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  1. w44nty

    Cordless Drill

    Whats wrong with the manual winder supplied with the caravan? Mine have worked for over 20 years never let me down
  2. w44nty

    Sandringham CMC Site (again)

    Friends of ours woke up to find an Adder in their awning,when it saw them it quickly slithered away in the undergrowth
  3. w44nty

    Caravan showers, time to make them optional ?

    Some of the Hobbies and other caravans used by travellers do not have showers fitted
  4. w44nty

    Fishing site

    Fields End Waters Cambridgeshire,probably the best and cleanest caravan site anywhere on the planet
  5. w44nty

    CMC bookings

    The system is in place and it seems to work so if you don't like it, do what I do which is look outside the box,there are 1,000's of non CMC sites with facilitys just as good and in some cases better,and better prices as well in most cases The CMC is not the be all and end all of Caravanning there is a world outside there, Tin hat securely on and in the trenches!
  6. I use a heavy duty black plastic bag,I have the covers etc but prefer the plastic black bag secured with bungee's,it always keep everything nice and dry,and cheaper to replace, I suppose its like wearing designer clothing,its either for you,or its not. he would probably have to get in the queue!
  7. w44nty

    Truma ultraflow connections.

    Ive been having water in my Scotch for years,now I know why I keep falling over,it must have been the water from the taps lol
  8. I found them very poor,I could not drill them in, that was very hard,ended up knocking them in with a lump hammer
  9. w44nty

    Front Towing Cover

    Personal choice,me, No as I have not seen the need in over 25 years caravanning to have one. They have made a lot of money to the firms who make them
  10. w44nty

    Essex police

    If it keeps everyone safe. its money well spent
  11. w44nty


    We were away in the Beast from The East,only trouble we had was the water froze at the tap,so whatever we would have done, would have been to no avail,we made sure we had a container with water for the morning tea/coffee.
  12. w44nty

    Alde centre heating

    Check the 3 connections on top of the boiler are fixed tight 1 of ours, used to disconnect itself when moving,causing the panel not to work
  13. Woodlands Touring Park nr Sheringham has a 6 rink indoor bowling facility
  14. w44nty

    Domestic taps

    And cost 10 times more
  15. Never had a blind fail in over 25 years,
  16. Blinds closed,thats what they are for, to be closed,if not why have them fitted, if they are not meant to be used
  17. w44nty

    Sky Tv

    When I bought our used caravan, it came with an Oyster automatic satellite system on the roof,just push a button in the van and it lifts up and finds the signal, then when you press the button again it retracts and folds down, whoever owned the van before us must have liked the telly because it cost over 2k new, we have the receipt in the folder. We also have a status and I get a perfect picture using that on freeview so we have plenty of choice
  18. w44nty

    Tv Fox. Anyone Know About This?

    Rule of thumb "If its too good to be true" It normally is
  19. w44nty

    Water Ingress

    Try Nathan Dack Caravans Norwich, he is a mobile engineer and specialise in damp repairs.
  20. w44nty

    Aqua Roll insert

    I have issues with my water pump curling upwards in the aqua roll hence the pump bit is searching for water,is there a insert thingy that the pump can fit it side so it stays at bthe bottom of the aqua roll. Thanks
  21. w44nty

    Al-ko wheel lock advice

    After seeing a recovery man take 12 seconds to get it off without a key I do not bother, its still in its packaging in the front locker lol
  22. w44nty

    Aqua Roll insert

    Seems an easy fix Thanks
  23. w44nty

    Aqua Roll insert

    Thanks for the info
  24. w44nty

    Aqua Roll insert

    Thanks looks like you have put plenty of thought to the problem,I shall try it
  25. w44nty

    Aqua Roll insert

    Thanks I did think of fixing a stainless steel rod using cable ties