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  1. Gordon

    Unsafe caravans to be seized

    Hopefully CT members who have read this will have a correctly fitted breakaway cable or chain. We have two luggage trailers and a small boat trailer all with fixed chains, and a car transporter trailer that has brakes and so is fitted with a breakaway cable. The chains are designed to loop over the towball and there is no other option but both the motorhome and our Volvo V70 are provided with a dedicated loop to attach a breakaway cable to. 750kg trailer 500kg trailer Small boat trailer The rusty motorhome hitch is now nice shiny black paint (except for the towball itself) and is shown here hitched to the car trailer
  2. Gordon

    Hello, new caravaner

    ... and a third "Hi".
  3. Gordon

    Unsafe caravans to be seized

    This is a quotation taken directly from the police website. If the police are not stating the law correctly, what chance do caravanners who obey the rules have? I am all in favour of unroadworthy vehicles being taken off the road until they can be repaired and made safe but the list of criteria listed below is absolute twaddle and those responsible for publishing it should be taken to task. 1. There is no requirement for caravans to be registered in the UK to be legally towed. 2. Breakaway cables on touring caravans should be attached correctly, not just in good condition and possibly not being used. 3. Brakes and lights should be working 4. Wheels, tyres and suspension should be in good condition. 5. There is no requirement to carry gas bottles at all, only that they should be secure if you do. 6. While clearly advisable, as far as I know there is no legal requirement for the driver to know how to attach a caravan. So only items 3 and 4 out of a list of six that are actually correct, namely that "brakes and lights" are working and "wheels, tyres and suspension" are in good condition. In the body of the text the police also state that the spare wheel should be in good condition and present - again, whilst advisable, there is no requirement to carry a spare wheel at all. On balance, this doesn't reflect to well on the those who posted the information does it? Gordon.
  4. Gordon

    Window Rail End Caps

    Since Carlight Caravans ceased trading in February 2015, I suggest you may like to contact the owners clubs to ask if they can point you in the right direction. Link 1 to the Carlight Enthusiasts Club Link 2 to the Carlight Owners Club I am told that the Carlight name is now owned by Elddis so they may be able to help. Alternatively a caravan breaker could have what you are looking for if you do an Internet search. Gordon.
  5. Gordon

    Window Rail End Caps

    I think these are what you are looking for . . . Link1 Link2
  6. Gordon


    Welcome to Caravan Talk Mikey. You're in a lovely area of France but have you climbed the sand dune at Pyla yet? Gordon.
  7. Gordon

    Accident in Italy

    I believe that your car insurance should cover any third party damage providing the caravan is attached to the car, but the caravan insurance will have to cover any damage to your own caravan. Gordon.
  8. Gordon

    ‘‘Twas only the gentlest of caresses

    Welcome to the club - we've all been there Gordon.
  9. Gordon

    ‘‘Twas only the gentlest of caresses

    I have a spare caravan step - free to a good home in Sherwood if needed Drop me a PM if you would like it Alan. Gordon.
  10. Gordon

    food to take to france ?

    If our French friends are anything to go by, more food tends to be freshly bought and cooked on the same day, rather than buying tinned or frozen. Things are changing though and increasing we are seeing "convenience" foods on sale in the supermarkets. Gordon
  11. Gordon

    Compass Rallye question

    Check if it has a CRiS number etched into the windows as the tenth character will indicate if it is 1992 or later. It could well be earlier though in which case we need to seek advice from Elddis who currently own the Compass name or a Compass owner who may be able to help. If you have one, a picture would probably be useful in confirming the year. Gordon.
  12. Gordon

    H4 JGT. Running on Luck !

    The vast majority of caravanners get along together perfectly well in my experience but as with most things there are exceptions, and it is often the minority that cause the problems for the majority. Gordon.
  13. Gordon

    Alko spare wheel carrier.

    I know I keep banging on about Avondale but they had solved the problem long before they came up with the idea of the under floor storage compartment accessed from inside the caravan, simply by putting the optional (should have been standard) spare wheel in the front locker and positioning the axle to give an appropriate noseweight. They were an innoventive company in many ways and it was a great shame in my opinion when they ceased trading.
  14. Gordon

    food to take to france ?

    As you suggest several Auchan stores allow you to grind the beans yourself, as fine or coarse as you like, so I suspect they're not alone in this. Gordon.
  15. Oh believe me - I've made plenty of mistakes of my own. I suspect we all have if we're honest. Gordon.