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  1. Is the RCD switched on and, if so does the test button cause it to switch off?
  2. I would certainly get the brakes checked before towing the caravan.
  3. I meant the caravan battery, not the remote. The motors draw a high current which may cause the voltage to drop so that the mover shuts off briefly before trying again. I think that it is very unlikely to be a problem with the remote control.
  4. It may be that you battery needs charging. When moving in a straight line both motors are running. This may cause the voltage to drop so that the mover cuts out, the voltage then recovers and the mover starts again.
  5. Reinforced or commercial tyres are used for higher load ratings and are often used on caravans. The tow car should not need them as the loading on the car should not be significantly increased when towing and should never exceed the maximum axle loading that can be carried by the standard tyres. A folding caravan will usually be quite light so you should neo need anything special to tow it.
  6. Has the new battery the same technology as the old one? The solar controller probably have settings for the different types which may need to be changed for your new battery. The typical types are sealed, gel, flooded, lithium and agm.
  7. It will probably be the o-ring where the pump hose connects to the caravan or the non-return valve has some grit in it.
  8. According to Popular Mechanics Magazine, Baird Television Ltd. were transmitting from Crystal Palace in September 1935 although the antennae appear to have been mounted on a solid tower rather than an open structure,
  9. The BBC has a history of updating their iPlayer service requiring corresponding changes to the iPlayer apps in the various receiving devices. Some companies are very poor at providing updates to the apps installed in their older devices. I bought a Sony Network Media Player SMP-N200 which included the iPlayer app in 2011 but it stopped working in a couple of years as Sony were unwilling to keep it up to date. I also bought a Sony Blu-ray player in 2013. This had iPlayer but also stopped working in a couple of years. I now avoid Sony products as their product range keeps changing and they
  10. The specifications simply state that the letters and numbers must be black. They do not appear to require them to be flush with the rest of the plate.
  11. This is or was a common problem with car rear lights. You could often see a car with one tail light brighter than the other. The driver would realise a tail light was not working and fit a new bulb. He would then see that it was brighter than the other one but probably think that was due to the difference between a new and an old bulb. It was usually too much trouble to check the brake lights and see that the new one was dimmer.
  12. The click is probably just be the thermostat as that is behind the knob. You are less likely to hear the relays clicking as they are buried behind the heater, Even if you can hear the relay clicking that only indicates that the solenoid is working and the contacts for the heating elements can still be burned out.
  13. Nextbase dashcams automatically lock recordings associated with an impact and this includes all recording in parking mode. This means that the recording will not get overwritten so you need to manually delete them or reformat the memory card periodically. If the dashcam is only being used in parking mode then it should not record very much, probably a few minutes for every impact. A card can usually store a few hours of recording depending on its capacity.
  14. The coupling on the caravan will usually be marked with the maximum static load for which it is designed. Most of them are marked 100 Kg but could easily be 70 Kg for a lightweight caravan.
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