'ers ! your replies make for interesting reading to a newbie, by the sounds of it we should have easily enough gas for now but I think we will need to change to propane before long due to the 5C thing. Wish us luck !! Thanks again.
  8. Our first trip away with our Bailey Pageant Vendee 2005 this weekend, just 2 nights in the Garstang, Lancashire area. Our 7kg gas butane bottle, I'm guessing, feels and sounds around half full, maybe slightly less. QUESTION - Would a half full 7kg bottle contain enough gas for a 2 night stay, cooking breakfast, and dinner and presuming the heating (Truma on gas) is on through the night (forecast is down to around 2 degrees at night), or is it advisable to use Truma on electric to conserve gas ? Your help is appreciated, thanks. Keith.
  9. So does my wife . . . she bought a lime green kettle to match everything, and I mean 'everything' she added to our Vendee !
  10. Thanks for that. Very nice of you.
  11. Oh, me too bopeep me too, that's done it ! I'm going to leave my wife right now and tow straight to Gretna Green with . . . . . . " xxx BAILEY xxx "
  12. Thanks Mike, out of curiosity, what are the numbers for your D5 and Pageant Limousin ?
  13. Vendee2005

    First van Bailey Vendee S5

    Random pics from our first caravan exploits !
  14. We are still to make our first trip (any day now!), so I understand you totally. Sounds like a good first trip, nicely done! PS. Thanks for the Thornleigh Park Farm recommendation, I shall add it to my list.
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