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  1. From previous experience forget going after elddis, it the supplying dealership you need to be talking to your contract is with them not Elddis . Be firm but keep it polite but be persistent make it clear what you want and put everything in writing . Good luck hope you get the result your after .
  2. Yes Elddis range are on BPW chassis however BPW don't appear to make a jack for it, or if they do it isn't readily available . The BPW chassis will accept the ALKO lifting plates without any modification so most dealers fit the ALKO kit on their dealer special models . Sounds like as you have the plates fitted either the dealer hasn't put the jack in or you haven't found it yet ?! Check front locker, under seats under fixed bed . If loose carpets are rolled up under fixed bed check it hasn't been rolled up in the middle ?
  3. Nice looking motor for sure, however if it's got the same DPF system and EGR set up as the current model forget it . Must admit not had a problem with condensation but the vehicle is garaged every night . I feel vauxhall customer services needs to improve before I'd take the plunge on the new model .
  4. I thought my old hyundai terracan was the ugliest 4x4 around after the rexton, looks like it's pushed into 3rd place now the Dacia duster is on the scene ! Not for me either a bit too lightweight in the towing stakes
  5. I have a 2012 elddis avante it is no better or worse than any other mass produced caravan. I have owned swift, sprite, Avondale, ABI and coachman . The coachman was the most expensive and had a reputation for being a better quality caravan but in practice was no better than my current elddis . I certainly won't be having nightmares about it . ...
  6. I also have owned both . First a coachman amara 2011 model - it is a lot heavier than the equivalent elddis avante 540 2012 model that I now own . I changed as my vauxhall insignia was a 98% match with the coachman and bang on 85% with the elddis. The interior fittings in the coachman felt a better quality than the Elddis . However the external construction of the elddis was far superior, the coachman had sealant oozing out of the joints with bad bubbling in some areas, at 12 months old I found damp in the coachman so decided to trade it in for the elddis . I do not have any experience of the latest SOLID technology mine is old technology and screwed together - how old fashioned I hear you say ! I am not convinced in the new bonding process despite being a hot melt expert for a large American manufacturer . I understand your concerns with the door personally I hate the split door on the elddis and loved the one piece affair on the coachman . The kids tended to lean on the bottom section of the door and I was forever having to adjust the hinges, also my jack Russell realised she could jump out of the caravan if the top half of the door was left open ! I think which ever brand you go for there are good and bad, kids and caravans aren't a good combination you will always be reaching for the toolbox / superglue / liquid nails !
  7. Protimeter aqua, it's what the fella from the swift factory used when checking out our leaky sprite major . It's non evasive i. e no twin prongs to mark the wall boarding . Simply rest the head on the board and gives a damp reading between 0-999 with a bar meter up the side green ok, amber monitor, red damp. Not cheap new but come up on eBay pretty often .
  8. In all honesty i never realised that you weren't supposed to tow with the flush tank containing only 2 litres ! Stability has never been an issue even when the tank is nearly full . I tow with a terracan its a 75% match according to what towcar . I have never felt the need to drain the flush tank when towing- food for thought i guess ! I did however notice that all 2012 amara's now incorporate a built in flap over the top of the cassette door, i guess that would stop water running down the outside of the wall & causing damp in the panel !! It seems strange that every other external locker has a flap over it except the toilet cassette door ? I dont think the damage has been caused by water from the flush tank but guess it would be hard to prove one way or another . The door certainly doesn't smell of pink additive ! Thanks all for the advice .
  9. Yes the van is under warranty i was just trying to find out if it was a common problem before i raise the matter with the supplying dealer . The only issue i have with glossop caravans is they told me it was fine when obviously it wasn't ! They gave me the best deal on the van & the best trade in price with no quibbles . The pick up was quick, within the time scale promised . They took my old awning off me & supplied one to fit the new van . The van was serviced at short notice at the agreed price . The only gripe is i will have to drop it off again to get it properley sorted . I will follow left hand down's advice, i have had experience with the 'dreaded damp ' before on another van so ' know the score' on that front ! Thanks Rob
  10. Hi, bought a new coachman amara from glossop caravans in February 2011 . I took if for its first service early just before Christmas, as couldn't get the gas fire to light & had booked on a new year rally (with no electric hook up).I also listed several other faults that required looking at- a suspect latch on the external cassette toilet door & also to fit a modified drain pipe ( supplied free by Thetford) . I also noticed a bobbling on the inside surface of the cassette door . On picking up the van was told all faults had been fixed . I checked the fire operation it worked fine, checked the drain pipe & the latch operation - all good . I asked about the bobbling on the inside - no need for concern, they had checked it out they said . I took their word & went away happy ( well as a happy as can be having shelled out £200 for the cost of the service !) I have been up to the van today & took my damp meter, the back of the cassette door is reading clean off the scale ! On closer examination it appears the external toilet door locker is a poor design . It is the only external locker that doesn't have a flap/or ledge above it for a start . Also it cant help that it hinges from the bottom . If the seal isnt perfect or as in my case the latch didn't work correctly, any water running down the outside wall will find its way into the hatch . I'd be surprised if other coachman owners havent suffered the same fault ? The locking mechanism on the door is rather flimsy to say the least . I'm at a loss what to do next i feel its a poor design issue & would like to hear from anyone who may have suffered from the same fault ? I think i may go searching for Trevor Baxter at the forthcoming caravan show at Manchester especially if anyone else has had the same problem !
  11. Bought one new 2 years ago after 9 months had damp readings of 40% along the back wall also found underbed locker door leaked badly . The door lock was prone to jam up ( known issue - hartal use cheap plastics) The battery charges are prone to fail ( nord electronics) . Yes they are a light caravan for their size but from my experience the build quality was sadly lacking . Fortunately the dealer was very good and gave me my money back & i bought another brand/model .
  12. rd57chad

    UK Campsite

    I've wrote 3 reviews of campsites, all been posted on uk campsite without problems . 2 of the reviews weren't particularly glowing . I think it depends on how busy the moderators are rather than if they're favourable reviews or not ?
  13. 3 days sounds about right if your using the tv & shower on daily basis . At best i can manage a long bank holiday weekend on a 110 rated battery . When i added a 60w solar panel & changed the halogen lights for LED's i found i can last a week . I rally all the time rarely go anywhere on mains hook up. I notice several new vans are now going for LED lighting systems its definately worth looking into . I'm not surprised that the manufacturer / dealer arent too interested from a legal standpoint i don't think you've got a leg to stand on - so to speak!
  14. rd57chad

    Bread Storage

    We store our bread in what we affectionately call the ' electronic bread bin ' Apart from storing bread it also has a digital clock function . I believe we could also heat food in it & it's actually referred to as a ' microwave' but as we normally rally without electric hook up we choose to store our bread in it !
  15. taunton caravans news link link above if ive done it right !?
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