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  1. Thanks again folks, one little query, can the new Group 13 fluid be mixed with the original in the system temporarily please?
  2. Thanks for the replies folks, will have a good look and then hopefully get on with the job. Will report back.👍👍
  3. Hi, I've got a 2013 Lunar Lexon 540, with the Alde heating system. I want to change the fluid myself. Can anyone help me with the layout, drain and bleed points locations etc and any tips please. Have contacted both Lunar and Alde, who haven't given any useful information.
  4. Hi I'm looking for a site near Kew in Surrey to stay early in the new year, in quite easy reach, (if that's possible), to the National Archives, to check out some family history and would be extremely grateful for any advice and or recommendations please. Public transport or parking links and tips would also be greatly appreciated. Cheers SteveE
  5. Hi Meg Little Cotton near, (very near) to beautiful Dartmouth and very close to loads more great places is our choice. Good site, good facilities, close to Sainsburys and Lidl but not anywhere near as Urban as it sounds. Check it out, you won't be sorry. (Just leave a pitch for us please).
  6. Sorry about the topic title but I'm a caravanner who is really interested in buying a smallish motor boat for use in and around our beautiful waterways, during our trips. Any like minded souls with experience or suggestions please? AND YES, I HAVE TRIED THE BOATING FORUMS BUT CAN'T REALLY UNDERSTAND THE ADVICE, EVEN THOUGH I KNOW IT'S REALLY WELL MEANT. Cheers SteveE
  7. Yep, Red Pennant does seem to have many supporters and is I'm sure, judging by the happy users "the dogs bits" but there are alternatives and as in my post which started this thread, KeithJ, if you talk to Green Flag as a non-Mayday member, which is obviously the case if you're not a CC member then they should offer you Euro plus cover. Do check that it's adequate for you requirements but it does work out much cheaper and I have had a good experience with this provider. I also haven't heard any adverse comments about their service just the plaudits for Red Pennant and in some case vilification for daring to mention alternatives.
  8. Thanks again folks. managed to get in at Lythe Caravan park, after a recommendation from a neighbour. It's in Lythe village a mile up a steep hill from Sandsend and is very good. Warm welcome, nice pitches and lovely countryside around it. The Stiddy pub is a very short walk away and is open every night but only do food on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A bit disappointing when we turned up hungry on Wednesday night. Only a minor hitch though, still worth a visit.
  9. Thanks again for your posts folks, Serenity does look nice and I'd be interested to hear of anyones recent experiences please.
  10. Thanks Gellyneck Have been to Runswick Bay and it is lovely, never stayed at the site though so may be one to consider. Cheers SteveE
  11. Sorry Pete, I thought there was only one Whitby, of Captain Cook fame. Every day's a school day as they say. Thanks for the reply and I agree, Chester Fairoaks is worth a visit. Cheers SteveE
  12. My thoughts exactly Sam. Thanks anyway Pete, yes, Chester Fairoaks is nice but I meant Whitby North Yorkshire.
  13. Hi We love Whitby and are booked in at Marfitt Head Farm in August. Good site and great location and definitely going there but want something nearer Whitby for July, adult friendly would be good and must be dog friendly . Any advice and experiences would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Steve
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