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  1. They have one also at Swiss Farm Henley on Thames,I used it for the final clean up before we went home,it came out like new and smelt like Boots Fragrance Counter, £2 well spent at the end of the holiday,not really viable for everyday use,especially as Gary said it would buy more wine ,which in turn could mean an extra emptying session
  2. Good system to deliver a Cruse Missile to your enemy
  3. A few would cringe if it turned up at a Caravan and Motorhome Club Site
  4. I think they call it Marine Ply Back to the used market,a friend of mine works at a Dealers,they took in a Caravan for £3500 sold it on for £8000, now that is a decent mark up,he tell me Motorhome mark ups are even more
  5. Our van is 12 years old this year,its still in better nick than some new vans,we looked at replacing ours but the prices for new vans were mega expensive,so the 2nd hand market will always be our route,would never buy on credit ,because that cost you more. Our Old ABI was bought and shipped to New Zealand,we got a good price for it as well
  6. We have a Fleetwood Heritage 560-4,it has 2 fixed single beds at the rear loo and shower in middle and L shaped lounge.it has never bothered us having the loo and the shower opposite each other in the middle (we never use the shower much) and we have a dog,we leave the centre door open all the while so you can see right through the van,the Fleetwoods may be old and no longer trading ,but they certainly knew how to build a luxurious caravan.
  7. w44nty

    Cordless Drill

    Whats wrong with the manual winder supplied with the caravan? Mine have worked for over 20 years never let me down
  8. Friends of ours woke up to find an Adder in their awning,when it saw them it quickly slithered away in the undergrowth
  9. Some of the Hobbies and other caravans used by travellers do not have showers fitted
  10. Fields End Waters Cambridgeshire,probably the best and cleanest caravan site anywhere on the planet
  11. The system is in place and it seems to work so if you don't like it, do what I do which is look outside the box,there are 1,000's of non CMC sites with facilitys just as good and in some cases better,and better prices as well in most cases The CMC is not the be all and end all of Caravanning there is a world outside there, Tin hat securely on and in the trenches!
  12. Ive been having water in my Scotch for years,now I know why I keep falling over,it must have been the water from the taps lol
  13. I found them very poor,I could not drill them in, that was very hard,ended up knocking them in with a lump hammer
  14. Personal choice,me, No as I have not seen the need in over 25 years caravanning to have one. They have made a lot of money to the firms who make them
  15. w44nty

    Essex police

    If it keeps everyone safe. its money well spent
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