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  1. decent insurance and minimum cost hitchlock and axle lock then to deter thieves and meet insurance requirements
  2. We throw ours over the trampoline enclosure if wet But if you have the suitable space and inclination sounds a great idea!
  3. Thanks all I have found this a useful thread - may well look into this for next year
  4. Thanks Val yes we would share with our friends who travel with us for main hols usually, sorry didn't say that. Just wondering if my maths was roughly right plus if can be used for odd day trip as we live close enough to do that Also reading online about issues of availability being somewhat restricted to FT users any experience?
  5. Think most have missed the point of VM post. Yes of course its rose tints but he never mentioned about moving there just how much he enjoys holidays and the general appearance of French day to day life in the areas he visits. I totally agree. Compared to where we both live in UK the pace of life and general attitudes to each other are very different. People are people I agree but ways of life and how life impacts how you deal with things is very different
  6. Great post VM - glad you enjoyed and yes I agree with your comments on their way of life and time taken to interact. It is refreshing for us as we aren't used to it as you say in this busy part of SE UK I always feel quite "at home" out there also more so than any other country I have visited. That Fruits de mers looks amazing. ........
  7. Can't offer advice on site but plenty of reviews online As for journey starting from St Helens you may be better looking at some of the westerly Uk crossings say into St Malo or similar where you then have 600 miles which depending on your comfort may be two days driving. Say an overnight ferry and then maybe 300-350 miles first day with early start and then 250-300 inot camp next day using autoroutes Try and plan first French driving day to be a Sunday as autoroutes will be free of lorries. Heading into Bilbao which would be nearest Spanish port would still be over 400 miles driving so still and overnighter needed and probably much more £££
  8. Thank you that's great info Anyone used in say August school hols with price. We usually pay around £300 - £350 return with caravan. By the sounds of it at mega peak (!) periods would still only be £44 x4 plus £30 x2, so £264 max Would only use twice a year probably but maybe would do odd day trip or overnighter without van if we could if we had that. Really quite tempted. So as long as we can get availability ok
  9. Any idea on what supplements are for caravans assuming i buy say 10 single tickets at £44 each with a friend? Also can these be used during schools holidays just off peak travel times? Not clear on website Thnaks
  10. Our older van has this done from new (have original invoice) and certainly is easier to clean than our previous Adria which was newer but didn't have the application. this is some 8+ years down line aswell
  11. Interestingly a year since last update. Still enjoying our 535/4, just back from another 17 day Euro trip down to Annecy and van was fantastic once again both towing and on site. We have paired up with a Rally Ace 400 plus annex on end for extra storage and again for us this is a great set up. The under double bed storage provide a huge space on site for those occassionally used items and for tighter items whilst towing. the kitchen continues to impress more than a caravan kitchen should and for now the front seats provide comfy instant sleeping for our two kids and we will struggle to replace this once they grow too tall ( we have 5ft 6 front t seats which is bigger than almost all other single axle fixed double models now) Been through two services now and no issues there, been a few small issues of wear and tear as you would expect on family used "older" van but in general holds up well
  12. Came back this week to tunnel and didn't see any issues on approaches. I think like others have said, just remain vigilant in area especially if stopping.
  13. As someone who also changed from Pennine Pathfinder a few years ago now, I would say the caravan soluton needs to compared like for like. the PP has a huge standard awning over 6m long and a breast to put up but great space once done. i do agree the zip on and off is nice and easy. The frame not so much. this you would need to compare to a full awning on a caravan which slides through whole channel and fits tight against side of van. However with similar issues of weight and large frame to erect. You ahve to buy one the correct length to fit your caravan as it is tailored The porch awnings you refer to (albeit a very very large porch awning); are a compromise on a full awning as they are quicker to put up but don't seal or aren't tailored size wise to each caravan but made to fit pretty much all caravans (within reason) Its finding what compromise works for you We love our poled Ace 400 as perfect size for us and have just added an annex for more storage space and maybe eventually sleeping space. Have tried and experienced the air awnings just don;t get it yet for us
  14. We bought a returned poled annex from Glossops - worth a look in case of anymore. Bargain at £125 delivered I used with inner tent in for storage as you can zip up and "tidy" away completely then but may not bother for longer trip, we 'll see. Have left inner tent attached and annex attached to main canvas on our poled Ace 400 http://www. glossopawnings. com/used-caravans-awnings/
  15. Its a lovely site but very expensive if you take kids, which is maybe their way of limiting children on site. The area is lovely
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