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  1. My dealings were in 2014. I would still ignore them now. However Scots law is different. But for a private company I would go to court.
  2. Deltatowner, I do apologise for my incorrect advice. I checked my memory bank and as usual you and others are correct, of course I acknowledged PE letters and paid them every penny they asked for. Then wrote lies to the OP. I know what I did, I know you don't. So don't tell me it was incorrect advice, it worked. If you are to frightened to try it then you are one of those that they prey on and why they make money. I am of stronger stuff. Now unless your a Scottish Lawyer and actually know or have dealt with PE, please amend your post as it it's incorrect and I find it offensive. However rather that run to moderators and report it, I am telling you yourself. Edit it as it was NOT incorrect advice. It works. Regards Have a nice day now.
  3. Had the same last year, google them. My answer was to ignore them, they send a couple of letters begging, then one offering a pay it now for less, then one from a so called lawyer, then one from the debt collector. The same person sends all the letters lol. Heard back from them after about 8 months, begging letter again. Then all went quiet. I never acknowledged one of their letters, never phoned either. They go away eventually. I know lots who have had dealings with them. I do not know anyone yet who has paid them.
  4. Seconded, I joined to use the CL's, not worth the money though. i would not ever use a CC site, am far too young for that nonsense lol
  5. May its a 12ft fishing rod, it goes up in the morning and comes down at night, but the moaners nevers thought to ask. It doesn't have flashing lights either but I would buy them if I was parked next to any of those 3, they moan for moaning sake but have the courtesy to dress it up nicely so as they appear to be the goodies. A spade is a spade not a shovel.
  6. The ones on the left are obviously enjoying the lights otherwise their blinds would be closed. The moaners should be dragged to the wall at shot, certainly make for more happier sites.
  7. Your far too clever and no sense of humour. You will be useless at keeping the afternoon flowing.
  8. If there is no toilet block how do you work out the 85% also as I am not good with percentages can I use threequarters and a bit.
  9. Surely if your blinds are also shut you will not see anyting either. Just trying to work out why folk do not shut their blinds at night and then get worked up over lights?
  10. Yep that will keep the afternoon going Can we add MIL's cos sometimes she tags along.
  11. That will get the toys coming out the prams now :D
  12. Because his blinds were shut, he didn't realise they were on, he wasn't curtain twitching. He might have been the Russian Space Station's wee brother and showing him where he was. Or if it had been me, just to wind the old foggies up.
  13. Been keeping me amused at work anyway. In what way does it offend anybody, you take offence to it because you do not like it. TOUGH. That is your problem no one elses.
  14. BUT the guy was not on a national park, was he. So much for your adventure before dementia signature. Your a proper Victor Meldrew. I do not have those lights, but might get some now lol
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