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  1. If you still have the original clock then you could fit a replacement, quartz movement as these are available very cheaply.
  2. If the rear lights are standard filaments then the type of side repeaters should not matter.
  3. Apart from the mechanical aspects, they seem to ignored the requirements for lights and indicators. There appears to be just a couple of high-level brake lights. It looks like a typical half-baked Kickstarter idea.
  4. If you remove the fridge you will probably need to disconnect its gas supply as well. Also, the space behind the fridge should be sealed from the interior of the caravan to avoid draughts and fumes. Is it possible to pull the drain pipe back into position using a stiff wire through the sink hole and reconnect it that way? It would be a lot less complicated.
  5. I have a SOG fan and filter fitted to my toilet and do not use any chemicals at all.
  6. As long as you can get the paper out when the empty the cassette is does not really matter.
  7. Once you know where the problem is it becomes easier to fix it.
  8. The problem with the standard plastic box is that they are designed to be permanently installed and have no provision for strain relief. What precautions have you taken to prevent the supply lead from being pulled out?
  9. Why do you want to change these lights? What advantages do you expect?
  10. Previously, when I had an old car to insure, I found that third party only could cost more than fully comprehensive. It appears that insurers assume that I you are insuring TPO then you are likely to be less careful when driving.
  11. My only experience of stop/start was on a VW Sharan I had while my own car was being repaired. When I stopped in traffic, the engine would stop. If I was stopped for more than a few seconds, I would apply the parking brake, at which point the engine would restart!
  12. I have to question your understanding of gas drop vents if you think that LPG will turn back into liquid if it falls into a container. Perhaps you can explain.
  13. I make it that he rolled over two and a half times. That makes 900 degrees.
  14. You need to secure the front of the chassis to prevent slewing. Hitching to the car is best but otherwise you should chock the jockey wheel, bearing in mind that it can swivel.
  15. We once visited a dealer to look at second hand caravans. I cannot remember whether they were unlocked or we were given keys. What I do remember was that none of the steadies were down so we had to synchronise our movements in case a caravan tipped up. We did not buy from them.
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