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  1. If you turn the water heater on when there is no water in the tank it will be heating air and probably overheat. It is equivalent to switching the immersion heater or boiler on at home when you have drained down the water system. I strongly recommend that you download as many instruction books as you can for the various appliances that you have in the caravan. Most of them are fairly easy to find online.
  2. DACS

    Van levelling

    Exactly. I level with the fore and aft bubble slightly off as I know that the shower drain works better like that.
  3. In effect, the CVT transmission belt is your friction clutch and may be subject to wear during hill starts etc..
  4. I had a Land Rover Discovery 3 with xenon lights and these had a lever to change for driving on the right. The whole light assembly could be removed from the car by lifting a couple of catches. Then an access panel had to be unclipped behind the dipped beam headlight. Deep inside, there was a metal lever that could be moved up or down. The main problem was that there was nothing to show which position was which and the manual did not specify it either. However, with practice, I was able to switch both headlights over quite quickly while waiting to board Le Shuttle each time we crossed the Channel. I do not think that stick-on masks are suitable for xenon headlights due to the heat they can produce.
  5. DACS

    Van levelling

    I use a 2-way spirit level like this, placed on the A-frame fairing. It has been kept in the front locker of the caravan for several years without freezing. For side to side levelling I use a plastic ramp , either towing or using the motor mover depending on the circumstances. If towing, my wife can see the level and guide me, standing on the off-side. For lengthways levelling, the level is close enough to the jockey wheel to see the level while adjusting the height.
  6. I agree that a wet clutch is probably preferable to a dry one but would still prefer a torque converter as any friction clutch is liable to wear out eventually.
  7. I prefer an automatic transmission, especially for towing a caravan, as it allows me to position the caravan without slipping a friction clutch. I would always choose a transmission with a torque converter as some modern automatics use friction clutches which slip to move off from stationary. I have a SsangYong Turismo ELX which not only has a 7-speed automatic transmission but also selectable four wheel drive with low ratios. This allows me to pull or push the caravan onto levelling ramps at tickover and control the speed with the brake. Without the low ratios you need to use the accelerator to get up a ramp and it is easy to overshoot.
  8. From your photograph, they look remarkably like caravan steadies. These are rated at 600 kg so would probably be strong enough for your trailer. They are usually bolted to the caravan but could probably be welded or you could weld suitable fixing plates to your caravan and bolt the steadies to them.
  9. In another thread about breakaway cables and safety chains it has been suggested that any trailer must have a means of preventing the coupling contacting the road surface in the event of the trailer becoming uncoupled. On caravans this is usually achieved by having the jockey wheel. Small trailers are supposed to be fitted with a protective skid under the hitch. This may mean that removing your jockey wheel could contravene the Construction and Use regulations.
  10. How does it know whether you are trying to turn forwards or backwards. Pressing the opposite buttons will tell it to go clockwise or anticlockwise but the results will be quite different, depending on which wheels it decides are on the inside. In any case, if it locks one set of wheels, you might just as well press only one button.
  11. Presumably you consider that the brakes on a caravan are unnecessary as you claim you would have plenty of control without them.
  12. This means that you will still be towing the caravan but the brakes will be locked on. It does not appeal to me so I will stick with the recommended breakaway cable. I do also tow an unbraked trailer and use a safety chain as required. However, It is impossible to have the chain short enough to prevent the hitch touching the ground when uncoupled as the attachment point is below the ball. If I adopted the chain and breakaway cable for the caravan as suggested, then it would drag the front of the caravan along the ground until the car stopped.
  13. The problem with lowering the price of the new caravan with a corresponding reduction on the trade-in is that it can affect any refund if you need to reject the new caravan. If the trade-in has already been sold then the dealer will only refund the invoiced price for the new caravan. This leaves you having sold your old caravan to the dealer for the reduced trade-in value.
  14. Will the TV work from another socket? What is the fuse rating and what current does your TV draw?
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