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  1. Gordon

    NEC Caravan Show

    Compared with earlier I the week it is noticeably busier today (Sat). Apparently there were 16000 pre-sold tickets alone, plus of course those that bought tickets on arrival. The five halls in use are very big, but even big halls can fill up. If you're planning to go tomorrow, my advice would be to decide what is important for you to see and don't be distracted by the"side shows", arrive early and start in halls 3 or 3A, not hall 1 or 5, as that's where most others start! Enjoy the show.
  2. Gordon

    Should I leave electric on?

    There's nothing wrong with leaving the EHU connected and as long as the battery is being used and recharged as you would on a site there should be no issues BUT it is not a good idea to leave a battery on charge without it being exercised. Turn off the charger most of the time but discharge and immediately recharge the battery periodically to keep it in good condition.
  3. Gordon

    Possible new visa cost ??

    Let's face it; none of us knows what may or may not happen regarding travel in the future, so it is probably best to avoid scaremongering and speculation until something is announced officially. Gordon.
  4. Gordon

    Gas Bottles

    Relocated in the "gas" forum area. Gordon.
  5. Gordon

    Build on motor homes ....l

    Hi Tim, Coachbuilts are basically caravans with an engine - so in short - yes . . . but some makes have a better reputation than others that is not necessarily related to their price. Commercial van conversions generally are a better bet regarding being weatherproof, but at a cost of restricted space within . . . You pays yer money 'nd takes yer choice . . . Gordon.
  6. Gordon

    First Caravan

    Hi mgsapete, Welcome to Caravan Talk. I can't comment on your choice of outfit but I can say that at 17 years old my first car was a manual, and my second (a Wolseley) was an automatic. Since then, while I have owned numerous models of saloons, convertables, estates and 4x4s, my preference has always been for vehicles with an auto box. Gordon.
  7. Gordon

    Emergency Brake breakaway cable

    History of VOSA VOSA was an executive agency, sponsored by the Department for Transport. It existed from 3 April 2003 to 31 March 2014. VOSA merged with the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) to create DVSA. It's interesting to compare the two responses above. Personally I would not ever recommend looping the breakaway cable around the towball, whether fixed or detachable, BUT I have done this where there was no viable alternative in the belief that while not ideal, it was best option if no secondary attachment point was available. For the record, all vehicles I have owned have had fixed attachment points independent of the towball, even if I have had to provide one myself.
  8. Gordon

    NEC Caravan Show

    The February show is in NEC halls one to five, whereas the October show is in (IIR) halls 12 to 20? It certainly has been relatively quiet during the first two days, and I have noticed that a number of manufacturers seen in October are not currently represented. That said, it is still worth a day's visit. Remember that for such a large show free parking is a bonus, and of course if travelling by rail there is an indoor walkway directly into the show. It is however very obvious that many of the manufacturers are effectively producing clones of each other's designs, and I fear that style and "showroom appeal" has taken priority over practicality, with an increasing number of models from various manufacturers now clearly designed for fully serviced pitches. If you are looking for a motorhome the vast majority, certainly of coachbuilts, are on either Fiat Ducato or Peugeot Boxer base vehicles, the majority of which still have built in "trip hazards" in the form of stepped floors levels. VW is well represented in the smaller (but still expensive) van conversions, and there are a smattering of Mercedes , Ford or Renault base vehicles. As in previous shows, there are a number of static homes on view and a small number of boats. There is a good representation from the awning and tent manufacturers, and clearly air-frames of variable quality are increasingly represented over the traditional metal or fibre pole frames. While there are of course the ever present "market traders" plying their wares, and doubtless there will be bargains to be had, I had the impression that fewer camp sites were promoting their businesses this year. Something that I thought was new this year was the cookery demonstration via a pre-recorded video display at the "theatre" in lieu of a live demonstration. All in all, the show provides a worthwhile day out but probably not as attractive as the October show if you are looking to purchase a new caravan or motorhome It will be interesting to see how the attendance figures compare with last year.
  9. Gordon

    To buy or not to buy?

    Personally I always have a few Euros at home and top up using ATMs or bank counter services while abroad. Whatever is left over goes home until the next trip. Not the cheapest method but certainly most convenient for me.
  10. If this has an electric motor to engage the roller, it may be as simple as a broken wire or corroded connection, or possibly a case of adjustment of the mechanical linkage. This is only my guess though, as I have never owned a mover, preferring to use the towcar or hand power if necessary. I'm sure someone with a Powrtouch will be along soon to offer their advice. There is also a fault finding section on the Powrtouch website if you look under "Evolution Support".
  11. Gordon


    You have effectively answered your own question. Go to a caravan dealership and buy the correct pig tail for the gas type you intend to use and an appropriate bulkhead mounted regulator. The caravan dealer should be able to advise you.
  12. Gordon

    Paint chip

    You can use car touch-up paint on any metal panels, the only problem may be in finding the paint code to get a colour match. I suggest you contact your supplying dealer for the code, otherwise as a temporary repair, use a clear lacquer from any good car accessory shop. If the damage is on an ABS or GRP panel this may not be appropriate.
  13. Gordon

    What sort of caravanner are you?

    As a motorhome owner who only ever uses official campsites, I completely understand the appeal of an occasional overnight stop whilst en route. Even though I have everything I need on board to allow me to stop anywhere, I really do not understand the appeal of stopping for more than a few hours in a council car park with no facilities, even if it is free. Gordon
  14. Gordon

    Manual Required Please

    Hi Mark, As Geoff suggests, I have placed a number of manuals in the Avondale sub-forum for approved members to download but if we do not have the exact year you want, a request in the sub-forum may be fruitful. Gordon.