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  1. DACS

    Electrolux RM4230

    We need to be clear what is tripping as it can be caused by excessive current or leakage to earth. Current will trip a normal circuit breaker whereas earth leakage will trip an ELBC (earth leakage contact breaker), also known as an RCD (residual current device). ELCBs usually have a red switch lever, The fridge should only draw about 3 Amps so excessive current is unlikely unless you have a short circuit which could be damaged wiring or a faulty heating element. Earth leakage can happen if the heating element is damaged although this is more common with water heaters than fridges. If the fridge does not work when powered from the car you need to check whether the car is wired up to supply power. It is not unusual for cars to only be wired up for the basic lighting, with no provision for charging the caravan battery or powering a fridge.
  2. How to connect your cylinder is described on the Calor Gas web site. For 7Kg butane cylinders, they use a clip-on regulator.
  3. Searching for "daytime running light mot" led me to https://www.gov.uk/government/news/mot-changes-20-may-2018. It appears that the daytime running lights are included in the MOT for cars first used on or after 1st March 2018. In practice, this means that the first MOTs to include DRLs will be in 2021 when these cars are three years old.
  4. I find that the Turismo tows our caravan well enough. My previous car was a Discovery 3 and the Turismo seems to have similar performance. You are more aware that the engine is working hard in the Turismo whereas the Discovery seemed more effortless but I think that it is probably just due to more soundproofing in the Discovery. The ride is not as good as the Discovery which I find acceptable although my wife is not so keen. I do not check the fuel consumption very carefully but estimate that I get about 35 mpg solo and 25 mpg towing the caravan.
  5. Here is another vote for the Ssangyong Turismo. You get a lot of car for your money! It can tow up to 1,850 Kg. It has seven full-size seats and still has space for luggage when all seats are in use (unlike the Land Rover Discovery). The ELX comes with part-time 4WD which is useful is you need to tow a caravan on or off a muddy field.
  6. Can you be sure that the trailer hitch is completely free of grease? I grease the ball when towing my trailer and clean it when towing the caravan, using brake cleaner and paper towels.
  7. Self-levelling suspension will simply raise or lower the suspension so that the car body is level. This will have no effect on the weight distribution.
  8. Save your money as these will only show a pressure drop when there is no liquid left in the cylinder. The vapour pressure is constant for a given temperature.
  9. Try your local rubbish trip. They need to weigh lorries in and out in order to charge them for tipping. Another possibility is a scrap metal dealer.
  10. I think that you have made it up. Most sites suggest that the existing plates will remain valid but you will also need the oval GB plate. The only site that I found suggesting that you would need new number plates was selling number plates,
  11. It doesn't bother me. My car's kerb weight is 2,115 Kg and the caravan's MTPLM is 1,500 Kg so I am under 71%. The car can tow a maximum of 2,000 Kg so even that would be under 95%.
  12. Towergate Insurance's caravan policies include the following clause: "We will not pay for loss or damage caused by You towing Your caravan if Your Caravan weighs in excess of 95% of the towing vehicle’s kerb weight."
  13. It is more likely that the water has reached the temperature where dissolved gases are released. I think that this is about 60 Cat atmospheric pressure so will be higher in a pressurised system. Even if water was released through the pressure release valve, I do not see how this could introduce air into the system.
  14. Calor Gas is only available in the UK. I believe that Safefill can be refilled at petrol stations that also have LPG for cars but Safefill users will be able to provide more details.
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