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  1. Submersible type. But dont know what I need. Last seen lost in the mud at Glastonbury :-(
  2. Cant remember which lights are the 240v ones. Theres lamps on the cupboard and bulkhead type on the ceiling. Outside bulkhead type one works ok.
  3. Inserting the cassette seemed ok . Turning the knob was very stiff. One time I removed and reinserted the cassette and it was a bit better.
  4. I assume the toilet above, when you turn the handle thing is connected to the switch on the actual cassette that opens up the hole? Think this was getting stuck. Only seemed to open half way which I guess is the problem because the seal would never be good then. Im guessing if it opens properly then there is good seal between the toilet above and the cassette below? Yes it was a bit of a mess. And of course it all goes into the sealed compartment. Think I need to jetwash it out but when we were in the field it was a case of using kitchen roll and mopping it up. Not nice.
  5. Fitted ok just about. Much better than the old one. Lasted all weekend. Now as for the mud in the field in Glastonbury. ....
  6. Ah. Perhaps thats where Im wrong then. So connected to car - use 12v switch In field - use gas In field with hookup - use 240v switch Correct?
  7. Not great. When I opened the compartment lets just say the contents werent in the right place! Looks like the opening on the cassette had been getting stuck. So when you turned the knob in the toilet above it wasnt opening properly. Could have been worse. Any suggestions? New cassette needed - how much are they?
  8. Don't use caravan much but sure this used to work. OK. There a control panel with a rocker switch. Car/Van/Off. Which I assume means power from car or van (or off). So with no electric hookup I switch to van (to use leisure battery). Outside light works, inside lights don't work, 12v socket works inside van, Light comes on gas water heater and it lights ok. Fridge lights if set to gas but 12v doesnt seem to work. TV aerial booster has light on. Where to check first to see what the problem is?
  9. Thanks. Looks about right I think. Not very high at all. 225mm I've just ordered a battery - 225mm high so its going to be tight. XV24MF Powerline Leisure Battery 12V 88Ah off Tayna batteries.
  10. I'd check myself but its not here right now. I do have the battery thats in there though. Its a 40AH one - not so good. Hoping to replace it. Anyway the size of this one is 25Lx18Wx18H. If I remember correctly there wasnt a huge amount of spare height left. I've seen a lot of leisure batteries and they seem to be about 22. 5H. Anyone fitted a different battery in one of these vans? Am I going to be restricted to a smaller battery?
  11. Can I get a replacement or some sort of alternative cover? Im guessing its not cool to leave it as it is due to water ingress etc.
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