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  1. Thanks, I never though of my Ssangyong as an upmarket car. It has a warning light on the dash but can also display the pressure of each type in p.s.i..
  2. As has been said, you should not use any fuse rated for more that 13 A in a 13 A plug. The blue plug and the rest of the caravan's electrical system is only designed for 16 A so you can only get about 23% more power with a proper 16 A hookup. You need to consider the power required for your various appliances. Since the problem seems to be associated with your kettle that is where you should start. A standard domestic electric kettle is usually rated at 2,200 W so it will draw about 9.5 A. This only leaves you 3.5 A or 800 W for other appliances when the kettle is on. The usual
  3. If it is leaking from the top then tightening the catches is unlikely to make any difference. Also, the hinge will usually keep the rain off the seal. You need to identify where the leak is. Try putting some Vaseline on the seal and testing for leaks. It is probably wise to clean the Vaseline off afterwards as it is petroleum based and may attack the seal if left for too long.
  4. Check that the hose is not curling up and lifting the pump to the surface of the water.
  5. It would appear that the performance AAA brakes would only be better than standard brakes that need adjusting.
  6. Also, with a pressure switch, the pump may run occasionally to maintain pressure which can be disturbing during the night.
  7. This is probably a silly suggestions, but have you accidentally locked the door? If you knock the inside handle and lock the door then the bolt cannot retract to allow the door to close.
  8. I am not familiar with that particular caravan but my Burstner also has two switches by the door. One switch is for the awning light, near the top of the door. The other switch controls the ceiling light at the end of the caravan near to the door. Both the switch near the door and the switch on the light itself must be on for the light to work. Since we normally use the switches on the individual lights, the switch by the door needs to be left on most of the time. If we are going out in the evening, I switch on the ceiling light and then switch it off using the switc
  9. If you are certain that it is not leaking from above, it could be that the tap body is cracked where it fits through the worktop. This section is probably under tension if the tap is held in place by a large nut and may have cracked. It could also have been damaged by freezing. You will need to release it from the worktop to check its condition.
  10. My mobile engineer has put the stickers on the front bulkhead inside the gas locker which is normally out of sight but still serves as a reminder when I am using the caravan.
  11. According to Toyota's web site the maximum trailer weight for the C-HR is only 725 kg. The slogan on the web site for the C-HR is "Leave ordinary Behind", Perhaps it should be changed to "Leave Caravan Behind"!
  12. There are two different style of Carver rollers. From your picture, you probably need the ones with the slotted end. The slot engages with a pin which should be in the cross-drilling of the shaft from the gearbox.
  13. Complete replacement rollers are available and the bearings are included. They come in two different lengths so make sure that you order the right ones. It seems easier to find ribbed versions that the original gritted ones. These would appear to be the size that you need.
  14. I have used Stixall Adhesive and Sealant to repair the large, front window of my caravan after it fell apart completely. I cannot remember how I removed the old adhesive. I may have used acetone but always test any solvent on a part that will not show first.
  15. I could be dependent on the temperature. We have been having a wide range of temperatures lately with warm days but frosty nights.
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