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  1. I have a Bailey Unicorn 1. It is in excellent condition however I have just noticed a hair line crack in the rear curved shower cubicle. Not a problem at the moment but it could further split. I have looked at Prima Leisure web site but can not find the part or part number. Is it possible to purchase a new cubicle ? Can it be fitted? Any thoughts would be most welcome
  2. Hi I have recently purchased a 64 plate Hyundai Santa Fe which has a Thule detachable tow bar fitted. All works well however there is no repeater bleep when indicating. Are there regulations that stipulate there should be one. My caravan technician suggested it my be to do with stop start system in some vehicles and the electrics were changed? Any ideas would be helpful
  3. Hi I have recently purchased a used Hyundai Santa Fe, which had a dealer fitted detachable Thule tow bar fitted. I tried it yesterday, and it seemed to be working well, however there did not appear to be a repeater bleep fitted. I discovered that Brink have taken over the tow bar side of the business. I contacted brink who stated that they only supplied the tow bar and not the electrics. As the bar was fitted in 2014 I doubt whether Hyundai can help me. Is it a regulation to have a repeater sounding? My caravan technician thinks it may be someyhing to do with stop start system, although my vehicle does not have that fitted. I would be interested if anybody can help Many thanks.
  4. Hi I live in the Midlands in Worcester, and last week tried to purchase a bottle of Calor Lite from the main supplier. I was told that they were not receiving anymore bottles at Worcester as the latest refills were being sent to the coast! Does anybody out there no what is going on at Calor. I read in one of the club magazines recently that Calor were replacing the Lite bottles with a new product, but that in the mean time they would continue to refil the present stock of Lite bottles. I would like to exchange my empty Lite for another.
  5. Hi I am just asking a question concerning a witter tower mounted cycle carrier to be used when the caravan is attached. I am going away soon and want to take my bike with me. I don't want one of the roof mounted carriers, also do not want to carry the bike inside the caravan when travelling. Would there be an issue with the nose weight on the towbar? Would it be safe. I would be grateful of any ideas on this matter
  6. Good Point. Didn't realise the 5'10" length .
  7. It's just my opinion but if I were in the hunt for a brand new van, I would plump for the new Bailey Unicorn Cabrera. That has an island bed at the rear with the bathroom in the centre. Saw it at the show and was very impressed as were most people who viewed it. This layout does away with the transverse layout which with any way you look at it is awkward, as during the day you have to fold the mattress, and during the night the person on the left has to struggle round the bed to gat to the bathroom. I understand that if you were looking at a used van, this is not an option. .. just saying
  8. I have a Unicorn S1 and am seeking advice on a new leisure battery. Can anybody recommend one to look out for? I am looking for a low height 110 Ah battery as I have a 120w solar panel fitted to the roof. The battery I have presently is 190mm H x 340mm W x 170mm D. I find this size fits my battery box with ease. I have seen an Enduroline calcium battery EXV110 @ £122 delivered by Tanya batteries. Can anybody advise?
  9. Thanks Xtrailman This site has given me some pointers for which I'm very grateful
  10. Thanks Jimboy & Doosan I will get it sorted
  11. I am away in Cornwall and have noticed the pump cycles on and off periodically when all the taps are closed. I have checked for any sign of water leaking from the outlet side of the pump bot can't see any problems. Has anybody else had similar?
  12. Thanks Delta I will give him a call
  13. Hi Dazkim Thank you for your information. As it happens I already have these details however the man never gets back to me. He makes promises then never calls! so I can't really trust him. I have since found details in this months Caravan Club Mag quoting £530 for a 130w panel fitted with a remote control panel
  14. Can anybody tell me if there is a mobile fitter in the midlands, who can supply and fit a 120 w panel to my Bailey Unicorn Valencia S1
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