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  1. A 6 kg Calor propane cylinder weighs 14.3 kg when full. There is no 3 kg cylinder they do have 3.9 kg cylinders. Two 3.9 cylinders will weight 19.2 kg when full. Thus your weight when full would increase by 4.9 kg but you would then have 1.8 kg of more gas available.
  2. They can if the cylinders are sized to accommodate 6.1 kg when 80% full.
  3. The non-return valve will not let air into the system. The most likely source of air is the o-ring seals on the fitting where the pump connects to the caravan.
  4. One of the advantages of Calor Gas is their network of suppliers. Many petrol filling stations stock Calor cylinders and have long opening hours. You can find your local stockings on their web site. Most caravans will take 6 kg propane or 7 kg butane cylinders.
  5. Absorption fridges used to be popular in boats as well as caravan until the safety regulations were tightened up on our inland waterways. Unlike a caravan, it is not desirable to provide drop holes in case of gas leaks! Also, the naked flame can provided an ignition source in case of a fuel leak in the boat, as I know from experience. Boats now use compressor fridges. I have slept with my head next to the fridge in our boat and the noise did not disturb me, despite it being fitted with a fan. However, battery use is an issue. We have a 60 W solar panel fitted and can last for three or four days with two 110 Ah batteries. After that, we need to run the engine or connect to shore power to recharge.
  6. You need to ensure that it is fully engaged. I have had mine disengage once or twice and found that it depends which side I engage it from. It probably needs adjusting but I have not bothered yet. I always engage mine from the nearside now.
  7. The climate control on my last two cars will not use the heater when set to automatic until the engine is warm enough.
  8. The fan is clearly cycling on and off far too frequently. This suggests a fault in the temperature control circuit rather than the fan itself. It might be worth trying or identify the temperature sensor and try cleaning or repositioning it but it should be fixed under your warranty.
  9. YOur best way of checking is to use https://roadworks.org/
  10. I owned a 1991 Lunar Clubman and the window catches were the same as on my current 2000 Burstner caravan so they would appear to be common items. You could try a caravan breaker as that should be cheaper than buying them individually from a retailer although, of course, they may also have aged a bit.
  11. I think that it connects the caravan battery to the car battery when the car's alternator is providing enough charge to power the fridge. This allows the car to charge the caravan battery but only when it will not risk flattening the car battery.
  12. This usually indicates that the gas is not lighting. Either it is not getting any gas through or you have left the cover on the balanced flue outside the 'van..
  13. The water supply should not flow through the relief valve during normal use. It is there to allow excess pressure to escape in case the thermostat fails and the water boils. I am sure that the water heater will function perfectly well at very low pressure provided it is full of water, just like the Truma heaters orally used in caravans.
  14. I think that the plate is showing the maximum permitted mass.
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