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  1. i finally got my v5c with regards to the replacement tug (2000 focus 1. 8 estate) but i notice the towing section is blank, there are no figures in the usual place section O. should i be worried or demand a new v5
  2. thanks all just to clarify, there is no leisure charger but there is a battery just incase we are off grid. we dont stock the fridge so for the usual short time its off while towing freezer blocks do fine. we have a 12v and foot water pump with bypass to 240v. cant recall if fogs work with S disconnected. the tow on the ug was fitted 2 years ago. basically the question was if a 12s was really needed. on the ford it seems all lights and flashers work . our other car will have the 13pin so will get an adapter for that. i dont think redoing the ford to 13 will be logical for such a small use of the S plug.
  3. My pug 206 1. 4 sw with 12N & S decided to blow its cam belt this weekend. [RIP 'Katie'] Robin (the van) being 1982 has a 12N and 12S wiring but S only really powers the fridge when towing, the lights and there is no leisure charger on board. Battery only really used if off grid. Katies replacement is a Focus 1. 8 16v zetec estate (and yes i will prob notice the difference) which has a 12n only. is it worthwhile getting the S added, do they do such a thing as a spltter. so a 12n can support N&S on a van. (all i can find are 13(euro) to N/S converters,
  4. thanks for the responses - looks like East Beach was the one .
  5. i am taking Robin on a tour of its old sites (and mine). i recall going to a caravan site in a commer camper that was in southend area, in an L shaped field with a (military) narrow guage railway running straight through it in the early 80's. anyone help with a location etc? yes the commer did have canvas head to toe bunks, bench seats, no belts. ..no it wasnt a dodge.
  6. can i just say "mork calling orson. .,,,,"
  7. i am totally sorry for not being able to respond earlier. there are not many Robins left, therefore not many owners as mentioned earlier. wher/when did you get it? any pics? i know you had hassle getting them uploaded. it will either be marked something like 12/2 or 402 eg mine is 450cm long and a 5 berth, what sort of questions did you have about it.
  8. mandville

    Forgotten Vans

    Vans that have not moved in a while.
  9. that was the east block, not next to the cafe. the work is in the far east corner (by the motorhome dump point) creating more hard standings i think. seems to be hardstanding all around the edge and tents in the middle b the block.
  10. mandville

    Stolen Fridge

    not all vans have battery boxes. :huh:
  11. mandville

    Stolen Fridge

    How do you secure an EHU lead. might get some insulation tape and wrap at random intervals along it to identify it though Thats about the most valuable thing i leave outside my van. Unless you count the all41 on the roof. My porch light sensor makes such a high whinning noise when it goes off it sets the furry doorstop off. I dont use aquaroll and my waste carrier is a 6ltr oil sump drainer. they prob look at robin and laugh anyway
  12. mandville

    HoneyBridge Park

    Full on site facilities, freindly staff, close to dog walks and walking areas, 24 hr tv room, disabled facilities. wifi (only in cafe, on site "tourist info" with maps and leaflets.
  13. Full on site facilities, freindly staff, close to dog walks and walking areas, 24 hr tv room, disabled facilities. wifi (only in cafe, on site "tourist info" with maps and leaflets. Click here to view the UK campsite review
  14. is my tin tent as i always describe it cool or not?
  15. thanks for the comments. it did not happen anywhere near a Morrisons. It was near a mcd's though. i am a shift worker. eg i got home at 11. 45pm, then on the net, got to bed around 4, up at noon, went to work at 2pm. got back tonight at 0030. not everyone is on the net 24/7 or repsonds to every post before the page has refreshed. i didnt go to a weighbridge but was expecting to, i also didnt have my license checked as i guess i pass the age entitlement check. i have replaced my stick on plate with a BS marked one as i dont trust sticky pads. or just remove it altogether and leave my BS marked one in the rear window. there is no green on the roof anymore, just a load of bird muck. and i dont fit the stereotypical lone traveller towing a shed behind an ex PO leyland.
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