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  1. Without shock absorbers (dampers) you'd be limited to a weight ratio of 30% if you want to be able to tow at 100km/h in Germany. I guess some homework was done before arriving at such a restriction, so they must be of benefit.
  2. It is/was illegal in Germany because the engine emissions were not in line with the documented vehicle type approval. Owners were informed by the central vehicle licencing office that their vehicle licences would be revoked if the fix was not carried out.
  3. Nobody is bickering. There is just a need to point out to the OP that if he loads his car up to the GVW and then hitches the caravan up to the car it will be exceeding its GVW.
  4. I'm afraid that you are still getting it wrong. When checking whether the maximum gross train weight is exceeded or not you cannot add the maximum permitted gross weight of the towing vehicle and the maximum permitted gross weight of the trailer because both values include the noseweight. As I said before, you would then be counting the noseweight twice. Just as an example. Let's say a car has a GVW of 2200kg and the trailer an MTPLM of 1500kg then the actual gross train weight will be less than 3700kg. Otherwise, one of those two limits would be exceeded.
  5. Not only but also. Renault, Jeep, Mazda and Suzuki are together with them.
  6. That's true. Without the software fix the vehicles loose their type approval and that gives the authorities the right to carry out the equivalent of a SORN.
  7. Continental appliances aren't switched both on live and neutral. They are basically the same as those sold in the UK, just with a different plug. Besides, Continental plugs, except those in France and one or two other countries are reversible so it doesn't matter which way round you insert the plug. So long as you don't work on an appliance that is plugged in, it's not a safety issue.
  8. Lutz

    Pajero import

    You don't say whether he intends to tow with it. Unless the statutory plate (presumably a Japanese one unless the importer adds a UK one) quotes a gross train weight it may be difficult to tow legally with it if it was manufactured after whole vehicle type approval came into effect, I think in 1997.
  9. I hardly think that he was sweating. Looks to me more as though he was accepting it as a challenge. It reminds me a bit of the time I took the caravan to Iceland and I was only able to negotiate a couple of hills on loose gravel while towing with a front wheel drive car by taking a flat out run at them.
  10. To establish the gross train weight one does not have to separate the car and the caravan. The gross vehicle weight of the car will be the sum of its two axle loads when the caravan is hitched up. Only to find out whether the caravan's MTPLM has been exceeded does one have to separate the two.
  11. What bad experience have you had that makes you break into a bit of sweat? I have been towing at the car's towing limit for the best part of 30 years and I have yet to break into a sweat. To put things into perspective, I would agree that a heavier car and a lighter caravan may make for more relaxed driving, but as I only go on two or three trips a year with the caravan, albeit a couple of thousand miles each time, and I don't have a dedicated towcar, I don't want to lug a lot of deadweight around with me the rest of the time.
  12. But a 530d Xdrive is a 4x4. It's just not an SUV. To my knowledge it's rated to tow 2000kg, so that should cover most, if not all, Swift twin axles.
  13. Nothing wrong with the statement above, but the sum of GVW and the MTPLM is not the gross train weight. As I've gone to pains to try to explain before, gross train weight is the sum of all axle loads. GVW includes the noseweight, but so does the MTPLM. Therefore, if you add the two together you are counting the noseweight twice. Hence, the sum will not be the gross train weight, but the gross train weight plus noseweight, which doesn't make sense. Only for driving licence purposes are the two added together.
  14. When the flag was adopted by the EC in 1986 there were actually 12 members, but that was purely coincidental. However, the origin of the flag in its present form actually dates back to 1955, two years before the EEC was founded. It started as the emblem of the European Council.
  15. The stars don*t represent member states but they are only supposed to represent union. Besides, there are still a lot more than 12, even following Brexit.
  16. But Danish number plates only have 2 letters followed by 5 digits and they have a red border. I thought everybody knew that
  17. But I didn't say that. All I said was that gross train weight is the sum of all axle loads, not the sum of GVW and MTPLM. The gross train weight has no bearing on driving licence requirements. For a Category B licence it is the sum of the GVW of the car and the MTPLM of the caravan that counts, but that's not the gross train weight. It won't be accurate because kerbweight is not documented anywhere. It is specific to every vehicle so unless it is reference to the VIN it cannot be accurate.
  18. It's not only Danes as EU members. To see even a non-EU registered vehicle with an oval sticker is somewhat an exception. There are lots of trucks from Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine etc. passing through this way and very few have one. I even saw an Iranian registered truck without one the other day. Nobody seems to take the oval sticker thing too seriously nowadays.
  19. Now I'm afraid you are adding to the confusion. Maximum train weight is NOT the sum of maximum weight of the towcar and that of the trailer. It is the sum of all axle loads. Therefore the train weight is the GVW of the towcar plus the AXLE load of the trailer/caravan. Of course, the MTPLM of the caravan also counts, but then you can't add the GVW of the car to work out the train weight.
  20. Until there is an agreement I fear that such a combination does not comply with existing regulations that apply during the transition period. Whether UK regulations will make the design legal or not after the transition period, we shall see.
  21. That is not so. Of all non-EU states it only applies to Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland, i.e. the EFTA countries.
  22. Quite frankly, I think they've got more important things to do than to decide if cars need a sticker or not. They've got enough work cut out for them before the end of the year than to Talk about issues like that.
  23. I'm certainly not going to put a 'D' sticker on my car when going to the UK. If they can't read the 'D' already on the number plate they should get a new set of glasses.
  24. Correct, but the max. allowable GVW of the towing vehicle must not exceed 3500kg.
  25. I still maintain that Tyron bands were marketed to solve a problem that didn't exist or that maybe existed, but was not solved by application of the product. I have seen the various public release video clips that the manufacturer put out extolling the apparent virtues of the system, but none ever provided any evidence that one would be worse off under the same conditions without it. They only suggested an improvement, but proof by comparison was never forthcoming so one would never know what benefit one would get for one's money.
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