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  1. Surge testing to be deployed in Lambeth and Cumbria Page summary: NHS Test and Trace is deploying additional testing and genomic sequencing in targeted areas in partnership with local authorities Change made: First published. Time updated: 11:18am, 19 June 2021 __________________________________________________________ Deliveroo to boost government efforts to tackle variants of concern Page summary: Takeaway service will notify customers if surge testing is happening in their area. Change made: First published. Time updated: 11:42am, 19 June
  2. Many years ago we had a similar demand from a dealership and while I fully accept that service time is an ideal opportunity to filter the caravan contents. I will remove any valuables and leave clear access to equipment to be serviced but I see no reason for emptying cutlery drawers or removing all soft furnishing. The dealer was adamant that the caravan should be totally empty, or they would not service it. I took the latter option and went to a different dealership for the work, and that also resulted in us replacing several caravans through them. As a footnote, the first dealership ceased t
  3. That is looking suspiciously like a 1998(W) or 1999(X) model when the Sandpiper name was revived temporarily. The letters in brackets above indicate the year code, displayed as the tenth character of the CRiS number stamped on the windows. 1998 Avondale So hopefully we now know what model we are talking about, and the caravan toilet will probably look like the Thetford C200 series below. When you say there is, "a leak around the toilet area, when water is pumping in", do you mean that water is leaking onto the floor when fresh water is used to flush the toilet? If this i
  4. You may well be right about the reflective coating, exaggerating the problem however the curve of these tall front windows may also be a contributory factor if it does not match exactly with the frame profile, as this may result in stress points where the frame is in firm contact while other areas may be only just touching. Either way, there clearly is an issue that needs to be addressed.
  5. This is not from the same model but is the only image I could find of the kind of locker catch I suspect you have. If this is the case, then a simple quarter turn of the key is what is needed to rotate the locking tab between the locked and the unlocked position. The locking barrel is prevented from rotating by two flats that align with two flat sections of the lock mounting hole in the locker lid. These can wear with time, allowing the tab to become misaligned and so keep the locker lid shut when it appears to be unlocked. It may be possible to rotate the key a full 360 degrees in some extrem
  6. Guidance The R value and growth rate Latest R range for England 1.2 to 1.4 Latest growth rate range for England +3% to +6% The latest ranges for R values and growth rates in the devolved administrations are published on their respective websites: R value and growth rate for Wales (Cymraeg) R value and growth rate for Scotland R value for Northern Ireland Published 18 June 2021 Link to source ________________________________________________________ Note: Stage 3 restrictions were originally expected to be l
  7. Inadvertent vaccination in pregnancy (VIP) Page summary: Advice for health professionals on pregnant women who are inadvertently vaccinated against coronavirus (COVID-19), chicken pox (varicella), shingles or measles, mumps, rubella. Change made: Added link to the online notification form. Time updated: 8:59am, 18 June 2021 __________________________________________________________ Deaths Registered in Northern Ireland – Week ending 11th June 2021 Page summary: Deaths Registered in Northern Ireland – Week ending 11th June 2021 Change made: First pub
  8. The three disk box set is available through Amazon, eBay etc., but all adverts I've seen are around £75 Is it possible to watch online?
  9. Hello Laurence, The name Sandpiper was used during the 1970s and while the colour scheme varied the profile looked something like to images below. Is this the style of caravan you have?
  10. IMO these high level windows/rooflights have never been a good idea, yet several manufacturers still market them. I recall many years ago Avondale had a similar idea and fitted a window/skylight above the normal front window of their Leda caravans, and they had no end of trouble with them leaking because the roof flexed when the caravans were being towed - eventually customer pressure saw these windows dropped from the design. We are now seeing a similar idea being imposed on caravan owners but this time instead of leaking, these new transparent roof sections are simply not fit for purpose if
  11. REACT-1 study of coronavirus transmission: June 2021 final results Page summary: Results of real-time assessment of community transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19) during June 2021. Change made: First published. Time updated: 8:30am, 17 June 2021 __________________________________________________________ Coronavirus and higher education students: England, 24 May to 2 June 2021 Page summary: Experimental statistics from the Student COVID-19 Insights Survey (SCIS) in England. Includes information on the behaviours, plans, opinions and well-being of higher e
  12. Wonder no more, the answer is, "yes", the angle of what is supporting the caravan wheels is of little consequence, so long as the caravan is horizontal.
  13. Not sure which model of cassette you have but it is possible the hose that supplies the flush water to the bowl has dropped. As others have suggested, check that the blade is fully closed first, and of course that you are fully squeezing the handle on the waste cassette but if so, it should be possible to slowly jiggle the cassette free if the flush pipe is the problem. Once the cassette is free, the cause of the problem should become apparent. If any parts are damaged and need replacement then many components should be available from your local dealership, if not, then this link may
  14. Ericfield, A timely reminder that we can at times get carried away with the minutia that does not help to answer a simple question, and I include myself as a guilty party
  15. The information given on the website result from practical tests carried out. You are correct in saying that the caravan brake needs to be off, the wheels chocked, and the vertical load measured. The static noseweight figures quoted are for illustration purposes only as the actual change in noseweight readings were very small, even with the nose-down figure measured as near as possible to the ground, and the nose-up reading take as high as possible without the rear steadies contacting the ground. The caravan chassis has to be horizontal to give a correct static noseweight reading. Lowerin
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