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  1. DACS

    Warning code

    As WispMan said, Google it. I Googled "Truma W420H" and it led me straight to an FAQ. "Warning W 412 H or W 42 H appears in the display of the CP plus panel – what should I do? "Your heater includes a window switch which prevents the heater from starting up if the side window above or right next to wall cowl of your heater is not completely closed. "Please check that the window in question is locked when completely closed."
  2. DACS

    Gas Adaptors

    I am a bit late t the party but I have a South African Cadac barbecue which sounds similar to the OP's. The gas cylinder form the base of the unit and it works directly off the cylinder without a regulator. They fit to Camping Gaz cylinders.
  3. You should be able to return it if it is not suitable. Check the return conditions of the seller and make sure it is from the UK so that it is simple to send it back.
  4. According to the specification it is rated at 2,180 Watts so it should draw about 9.5 Amps. This could trip a 10 Amp supply if anything else is on in the caravan, even the battery charger. However, presumably the grill only uses 2,180 Watts when both parts are heating but you would need to be careful.
  5. Some people have an interesting attitude to the truth.
  6. In that case it is simply that the insulation fails at mains voltage but is able to handle the low voltage of your multimeter.
  7. It probably fails when it warms up. If the insulation has broken down then the element could touch the casing as it expands.
  8. It sounds as though the charger is not working and your battery is flat. During the journey home it will have received some charge from the car. It could be a faulty charger but may be something much simpler. Some chargers have a mains connector like a kettle plug which can simply fall out.
  9. It is quite possible that the water is causing current to leak to earth. This would normally trip the RCD and shut off all mains circuits in the caravan. It may well recover when it dries out and running the fridge on gas will help as it will keep it warm. It is probably worth paying rof a bit more gas rather than buying and fitting a new element.
  10. What makes you think that the battery is flat? Have you checked it with a multimeter yet?
  11. Surely you can tell/ask Mrs PMW not to pump it too vigorously rather than replace the entire toilet.
  12. The filter is designed to be replaced regularly so I am surprised that you have reused it after cleaning the container, especially if it has mould on it. It seems quite likely that the filter is blocked. I am not familiar with those particular filters but I think that you can unscrew the filter from the pump so you could try running without the filter as a test. You could also try putting the pump into the container before connecting the hose to the caravan. This will help the pump to fill with water by allowing the air to escape.
  13. DACS

    Hot Shower?

    If you are impatient you can use both the electric and gas water heating together.
  14. It sounds like a break in the battery wiring or a blown battery fuse. The battery charger/power supply probably has a capacitor across the output which will probably supply power for the five second that you mention. The water heater is harder to explain. It is just possible that the power supply from the mains without the smoothing effect of the battery is upsetting it so I would sort the battery out first and then see if the water heater works.
  15. If you keep charging a faulty battery it can get hot and release hydrogen sulphide. Apparently this smells like rotten eggs although I have never smelt any so perhaps it could be mistaken for methane. Many carbon monoxide detectors mistake it for carbon monoxide and the alarm goes off. The first thing to do is to stop charging the battery and ventilate the caravan. The second is to replace the battery. It may be worth checking that the charger is working correctly but batteries do have a limited life and all will fail eventually.
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