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  1. Your caravan appears to have a flat roof and I believe the 1970s Knowsley Eros has a classic v-roof with a join running the length of the caravan. I don't know about the baby 290 though.
  2. So long as the towcar is capable of towing a the fully laden caravan while retaining an acceptable wight ratio, then my advice would always be to load the caravan to just below its MTPLM. Place heavy items over or just ahead of the axle line while maintaining a balance from side to side, and aim for the maximum noseweight, within the limits of the towcar, towbar, and towing hitch. An empty caravan is liable to be more skittish than a laden one, and a very low noseweight is undesirable as a gentle pressure (usually between 75kgs and 100kgs) on the towball is needed for stability.. I suggest that someone new to towing should select a towcar whose unladen weight exceeds the possible laden weight of the caravan, as that way any load placed in the towcar can only improve the weight ratio, although those experienced at towing may choose to legally tow heavier trailers (within the limits of the towcar) there is a general recommendation (not legally binding) that the inexperienced should not tow a trailer exceeding 85% of the towcar weight. In general terms we always loaded our caravans in a manner that they could be immediately used once on site, thus all clothes, food etc., were in the appropriate cupboards, with only the water carriers possibly having to be temporarily removed to use the caravan whilst en route to the site. Heavier items, such as an awning usually travelled in or on the towcar, along with bulky items like sun loungers. I hope this is some help but further advice can be found on the main website. https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/caravan-advice/new-to-caravanning/top-tips-for-new-caravaners
  3. Right click on the image, and copy link address, then paste into the new post - that way only one copy of the image is held on the server but it can be displayed in various threads. Thus we can see the double-lid cooker . . . Over the years there have been a number of improvements at the shows but let's be honest; while not all change is an improvement, without trying new ideas, there would be no progress . . . The main hall at Earls Court caravan show 2000. A small section of the NEC caravan show Feb 2019 The October show 2019 was spread over eleven halls My last show "report" was intended to be a little tongue in cheek, while pointing out that we still have a way to go to get it right.
  4. I know what I would have done in that situation but I'll leave you to guess Just my personal opinion you know . . . as one who after 35 year is no longer a CC member.
  5. That's what you get when you come to the best caravan forum (he said modestly . . .) Just for completeness I've added the specification for your 1988 caravan.
  6. Saturday and as the Motorhome and Caravan Show draws towards a conclusion maybe it is time to look at some details that have puzzled and impressed during the week. First, why would one manufacturer think it is a good idea to have a hinged cupboard door over a seating area with a sharp point at head height when opened to 90 degrees, when another deems it necessary not only to radius the corner but also to allow the door to fold back against the adjacent cupboard, and a third decides to use a horizontal hinge instead? A number of comments have been made about the potential dirt trap below what appear to be free-standing hand basins. One manufacturer has obviously taken note by adding a small spacer below the bowl, so making it easier to keep clean. While it clearly provides additional work surface when the cooker is not in use, is it really necessary to have two lids over the cooker rings? Not a new idea at all but it's nice to see that some consider a smaller hatch to access the gas cylinders is adequate. A small cupboard is provided here to place the TV on with a rather unimpressive magazine slot below. With a little thought this unit could have been a little higher; still provided a good TV location and also provided a second cupboard for those everyday items that need to be kept handy on site. It was interesting to see that the motor-mover demonstrations utilised a twin jockey wheel. TV presenter Michaela Strachan, well known for wildlife programmes, was to be seen at the theatre stage for the Q&A session during the afternoon. Finally, as one of our members mentioned a couple of days ago on the forum, what is the relevance of selling spring bulbs at a motorhome and caravan show?
  7. Gordon

    NEC show

    Lunar are not listed on the official show guide, although it is possible that Lunar products may be on an independent stand.
  8. The nearest handbook we have is one for 1992 models (see here) so please feel free to download this as much of the equipment will be the same as in your caravan. Gordon.
  9. Friday and another day at the NEC starts with an empty isle, soon to be filled with the throng of excited visitors. All lined up and ready to go. Neat and tidy awnings if a little bland in colour. This may be the current trend, but let's face it, there was plenty of colour in some of the side stands. And of course many of the exhibits did display some welcome colour. Among the more innoventive caravan designs was this expanding init that incorporated folding internal furnishing that fits into the space when the two sliding sides are compressed into the width of the central section. Anybody fancy a small Freedom caravan? Or a caravan designed to carry a motorcycle or sports activity equipment such as canoes.
  10. Gordon

    NEC show

    I've been at the NEC all week. Take a peak at the pinned topic under "Events" for a taste if the show. Gordon
  11. Thursday proved to be another interesting day at the Motorhome and Caravan Show but it is clear that the bias is definitely moving from Caravans to Motorhomes with caravans being shoehorned into any available space. The day kicked off with a brief talk by Herr Mauro Degasperi (Export Sales Director of Knaus) who summarised the expansion of his company in recent years. Knaus currently produce various options from the small T@B range of caravan up to models such as the "Knaus Sun I" . . . . . . and including the Tabbert Cellini with the slide out side. The Theatre stage was occupied with various personalities that spoke on subject from the basics of motorhomes, to cookery demonstrations and included Q&A sessions by experts in their field. Dave Hurrell expanding on all you need to know before buying a motorhome. There were small compact caravans from Bearfoot that proved so interesting that it was impossible to photograph them without someone walking into shot! Finally for today, Hobby caravans had a display showing both small and large caravans from their range.
  12. Well for those unable to attend the NEC hare's a taster of what's been going on. Tuesday saw Mark Beaumont demonstrating his ability to tow a Freedom caravan behind his cycle. Then later Rowland Rivron introduced him to those attending the NEC when Mark went on to describe some of his exploits over the years, including two round the world trips on his bicycle, the latest one being in 78 days following the fictitious trip by Phileas Fogg in the 1873 Jules Verne novel "Round the world in eighty days". For those looking for something a little different, you may be interested in Bailey's new Discovery caravan. It is built on the now familiar Alu-Tec framework but has a plastic outer skin that is wrapped around the frame to provide radius to the rear corners, allowing the fitting of a wrap around inflatable framed awning designed specifically to fit the rear of the caravan. Worth noting too is the longer A-Frame on offer that allows for a cycle rack or storage locker to be fitted to this Bailey. Wednesday morning saw the introduction of Sabina Voysey who takes over from Robert Louden MBE as the new Director General of The Camping and Caravanning Club when he retires at the end of October. From the large motorhomes to tiny trailers there is something fro most interest at this years NEC show.
  13. I'm not sure if it would be recommended but we kept the two winter covers in place most of the year, only removing them on hot summer days - and you know how many of those there are in the UK.
  14. So there you are folks. I'm sure the debate will continue . . . Thankfully we have sufficient space for a free standing waste bin to reside close to the door without obstructing free passage, or clashing with the fly screen.
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