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  1. That will be because (as indicated in the heading) their download is restricted to "Approved Members" of Caravan Talk. Now that you have submitted a post on the forum, our automatic checking of new members will have been completed, so instead of "Registered Member" your profile should now show you as an "Approved Member". Please therefore feel free to download whatever handbooks have been made available to our members.
  2. It is the terminology that has been used in the government emails I have been receiving on behalf of Caravan Talk each day since March 2020, and placed as links in the "GOV-UK - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates" sub-forum that I have been keeping updated for CT. I cannot quote chapter and verse, but I assure you that it is included within those emails, and is the same termanology that is used (for example) in the highway code. when referring to legal obligation, and advice. I am sure that those with greater legal knowledge than I have, will be able to confirm the meanings of "must" and
  3. The more of us that are consciencious about protecting ourselves, the more that others will be protected too. Every single one of us has to take responsibility for minimising the spread of Covid-19 !
  4. Advice to vulnerable people Summary of advice for the clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV) for each local Tier You must follow the rules and restrictions that relate to the Tier your local area is in – they apply to everyone. The below sections summarise the additional things you are advised to do to keep yourself safe at each local Tier. · At all local Tiers we urge you to continue to access the care and support you need · You should continue to access NHS services, and you should contact the NHS if yo
  5. Reported coronavirus (COVID-19) cases by registered early years and childcare settings Page summary This data is published fortnightly. It gives the number of registered early years and childcare providers reporting one or more confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) by week. Change made Added data from 2 to 9 November 2020. Time updated 9:30am, 30 November 2020 __________________________________________________________ Government advice on home moving during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak Page summary This guidance applies to people moving into hom
  6. It takes a bit of trawling through but where the government publications say you "MUST" do something, it will be backed by law but if it says you "SHOULD" do something it is a recommendation, request, guidence or advice. Since March this year I have been receiving daily updated emils from the government and posting links under GOV-UK - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates for all to read. Where the rules differ from the rules in England, in most cases links have been added with the information I have linked to for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Gordon.
  7. Many of the rules (backed with legislation) would be unnecessary if everybody could be trusted to act responsibly. Sadly that is not the case, hence we are being hit with blanket restrictions that are not necessarily appropriate for all situations. Consequently we are all suffering (often unnecessarily) because of the thoughtless actions of the inconsiderate ones.
  8. Claim a grant through the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme Page summary If you’re self-employed or a member of a partnership and have been impacted by coronavirus (COVID-19) you may be eligible to claim the grant. Change made The online service for the third grant is now available. Time updated 11:45pm, 29 November 2020 __________________________________________________________ Check if you can claim a grant through the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme Page summary If you’re self-employed or a member of a partnership and have been impacted by cor
  9. New UK Government Covid testing site opens in Cumbernauld Page summary The UK Government has opened a new walk-through coronavirus testing centre at Fleming House Car Park in Cumbernauld Change made First published. Time updated 11:04am, 28 November 2020 __________________________________________________________ Guidance for the Christmas Period Page summary Guidance for the Christmas Period. Change made First published. Time updated 12:15am, 29 November 2020 __________________________________________________________ UK government s
  10. Help and support if your business is affected by coronavirus (COVID-19) Page summary Watch videos and register for the free webinars to learn more about the support available to help you deal with the economic impacts of coronavirus. Change made The webinar about the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme Grant Extension has been updated. Time updated 9:26am, 27 November 2020 __________________________________________________________ Data on COVID-19 visits: further education and skills Page summary Data about Ofsted’s visits to further education and skills
  11. Indeed he has for England. I don't have a map showing the situation in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.
  12. What you say is fine for a local "run about" vehicle but absolutely useless if you want to travel further in a day. The days of personal transport for distance travel may soon become a thing of the past - and caravans, motorhomes etc., may well become casualties of this
  13. Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Planning Inspectorate guidance – updated 26 November 2020 Page summary In response to the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), The Planning Inspectorate has published guidance on site visits, hearings, inquiries and events. Change made Additional links to updated: procedural guidance, apply for rule 6 status guides and virtual events: guide to participating. Time updated 9:00am, 26 November 2020 __________________________________________________________ Immigration and border statistics relating to COVID-19 Page summary This page brin
  14. I suspect you have foun the 'Achilles heel', unless the drill / screwdriver is also used for everyday DIY tasks.
  15. There's nothing wrong with using a power drill / electric screwdriver to operate the steadies BUT if you do either use a drill with a selectable torque setting, or take extra care not to overtighten the legs. Use them with caution and care. No only can overtightening distort the floor where legs are attached directly to the caravan floor (as opposed to the chassis) but not all steadies use metal steady slide-nuts. Some still use a nylon nut on which the thread can easily strip if stressed. Usually there will not be a weight saving, as the standard hand crank will also be carrie
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