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  1. In a Bailey Pageant Auvergne, my immediate thought is where you will place a diesel tank to supply the replacement heater/blower unit, as the smell of diesel is notorious for getting everywhere even with the smallest of spills - and that is not something you want to linger in the lounge or sleeping area of a caravan. With that in mind, personally I would bite the bullet and investigate a repair or replacement for the original gas fueled heater/blower. But, to address your question, once the gas hearer is removed I would be inclined to simply remove the gas flue pipe from within th
  2. Policy paper Slides and datasets to accompany coronavirus press conference: 26 January 2021 Slides and datasets on coronavirus presented by Professor Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer for England. Published 26 January 2021 Link to source ________________________________________________________
  3. COVID-19: the green book, chapter 14a Page summary: Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination information for public health professionals. Change made: Updated clarification around allergies. Time updated: 9:19am, 26 January 2021 ________________________________________________________ Deaths registered monthly in England and Wales, Provisional: December 2020 Page summary: Number of deaths registered in a calendar month by area of usual residence. Change made: First published. Time updated: 9:30am, 26 January 2021 ______________________________
  4. Coronavirus (COVID-19): getting tested Page summary: Guidance on coronavirus testing, including who is eligible for a test and how to get tested. Change made: Under ‘Documents for care homes using the online application portal’ added link to new guidance publication: ‘care home testing guidance for LFD self-testing at home’. Time updated: 8:00am, 25 January 2021 ________________________________________________________ Reported coronavirus (COVID-19) cases by registered early years and childcare settings Page summary: This data is published fortnightly. It
  5. A few comments:- The roof may be easier to clean with the awning hanging virtically from the awning rail. Then erect the awning and tension fully before cleaning the front and end walls. Whan applying a waterproofing such as 'Fabsil', do not do this over grass, as any overspray or spillage acts like a weedkiller and will kill the grass. Also try to avoit it getting onto any plastic windows as it can turn tacky and become difficult to remove later. Let the awning full dry before taking it down and packing away. I hope this helps
  6. Haulier advice site locations Page summary: Find sites where drivers and crew of HGVs, LGVs, coaches and vans can get free COVID-19 tests and border readiness checks before transporting goods to the EU. Change made: South Mimms has been opened for 24 hour testing. Time updated: 11:00am, 24 January 2021 ________________________________________________________ Community Champions to give COVID-19 vaccine advice and boost take up Page summary: Over £23 million funding allocated to 60 councils and voluntary groups across England to expand work to support those
  7. I doubt if you are the only ones to 'use' a caravan at home - and as it's your new purchase it is totally understandable by a fellow caravanner. Look at it this way - people with a second home built on fixed foundations probably cannot use them legally - you have had yours delivered to you - so why wouldn't you use it? Enjoy your caravan in any way you can while, not only staying within the law, but adhering to the spirit of the current restrictions Well done.
  8. A belated "welcome" is clearly in order. Good to see you posting, as you should notice you can now see some additional areas of the forum. Gordon.
  9. Press release Government Chief Scientific Adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance on the new variant of COVID-19 in the UK Government Chief Science Adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance comments on the new variant of COVID-19. Sir Patrick Vallance, Government Chief Scientific Adviser Commenting on the new variant of COVID-19 in the UK the Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance, said: "The new UK variant comprises a significant number of the our cases. It is spreading 30 to 70% more easily than the old variant. It doesn’t differ in terms of ag
  10. Government Chief Scientific Adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance on the new variant of COVID-19 in the UK Page summary: Government Chief Science Adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance comments on the new variant of COVID-19. Change made: First published. Time updated: 11:40am, 23 January 2021 ________________________________________________________ More employers sign up to rapid testing to protect workforce Page summary: Dozens of public and private sector employers are now offering rapid testing to those without symptoms. Change made: First published. Time u
  11. I suggest a little reasearch would help. You search for the numbers that now have had two vaccinations, then see how many have had one vaccination. Then compare those figures with the UK population as a whole, and after allowing for people not staying at home when they should, then you should be able to answer your own question.
  12. I've just been looking at the latest government stats and if nothing changes I estimate it will take until at least June to get back to the number that were testing positive for Covid-19 back in September 2020. I accept that is an over-simplistic estimate AND as more people are receiving the vaccine daily, hopefully the number testing positive will drop quicker. That said; things were not exactly perfect in September as 1:1400 were still testing positive then, so even if every single person acts responsibly, and is vaccinated, we've still quite long way to go, "before we're out of the woods"
  13. Latest R number and growth rate Latest R number range for the UK 0.8 to 1.0 Latest growth rate range for the UK -4% to -1%per day Updated 22 January 2021 Link to source ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ Press release New hard-hitting national TV ad urges the nation to stay at home Government launches new national campaign featuring hospital staff and COVID-19 patients to remind the public of the extreme pressures still fa
  14. Overview of adult social care guidance on coronavirus (COVID-19) Page summary: Information for adult social care providers on COVID-19 guidance and support. Change made: Under ‘What care homes and other social care settings must do during an outbreak’ and ‘Repeat testing’, updated the length of time that staff or residents who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 should not be included in testing – to 90 days after either their initial onset of symptoms or their positive test result (if they were asymptomatic when tested). Time updated: 8:06am, 22 January 2021 __________
  15. Coronavirus and the latest indicators for the UK economy and society: 21 January 2021 Page summary: Early experimental data on the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) on the UK economy and society. These faster indicators are created using rapid response surveys, novel data sources and experimental methods. Change made: First published. Time updated: 9:30am, 21 January 2021 ________________________________________________________ Number of COVID-19 tests in defence and positive cases in the UK Armed Forces 2021 Page summary: Summary statistics on the numb
  16. JM021, If you want answers to specific questions, why not start a poll? After all it is why we provided the facility
  17. Two questions - two answers. 1. Yes 2. Sometimes
  18. The opposite may also be true if the overrun is compressed from stopping. In this case, after applying the caravan handbrake, it may be advisable to move the towcar slightly forward, to overcome any friction being applied to the towball by the overrun spring.
  19. Staffordshire: Tamworth Probation Centre Page summary: Tamworth Probation Centre is a probation, service user contact centre, within the NPS West Midlands region. Change made: First published. Time updated: 8:16am, 20 January 2021 ________________________________________________________ Daily contact testing in schools: statement from PHE and NHS TT about next steps Page summary: Position statement regarding daily contact testing for coronavirus (COVID-19) in schools from Public Health England and NHS Test and Trace. Change made: First published.
  20. Consider joining one of the smaller caravan clubs that offer rallies, as many of these will pitch caravans to suit the piece of land in use. Sometimes this will be in rows, other times maybe in a circle, or scattered randomly in clearings in woods, or as the level of the land dictates. The importand thing is that the legal minimum spacing between outfits is adhered to. I've lost count of the many hundreds of rallies we've attended over the years, and certainly while we've made some very good friends this way. Generally there has been no pressure to join in with communal activities, so if
  21. Thanks for letting us know the outcome and I trust you'll have mamy trips away once the government restrictions are lifted.
  22. Press release Supply chain workers crucial to vaccination programme to receive jabs Up to 2,000 highly trained workers identified by the government will be offered COVID-19 vaccines in the coming days. Move aims to protect continuity of the supply chain to help ensure flow of COVID vaccines for most vulnerable. Crucial workers in roles such as manufacturing, fill and finish and batch testing will be offered vaccines Up to 2,000 people working in roles crucial to the continuity of the COVID-19 vaccine supply chain will be offered
  23. How to treat certain expenses and benefits provided to employees during coronavirus (COVID-19) Page summary: Find out about taxable expenses and benefits when they are paid to employees because of coronavirus and how to report them to HMRC. Change made: The section ‘Coronavirus (COVID-19) tests’ has been updated. Time updated: 8:50am, 19 January 2021 ________________________________________________________ European Structural and Investment Funds: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Page summary: A series of documents and updates regarding the 2014 to 2020 Eur
  24. Looking on the pessimistic / realistic side it looks like, without a bail out, Eurostar (the through-train passenger service) is set to go the same way as Concorde and the cross channel Hoverspeed service. No doubt the tunnel service of Le Shuttle / Eurotunnel will continue. Personally I've only ever used it for the occasional day trip to France in the sports cars, as our 'holiday vehicles' are propelled by LPG and therefore banned from the tunnel, even if the LPG fuel system were to be isolated for the duration of the rail crossing, and petrol used to operate the engine. Strange when a couple
  25. It's good to see that you've found us and I welcome you to Caravan Talk. Gordon.
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