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  1. If they were running to the TV then then could be coax cables as the older Sky boxes used UHF modulators to connect to the TV's aerial socket. The signal from the aerial would be passed through the Sky box where the Sky output would be added as an extra channel and the combined signals would then be fed to the television. Assuming that the television will support HDMI input then the OP will have to install an HDMI cable from the Freesat box to the television.
  2. Although the article refers to a "hierarchy of road users" I could find no mention of this in the proposed changes to the Highway Code.
  3. The regulators that fit directly onto the gas bottle will operate at 28 mbar for butane or 37 mbar for propane. Bulkhead regulators, which can be connected to either butane or propane bottles, operate at 30 mbar which is a compromise between the two pressures.
  4. Not all extinguishers have expiry dates but dry powder extinguishers are supposed to be serviced annually. A basic service consists of weighing the extinguisher to check that it has not lost weight and shaking it to loosen up the powder. A more comprehensive service involves emptying and refilling them but this can often cost more than a new extinguisher.
  5. Try warming the kinked section with a hairdryer.
  6. From memory, I think that the pin is grey and goes through the white base section, between the red and blue fittings.
  7. Even if the fridge has a fuse, that will not have protected the electronics against reverse polarity. You could easily have damaged the fridge's electronics unless it has circuitry to protect it. As a fridge is normally permanently wired, it may have no such protection.
  8. No, you cannot get such a thing as a 7 pin to 7 pin 2 into 1 adapter. Each pin has a separate function and 14 into 7 won't go. As has been said, the seven pins in the black plug are for the road lights and these are available from your car. The Seven pins in the white or grey plug are for additional functions such as reversing lights, fridge and battery charging. Since you car does not have connections for these an adaptor cannot create them for you.
  9. LED lights do not have bulbs that can be replaced so it may require a new light assembly which needs to be sealed to prevent water ingress.
  10. The car insurance only covers third party risks when the caravan is being towed. It will not cover the owner if his caravan runs away from a sloping pitch and hits anything or anyone or is it catches fire and sets light to anything or anyone. These strike me as liability issues.
  11. £100 is about the cost of a tankful of fuel for the car. The cost of replacing someone else's caravan would be a lot more.
  12. Just to get this discussion into perspective, insurance on a 200 caravan will only cost about £100.
  13. None of the seals should be submerged in waste while the cassette is installed unless it is overfilled. The easy way to check the seals is to fill the cassette with water and stand it on end. Any failed seals will then become apparent. If waste is allowed to accumulate in the bowl with the flap closed then this could cause a leak past the seal and into the compartment. Opening the flap before using the toilet will prevent this.
  14. It is almost certainly a fault in the earth wiring at the plug and socket or on the connection from the towing harness to the car. If there is no earth then the current flows through the indicator bulb and then through the car's brake light bulbs to earth.
  15. Since all worm drive hose clips are intended to be used on hoses why should you need a different type especially for gas? If normal clips cause damage to the hose and result in leaks surely they would be unsuitable for hoses carrying any fluid.
  16. Car insurance normally covers recovering your car after an accident to a workshop for repair if it cannot be driven.
  17. I have often wondered about the claims that air fryers use les oil than deep fryers. It is true that they only require a small amount of oil to operate but all of that oil is consumed with the food whereas, although a deep fryer contains more oil, the majority of it is left behind and reused. I appreciate that an air fryer has advantages in a caravan due to the problems transporting a conventional chip pan and its contents.
  18. You say that the gas is on but are you aware that as well as the valve on the gas cylinder, there are usually separate valves for the cooker, water heater and room heater? Have you found these and turned them on too?>
  19. It as not clear why lock nuts were used and I had not thought of them as an antitheft device. They do not seem to be a good idea as the action of a lock nut is to lift the valve cap and make it more likely to leak. If I buy a set I will probably live dangerously and leave the lock nuts off. Thanks to everyone you replied about the "wake up" time. That should work for me as I usually move the caravan about thirty feet from it parking place to load up a day or two before leaving home.
  20. I have just been looking at these and might buy one so perhaps you could answer a couple of questions based on your experience. Regardless of the warning provided by the TPMS, I would like to check the tyre pressures of the caravan before setting off. The TPMS on my car does not start working until I have driven about a mile. Is there any way of "waking up" this TPMS before setting off? Also, the illustrations on Amazon show a lock nut being used to secure the replacement valve caps. Do you need to use a spanner to check the tyre pressures, assuming that f the TPMS is not available before starting? Thanks.
  21. If you note down the make and model of the various appliances, space heater you should be able to download operating instructions for most of them. There is a lot of information available on line but you need to identify what you have first.
  22. A simple way to check on your battery will be to measure the battery voltage (with everything turned off) after sunset each day and use Julian's chart. This will tell you if you are gaining or losing charge over each 24 hour period.
  23. Unless the cable is obviously damaged the fault, if on the caravan, is likely to be a loose or corroded connection and you are unlikely to need a new harness. It is just a matter of identifying the problem and remaking the connection.
  24. I do not think that caravan lights use an earth in the way that car circuits rely on the steel structure for the negative supply. You will probably find that the negative side of each light is wired back to the 12N or 13-pin plug's earth pin.
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