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  1. I spoke with Swift Customer service because our Caravan service will be 7 months overdue soon. They said they will extend this period in exceptional circumstances. Best to speak with them if you are in this position. I decided to arrange for a mobile Engineer to complete the service within the 7 months.
  2. Mobile Service booked, spoke with Swift they will extend under exceptional circumstances.
  3. Tried them several times recorded message says they are closed.
  4. Our annual service was due in September 2020, it was cancelled by our dealer, it was rescheduled for February 2021 and again cancelled by our dealer. It looks like we will be over the 7 months when it is finally going to get done. Our Dealer is Newport Caravans who are closed. What happens to our Warranty?
  5. 29, Hillman Hunter towing a Bailey Maru that was over 45 years ago, now have a Mazda CX5 towing a Swift Challenger 480.
  6. Just received an Email from the Caravan Inn near Sant Per Pescador Costa Brava Spain. Their site was struck by lightning and the subsequent fire destroyed 50 Caravans. Thankfully our Caravan was not affected. We have stored our Hymer at the site for 3 years and are due to return at the end of August.
  7. At the site we recently stayed on in Spain it was about 50% German. We had an experience in the Campsite reception when a German walked in then hung arround next to the newspaper stand jumping the queue in front of several people when a receptionist was free. No one seemed bothered except me. What makes them do this and why do their fellow country folk appear to accept this behaviour.
  8. Most charcoal thats sold in ready to light packs is coated in nothing its the paper bag that contains the charcoal that contains the lighting agent. We can buy plain charcoal in Spain where we do most of our BBQs.
  9. For several years we have used a Weber Smokey Joe its not cheap but will last for years. Charcoal is best IMO having used several gas and charcoal types I find the Weber is by far the best for cooking and cleaning.
  10. When we had an Elddis Affinity bought from them when they changed the Avtex ariel we ended up with a leak very poor job damaged the Van roof repaired it myself. I could go on and on about them down West, but the best response is never to go near them again. I and many others won't they have even made Swift Talk same sort of comments on there.
  11. Stayed there at the beginning of October 2016, lovely site, near to the Tunnel but does get busy later in the day so booking recommended.
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