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  1. It's not just the sticker. The caravan manufacturer has to cover the upgrade with the type approval authority. This involves additional administrative work which he is trying to recover with the said fee.
  2. I wasn't questioning the validity of your statement. I was only trying to point out that if the sticker came off intact it doesn't comply with legal requirements and there would have to be another sticker somewhere else on the caravan that does.
  3. Judging by your response you must be an owner of a caravan from one of the manufacturers that combine the type approval sticker with the NCC sticker. That being the case, the sticker must have displayed two different MTPLMs before the “upgrade”. There can be no such thing as one MTPLM valid for the caravan and another applicable only to the 3500kg B-licence restriction. An MTPLM is always an absolute limit.
  4. If it came off intact, either it wasn't the statutory plate that you removed or the manufacturer was using a sticker that doesn't comply with the regulations requiring the sticker to self-destruct if removal is attempted.
  5. I made myself a satellite TV aerial mast bracket out of 2mm aluminium plate, suitably bent to shape, that clamps on the caravan corner handles using couple of coach bolts and wing nuts. The handles are fairly sturdy and have taken the full brunt of gale force winds acting on the 60cm dish. Unfortunately the caravan is in storage at the moment so I can't take a photo of the arrangement, but that might be an alternative for you.
  6. Lutz


    What's the advantage of having cushions absolutely dry while in storage? Surely they only need to be dry when the caravan is in use. At other times they are unlikely to gather mould unless they get dripping wet and that's not going to happen unless there's a serious leak somewhere and nothing to allow free circulation of air within the caravan. I've had my caravans stored out in the open for almost 30 years without any signs of mould or suchlike anywhere.
  7. It's not the car's type approval that I was referring to in my replies above, but that of the caravan. However, caravans have only been subject to type approval since 2014 so it may not apply to yours.
  8. You ask why would they sell 'upgrades' like this? The simple answer is to make money. The only possible justification is that such a sticker avoids the need to look for the statutory plate (or sticker) displayed elsewhere on the caravan. That is often to be found in the front locker. Besides, the "Manufacturer's Declaration of Compliance" that is also pictured in the link above is not a type approval document. It only certifies compliance with certain industry standards, not with any legal requirements.
  9. He would be correct if it's the statutory sticker that contains all the data required by law. This means it must include the type approval number, the VIN, and apart from the MTPLM also the maximum axle loads and maximum permissible noseweight. If the sticker doesn't display those details, it's not a legal sticker.
  10. Lutz

    Tow Car Help

    First of all, I strongly suspect that the actual kerbweight of the prospective towcar is more than the published 1615kg. It usually is. Secondly, even based on that weight, the difference between 1400 and 1372kg is so small as to be negligible in practice.
  11. What sort of certificate were you issued with? Is it a type approval certificate or one which references the NCC? If it's the latter it's not worth the paper it was written on because the NCC doesn't have the authority to upgrade the MTPLM. That can only be done through an application by the caravan manufacturer to the respective type approval authority.
  12. I did it myself a couple of months ago. It's a doddle really.
  13. Components, such as spare wheels, are only subject to type approval if they are explicitly referred to as requiring their own type approval (as distinct from complete vehicle type approval). Spare wheels are not listed as such.
  14. Unless I am mistaken, other than affecting the weight of the vehicle, the spare wheel is not a matter that is type approval relevant. So long as it is just resting in the back of the vehicle and not being used it is treated as payload and not as an item that affects safety in any way. Only when fitted as a road wheel would it be subject to type approval. Without usage restriction, a space saver wheel doesn't meet legal requirements and may therefore, as a non-type approved item, be used in an emergency only - just like a dolly used to move a disabled vehicle.
  15. That's correct. We threw out the spare on account of pressure to reduce vehicle weight. My BMW doesn't even have a spare wheel well where one could store a spare of any sort.
  16. We came back from Spain last Sunday. That's it with the caravan for this year and our first trip in January will be to Tenerife and that without the caravan. The water has been drained, the battery removed and stored in the house for the winter. Over and out.
  17. Lutz


    I'm surprised at your figures. Towing my 1800kg down to southern Spain and back my BMW X4 diesel averaged 10.1l/100km.
  18. The regulations have never been changed. If 2.6m were allowed, then this was only on a concessionary basis.
  19. No, the caravan is nominally 2.3m wide.
  20. I recall that when I had a Fiamma roll-out awning fitted to my caravan, making it a few centimetres wider, I raised the issue with the dealer and he said that as it is over 2m from the ground I wouldn't have to have the width dimension changed in the vehicle registration document.
  21. Lutz

    Tyre test

    Regardless of how insurance companies may see it, I think you'd be pushed to find a piece of legislation that supports your statement.
  22. As far as I know, width measurements apply up to a height of 2m.
  23. Lutz

    Tyre test

    Norway does not require winter tyres. However, if summer tyres are fitted then snow chains must be carried. Countries marked red require winter tyres at prescribed times of the year. Those in black require winter tyres subject to prevailing conditions.
  24. To be really pedantic, miles per gallon isn't even a measure of fuel consumption, but one of specific fuel consumption. The be a measure of fuel consumption, the fuel consumed must come first. In Imperial measure it would have to be gallons per mile or perhaps more realistically gallons per 100 miles.
  25. Even if the A-frame/car combination meets all braking and lighting requirements, it still doesn't mean that it is type approved as a complete unit. It only fulfils certain conditions that have to be met before type approval can be assigned. A type approved trailer must have its own VIN and it must display the type approval number for the finished trailer. As A-frame/car combinations don't fulfil that requirement they cannot be classed as a trailer even if they meet all Construction and Use regulations, hence they are illegal on the Continent, even though some countries close a blind eye to them. However, that is solely at the discretion of the powers-that-be. One cannot claim any right to tow using an A-frame. If your little trailer doesn't have a VIN then it must have been manufactured before 2014 when whole vehicle type approval was first implemented. After that it must display a statutory plate showing the VIN, the type approval number, the name of the manufacturer and weight details.
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