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  1. I'm away in the motorhome at present so I'm unable to check the original tyre specification for you, however you can download an owners handbook for your 1999 Avondale from here. Gordon.
  2. Our first new caravan had that 'orrible corrugated plastic piping on the kitchen sink drain and it could take 20 (yes twenty) minutes to empty completely, because the flexible waste piping sagged between the fixing clips. This poor design was completely unacceptable and so I replaced the waste pipe with smooth push together household pipework, and included a u-bend to kick the pipework to the back of the cupboard under the sink from where it dropped through the floor and crossed the full width of the caravan to the waste container. Net result was that the full sink then drained in around 15 seconds! Gordon
  3. Thanks for adding the details of how to slide the stay handle away from the window Jaydug Gordon.
  4. Much of the bodywork is supported on a thin walled steel box section frame so as long as that is sound it should be possible to rebuild the whole shell from the ground up. Assuming that the outer shell is intact, you're probably looking to replace some or all of the insulation and then reline with vinyl coated wall board. If so, the link below may help. https://www.thecaravanwarehouse.co.uk/Products/caravan-wall-boards I believe the original inner wall is known as "Renitex" or "Renitec"
  5. You may be right but my memory says 50 on single carriageways however it's irrelevant what it was in the 1970s, it's what it is now that counts and I hope we're all agreed that it is now up to 50mph on single carriageways for all caravans and up to 60 mph on dual carriageways and motorways, where also the outside lane (whether lane 3 or lane 4) is forbidden territory for trailers.
  6. Agreed. Once checked that everything works I may go to a local site, or return home directly, depending upon the time and how I felt.
  7. Is this any help? https://www.google.com/search?q=600+x+600+caravan+roof+vent&oq=600+x+600+caravan+roof+vent&aqs=chrome..69i57.15091j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 These chaps are "trade only" but maybe your local dealer could source a rooflight for you. http://www.leisureplus.co.uk/home/rooflights-window-fittings/rooflights-and-accessories
  8. Agreed but nevertheless it is good advice that would save a lot of disagreements if we all obeyed that "advice". Where the Highway Code says "must" or "must not" do something I believe that is covered by traffic law but this is not the case where it says "may", "may not", "should" or "should not" do something. I'm sure someone with better knowledge than me will confirm (or correct) this. Gordon.
  9. I did add a caveat regarding Spain. The only advice I can give regarding sun damage to any other part of the caravan is to periodically relocate it facing the other way (or pitch under shade) to minimise the damage to any one part. In the UK I still do not feel that covering the tyres is generally necessary. Gordon. I guess that's one way Enjoy your Dutch trip. Gordon.
  10. Do not do it! This would mean the rear corner STEADIES would have to carry approximately half of the caravan weight once the main wheels were off of the ground, with the other half being carried by the jockey wheel and the friction only clamp on the A-Frame. Steadies are for steadying and are NOT intended to be used as jacks, similarly the jockey wheel should only be used to lift the load rating of the hitch (often only 100kgs). I see you have a Freedom caravan so as it's only light you may get away with this technique, however the advice is poor practice and may lead you (or others) later using the same method on larger caravans. Do the job correctly and for your own safety use a jack that is designed to lift the caravan, and keep the steadies and jockey wheel to do the jobs they were designed for. Gordon.
  11. Firstly, there should be no need to remove the window to fit any of the catches shown below. If you have one of the styles above it should be pretty clear how they're fitted but if you have one of the lever styles below, the fixing screws are probably covered with a trim piece, and sometimes the catch is attached to the end of the window stay as shown. A third style is the over-centre catch but again they're just screwed in place. I hope this is some help, Gordon.
  12. I understand people's concerns if the caravan is to be parked in strong sunlight for long periods of time with out being moved but as has been previously suggested, I would be more concerned about the degradation of other parts of the caravan exposed to bright sunlight long before the tyres concerned me. Our family has used caravans all of my life, and I have owned either a caravan or motorhome since getting married in the 1970s, yet in the UK I have never felt the need to cover a tyre to protect it from the sun whether on a caravan or not - it maybe a different story if I were in the south of Spain for example.
  13. The argument from the authorities is that restricting the speed below the national sped limit for certain classes of vehicle is for everybody's safety and whether or not we agree with it, it is the law. I can remember it being 40mph in England but that was many years ago, and given appropriate outfit matching, it was possible to be exempt from this restriction providing you displayed a 50mph sticker on the rear of the caravan/trailer. I don't recall the exact ruling but I do know that all of our outfits could legally travel up to 50mph on single carriageways (unless otherwise restricted). Actually I believe the 40mph restriction for unbraked trailers only applied to Scotland - but I cannot confirm if that is still the case as I can see no mention of it in the Highway Code.
  14. Welcome to Caravan Talk. A quick search shows many references to the 400-2 so please browse through them at your leisure. https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/search/?q=bailey 400-2
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