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  1. Hi my Dometic RND8851 fridge freezer has stopped working the light is on in the fridge so Power is not the issue. I have located one fuse in the main board electrics Is there another one located anywhere else? any help would be great Paul
  2. It was worth a try as he wants to know what the switch is for
  3. Hi Peter I have a friend who has just purchased a model like yours, do you still have a hand book for it as he is asking me what the on off switch is between the fridge and freezer doors. Thanks Paul
  4. I trust you made Lunar do the work under the three year warranty
  5. my fridge has a warning if the voltage goes too low
  6. Totally agree however with regard to the floor Wicks do self adhesive flooring that looks like floor boards I replaced my daughters caravan floor with them and it looks great
  7. Yes pictures taken and the damage to the tank is where it hit the road. The main damage was to the tank support and the underside of the floor
  8. You would think so but the dealer is not so sure and yes it's happened to me
  9. Hi all has any one had the under slung water tank come loose from the van without hitting anything
  10. Thanks Toppo46 we only have a rain shower in home so I can't try that and at only 18 months old I would hope thats not the problem
  11. For coat hooks get some vaccum hooks, as for the soap dish we found one with suckers on it but replaced the with velcrow tape so the soap dish hangs over the basin any water coming off the soap goes in the bowl
  12. Hi I have a Lunar Delta TS with an end bathroom and no matter how I try I cannot get enough water pressure to have a decent shower, does anyone have the solution ?
  13. Ok I had the same problem in our Delta TS 2016, and the answer is, get your dealer or workshop to get a replacment intank pump, Lunar are aware of the problem I gave them a lot of stick over it the dealer said they didn't know of the problem but a Lunar rep at kast October NEC caravan show did admit to it. So start pestering them
  14. Eclipse


    Have you had any trouble with the hitch friction pads creaking, I have a Storm 2004 and changed my pads and now they are creaking most embarrising
  15. I have a Dometic B2200 I had a Dometic B1990 before and this was supposedly a inferior unit but it worked better, anyway I have booked it in to get it checked but something is questioning that it might be the remote as it wont turn on with the timer. It's not that you can work the AC without the remote either And yes it has been confirmed that it is the right size and roof mounted
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