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  1. Most of the fittings on caravans are the same across different makes of caravans. Try searching online and you will probably find manuals for most of the various appliances.
  2. The potential energy of a magnet could be likened to a spring. A spring can store energy but it supply energy to rewind itself.
  3. I have used a dehumidifier in my boat for many years. I can confirm that it works as I discovered one year when I did not bother. I have owned several dehumidifiers over the years. All have been the compressor type. They have all had a humidistat so that they only operate when the humidity is higher that my chosen level. They also shut off automatically if they start to accumulate ice. I have never used a time switch. If the air is too humid then I want it drier, regardless of the time.
  4. I think he is suggesting fitting a mains powered 12v supply to replace the old battery and charger. This would power any 12v appliances as long as you have a mains supply without needing to maintain a battery.
  5. On our 'van there are two yellow drain taps that need top be closed. However many you have, the handle needs to be down, in line with the pipework.
  6. Logically, it should be the same size as the main battery leads as it will be carrying the same current.
  7. They are probably be high level brake lights as I cannot see any other high level brake light.
  8. I cannot see how a damper could be tightened up if it has failed. The damper cannot cause the caravan to hit the car. At worst, it will allow the hitch to compress faster than normal and might cause the brakes to snatch but the caravan cannot hit the car unless the hitch fails. If you do not feel competent to change the damper yourself, I recommend that you get a quote from someone else.
  9. The Truma heater uses an immersion heater in the hot water tank. If the tank has been drained and the heater element is switched on it can overheat before the water thermostat gets hot enough to switch it off. The Alde system heats the water indirectly and the primary circuit is normally kept full.
  10. Another possible solution would be to use a standard socket and ratchet handle with a suitable length extension bar if needed. This would allow you to level the caravan as normal rather than guess how far down to set the rear steadies.
  11. A charger from the Automobile Association?
  12. I think that you will find that most caravan light fittings have two wires and do not rely on the structure they are attached to for their negative connection.
  13. Electrical fittings are not really earthed as many of the materials in caravans do not conduct electricity. 12v caravan wiring usually has wires for both positive and negative, unlike the car where the negative is provided by the bodywork or "earth". From the symptoms described, the positive feed to one of the two sidelight circuits is probably making contact with the caravan chassis. The most likely place for this to happen is the cable run from the hitch to the fuses inside the caravan, usually at the front of the body. Check for any physical damage to the cable where it runs along the A-frame.
  14. I assume that the OP is referring to the black disc that covers the hole where the pan discharges into the cassette. This disc is obviously larger than the hole it covers so cannot have escaped that way. I think that is is also larger than the emptying spout so it should still be inside the cassette. Spares are readily available for Thetford toilets and there are detailed fitting instructions available online. From these, you should be able to work out whether anything is missing or broken. Repairs are fairly simple but can be unpleasant. Rubber gloves are recommended!
  15. If you still have the original clock then you could fit a replacement, quartz movement as these are available very cheaply.
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