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  1. New boy

    Hi Flinnball, I trust you now have access to all areas and you will find the various contributions to the forum are both useful and interesting. Gordon.
  2. I cannot see the year letter "A" but that is what it should be for a 2010 caravan model. The Dart should have the CRiS number of SGAT000AV?000???? where the first "?" indicates the year, and the last "????" are unique to the individual caravan. Our last Avondale was a 2008 model and while the final production was for the 2009 model year it is possible that the latest ones of these may not have been registered until the start of the 2010 year (ie after August 2009) and the remaining Avondale stock was all bought by The Caravan Company and sold off following the demise of Avondale Coachcraft Ltd. Gordon
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  4. Jockey wheel sizes

    Please keep us posted on how you get on. Enjoy your caravan!!! Gordon.
  5. Hello everyone

    Welcome to the forum. Gordon
  6. Hello from Kent

    Good to have you onboard - welcome to Caravan Talk. Gordon
  7. Hello from Macclesfield

    Waving back from the south Gordon
  8. Converting van to motorhome

    You certainly can, and I hope there will be answers forthcoming when you do. Cheers, Gordon
  9. Converting van to motorhome

    Hi Woodie, The motorhome section was removed from CT in 2013 when we launched the Motorhome Talk forum. Gordon.
  10. Jockey wheel sizes

    If your caravan has a 13' 8" body length them I'm guessing it is an Argos model in which case the jockey wheel will be side mounted to the A-Frame and the vertical shaft diameter should be 42mm.
  11. Front Towing Cover

    As an owner of a motorhome that came with a rear "road brush" they only serve to obscure the rear fog lamp and do not reduce the spray that migrates onto the rear wall at every opportunity. I suspect they would be equally ineffective on a caravan, but let's get back on topic as the thread is really about front towing covers . . . Gordon
  12. Caravaning Full time

    A search fro "Full Timing" reveals the following discussions: https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/search/?&q="Full timing"&sortby=newest I hope you'll find something usefuk there. Not connected to Caravan Talk but you may also like to visit this other forum site http://www.motorhome365.com/forum Gordon.
  13. Front Towing Cover

    A Marmite product without doubt, and the quality of covers on offer does vary depending upon the manufacturer. My personal view is that a caravan should be designed to be kept outside and towed on the road without need for additional protection.. I therefore have never felt the need for either a full storage cover or front protection cover for travelling with any of our outfits. Our current outfit is a motorhome and I don't feel the need for a thermal windscreen insulation cover for that either as it works perfectly well as designed without one. I've never experienced any damage to our towed caravans from stones etc., thrown up from the towcar, neither have I had any problem with occasionally having to swill off any road dirt after a wet or muddy journey. I have never really understood why some caravanners feel it necessary to cover the front wall of their caravan when correct caravan design will prevent stone chp damage, and the rear wall is going to get as muddy as any "white van" in inclement weather, so will still need cleaning. In my opinion storage covers are also unnecessary if the outfit is going to be in regular use throughout the year, providing the outfit is kept well polished making dirt removal a simple case of playing a low pressure hose over it folowed by a quick chamois off. As I said this is just my opinion and may not reflect the opinion of other members. Gordon.
  14. avondale manuals

    Your wish is my command. Please check your emails. Gordon.
  15. Thank you for that Beejay. That certainly brings back some memories of the four wheel Lynton Excalibur I examined at the 1985 Earls Court Caravan Show. The front dinette / lounge / bedroom area had limited headroom owing to the raised floor level but interestingly this actually added to the character of the design, as greater headroom is not needed when seated or sleeping. Having reversed numerous trailers with swinging front axles, I doubt if that would have been an issue, and of course the noseweight was extremely low, being derived only from the weight of the A-Frame section of the caravan chassis, regardless of any load added to the front "gas" locker. If I recall the kitchen was on the nearside with a loo compartment opposite, and a small rear dinette at the rear complemented the larger one at the front. I was very tempted and had the money been available at the time I would probably have ordered one, and not doing so is something I regretted until I heard of the demise of Lynton shortly after. Gordon.