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  1. Gordon

    CMC finances

    Why not? Consider a couple with only one driver. The same would apply for a couple with one car who then buy a caravan surely.
  2. Gordon

    Motor home and Caravan Show

    Very true. I have picked up some real bargains at close of play. For example some years ago, a set of 4 Isabella chairs from their stand for £1:50 each, on the last day of the show,to save them taking them back. Gordon.
  3. Gordon

    Motor home and Caravan Show

    It's worth visiting the shows to talk directly to the sellers, and to see a variety of offerings from various manufacturers all under one roof. If buying, do your homework first so you have an idea at least of ball park figures for the items your interested in. Take a note of the geographical location of the seller, particularly for expensive items that may need servicing or repair after purchase. Buy at the show by all means as there are bargains to be had if you're prepared to negotiate but don't be pushed into a purchase you're not 100% happy with. Gordon.
  4. Gordon

    Bought a bus now, really!

    It sounds like I was a tad adrift on my estimate - I'll put that down to the tag axle You are right. The license I trust will be no problem for you. Our RV has a 250 litre tank and that is sufficient for a week's use for two people BUT we do not have a washing machine. Given that you have such a generous payload limit a larger tank should not be an issue, remember to enlarge the waste holding tank accordingly though As you say - strange but true. Our RV is also £165 a year road tax. That has been my experience too - in fact I'm pitched up on a C&CC site now whilst visiting the NEC Caravan and Motorhome Show this week. Sadly the CMC (formerly CC) made it perfectly clear that I was no longer welcome after 30 years of membership when I bought the first RV in 2010. As you say - their loss. Exciting times ahead methinks - enjoy your new purchase. Gordon.
  5. A takeaway on the way back to the MH (The credit card does not go to the NEC for obvious reasons)
  6. Gordon

    Bought a bus now, really!

    I'm guessing the coach will be between 10,000kgs and 13,500kgs ULW with a design GVW of 19,500kgs. I'm sure Russ will know the exact details. Our RV is rated at 11,000kgs, but down-plated to 7,500kgs so allowing it to be driven on a "car" licence for those passing their UK driving test before Jan 1997, while still allowing a reasonable payload of 700kgs. We tow a microcar on a trailer with a combined weight of 650kgs, and as this is less than 750kgs the outfit is usable by anyone with a pre-'97 car license. Gordon. BTW:- Nice one Russ
  7. Would any of the locations on this page be able to help short term? Alternatively one of the touring campsites may be able to offer temporary storage if you ask nicely.
  8. Gordon

    Adding a cycle rack

    Yes. We have fitted rear cycle racks to several caravans but there was one long body caravan on a single axle and that was noticeably less stable than our longer bodied caravans on two axles, also with rear bike racks. The SA caravan was still acceptably stable but there was a distinct difference when compared with the TA ones. Gordon
  9. Gordon

    CMC finances

    I totally agree that a lot of facilities could be put in for £1.2M without the need to rename a well established club commercial enterprise.
  10. Gordon

    Buying a static holiday home so selling caravan

    I believe there are two good times to sell a touring caravan. If trading in for another caravan I would seriously be looking to buy a current year model that is on a dealer's forecourt in July or August, because that is when the discounts usually are at their best as dealers try to clear their stock to make place for the next year's models. If selling for cash and not trading against a replacement caravan, I would opt to sell in early springtime therefore in the OP's case I would be inclined to bide my time for selling but nevertheless start looking for a static now so you can open negotiations with a potential seller and express your interest in both a particular site and maybe a specific unit on that site. If the forecourt price is £6.5K then I would hope to get around £5.5K selling privately. Gordon
  11. Gordon

    Buying a static holiday home so selling caravan

    It is precisely because we wanted more space that we went for an American RV - a sort of half way house between a static and a tourer with a few home comforts - what you may think of as a small static with an engine We've had a couple of them and it suits us well, that's not to say that we won't be caravan owners again in the future. Gordon
  12. This may be interesting https://rural-camping.com/france/index.htm
  13. Gordon

    Caravan holiday in Europe

    Whatever hoops we may have to jump through to get our outfits into mainland Europe next year, once there the climate will be mostly unchanged from this year, the people are the same people, and the campsites will be the same. Therefore from past experience I am sure that those who venture over the water will enjoy their holidays exactly as before, and the locals will benefit from our hard earned cash as a consequence. The only real advice I have for you, given you are going for a month is to take your time and don't try to see too much at once. Stick rigidly to the speed restrictions and be aware that in France the nameplate at the start of a village also indicates the start of the 50km/h speed limit (unless otherwise indicated), the nameplate with a read line through it at the other end indicates a return to the national speed limit of 80km/h, not 90km/h as shown in this article that currently awaits updating. If venturing to Spain you will need two large reflective marker boards on the rear of the caravan if you have a large outfit. You will need to carry various items with you, such as warning triangles, and fit headlamp deflectors or masks as appropriate for your car, whether driving at night or not. Gordon.
  14. Gordon

    Outlander 2. 4 2019 PHEV

    I remember a similar situation with LPG powered vehicles and the grant was one of the things that made me first consider them. That was many years ago, but I am still running an LPG powered car today and that has still worked out better for my pocket and the environment even without any government grant. One thing that I have never understood was the London Congestion Zone criteria regarding LPG. A vehicle can only be exempt from the charge if it is on an approved government list, regardless of the emission levels. My previous car had lower emissions than some on the list but because it was not on the approved list, I would have to pay the congestion charge. As it happens I have no reason to want to drive within the congestion zone so it is no great loss to me but the governments stance is seriously flawed if they genuinely want to cut down pollution in the city.
  15. Gordon

    new guy

    It's good to see you've found us. Welcome to the forum. Gordon.