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  1. 52 minutes ago, Mr Plodd said:


    A bit like they have done in the land of the orange one! 


    At least in Germany they haven’t had reck neck morons parading around outside state buildings with assault rifles protesting about their “Constitutional Rights” being infringed 




    At least over here they are doing it in a more civilised manner. Several cases have been brought to the Federal Constitutional Court in order to have clarified whether the restrictions imposed are consistent with civil liberties guaranteed by the constitution. The mandatory wearing of masks, for instance, has been declared not to infringe civil liberties in an unacceptable manner. In a couple of other cases, the court ruled that different measures applied to primary schools compared with secondary schools in one or two states amounted to discrimination of sections of the student population. Also, some shops have raised issues why some over 800m² sales floor area are not allowed to open, but others are.


  2. 10 minutes ago, The road toad said:

    Someone said "Ignore the kerb weight of your car" -!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We have here someone asking for advice and who has not towed before and I for one ,with several years towing experience,  would NEVER ignore the 85% rule.

    If I had a twin axle I might go to 90% but to contemplate towing a caravan which is heavier than a relatively lightweight car is stupid and irresponsible advice.

    Some are going to disagree but I would rather have my vehicle towing the van than the other way round.


    The weight ratio is, of course, based on a worst case scenario with a fully laden caravan being towed by an empty car, theoretically even without a driver (as kerbweight doesn't include the driver). That is hardly a representative condition. To make a blanket statement that it is stupid and irresponsible to ignore the 85% weight ratio recommendation simply ignores all the other factors that determine the stability or lack thereof of an outfit.

  3. 27 minutes ago, reluctant said:

    Mathematically Lutz is correct.


    However, to use that in practice becomes complicated as the nose weight will vary depending upon where in the van the load is.


    For a beginner such as the OP, it is easier to assume that all the weight is carried by the caravan axle .


    Weigh the car and van on a public weighbridge in it's normal state without all the gubbins we all take away with us, but include the leisure battery and a full gas bottle and motor mover if fitted. Then weigh the car without the van, and subtract that from the unit weight to get a figure which  would be safe to accept as the unloaded weight of the van.


    Subtract that figure from the MTPLM and you get the user payload.


    Then weigh stuff as you put it in the van until either you reach that MTPLM figure or you have everything you need in the van.




    If you don't take into account that the noseweight is part of the car's overall weight then you could be overloading the car.  Say you load the car up to its  plated GVW and then hitch the caravan, then the car would be overweight by the amount of the noseweight.

  4. 32 minutes ago, Paulozzy01 said:

    Thanks for your help everyone think I've got to the bottom of it the caravan I'm looking at is a lunar zenith 5 with a mtplm of 1217kg and it seems I can tow 1200kg would it be acceptable to remove as much weight from the van as possible I.e cushions and ply etc for the 2 trips a year it will take?


    If the maximum towable weight is 1200kg and the caravan has an MTPLM of 1217kg then you can tow it fully loaded so long as the noseweight exceeds 17kg. Towable weight is the axle load, not the total weight of the caravan.

  5. 22 minutes ago, Mr Plodd said:

    On the subject of idiots have a listen to This


    (it links to a song on YouTube that really sums idiots up a treat)


    The whole album is excellent and well suited to those of us of a “certain age” Try listening to “Greys the new Blonde” by him. 






    Trouble is that it's always someone else who's the idiot, no one's self (but please don't take that personally).


    If people were to exercise a bit more critical with their own way of thinking and make an attempt to see if there may not be further issues to complete the whole story with all its implications rather than concentrating on the only aspect that crosses their mind we'd be a lot further.

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  6. I understand from the letter posted above that the ADAC have had problems with the terms and conditions for Plus Membership being incompatible with consumer protection rights in some other countries and that they have therefore taken the decision to withdraw Plus Membership from those members not residing in Germany.


  7. 1 hour ago, clairendave said:

    Maybe they could open up "inconsiderate adult only specialty" sites and let us with young family's steer clear of the possiblity of spreading things just because of a few impatient people. 


    Those who don't want to mingle with others who want to take advantage of their new-found freedom still have the option to stay at home.

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  8. 3 minutes ago, Borussia 1900 said:

    If I drive 20 minutes to Holland I don’t need to go into a 14 day quarantine on return, is it different rules for travel to Sweden?

    I have to revise the statement that I made earlier. I have just learned that the 14 day quarantine restriction does apply to the Netherlands, too, if you stay there for longer than 72 hours and you are obliged to register with the Kreisgesundheitsamt upon your return to Germany.

  9. 3 minutes ago, Borussia 1900 said:

    The border Germany/Netherlands isn’t closed 

    Not sure about Germany/France

    No fear no fun Dave


    Germany/France is closed. Only this afternoon I spoke to my daughter's parents-in-law who live right on the border and they tell me that there is absolutely no traffic on the road past their house at the moment.

    1 minute ago, Borussia 1900 said:

    If I drive 20 minutes to Holland I don’t need to go into a 14 day quarantine on return, is it different rules for travel to Sweden?


    Apparently so from what I have been able to glean off the Bundesministerium des Inneren website , yes.

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  10. 4 minutes ago, Borussia 1900 said:

    Sweden is looking good 💪🏻



    Sweden may be looking good (and we had been thinking about it as an alternative), but as things are at the moment one would be subject to a 14 day quarantine upon returning to Germany. Besides, I'm not too happy with the way the Swedes are managing their Corona virus measures.

  11. Even though we have less restriction on movement here in Germany, being confined is really getting on our nerves and we'll be off to France as soon as the border opens. I don't know what's worse, being forced to stay at home or being careful and living with a remaining minimal risk of infection.

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  12. 1 hour ago, AlanNancy said:

    I have tried to telephone ADAC this morning and just get a recorded message after which the line cuts off.

    Both letters that I have been sent quote membership at Euro 99 and Euro 30 for my wife.

    I'll try phoning again later.



    No point in trying phone today. It's the 1st May, a public holiday.

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  13. 48 minutes ago, susa said:

    Does anyone know exactly what the basic membership actually covers? Is it only breakdown “Pannen-hilfe” whilst in Germany or.....?


    Plus Membership covers the following items over and above Basic Membership:

    1. Breakdown assistance outside of Germany
    2. Worldwide repatriation of members and vehicle repatriation within Europe
    3. Additional travel expenses due to accident or breakdown
    4. Freight charges for spare parts
    5. Legal assistance in case of accidents occurring outside of Germany
    6. Foreign travel third party insurance
    7. Legal assistance covering travel agreements

  14. 17 hours ago, ValA said:

    Alan, Can I ask what date you renewed?  I understand the change applied to those who renewed after 31st March - and we did - after failing to get through a day or two before!


    That is correct. The current terms and conditions are dated 01. April 2020, so obviously they changed after 31st  March.

  15. Count yourself lucky that you may only have a maximum of 4 different dates for lifting the lockdown, one each for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We've got 16 states over all doing their own thing. In some schools are opening stepwise, others not, some only final year classes. You need to wear a mask in shops and public transport in some states, in others only in public transport. Even the age when children have to start wearing one is different from state to state.

    I live right on the border between two and even the fines for not obeying the rules are different.

  16. 3 minutes ago, AlanNancy said:

    I have today received my ADAC renewal notice, please see attached photo's. Does that mean that I can still have ADAC Plus? Since I have been a member I have never require their services.




    It definitely suggests that you are an ADAC Plus member.

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