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  1. We came back from Spain last Sunday. That's it with the caravan for this year and our first trip in January will be to Tenerife and that without the caravan. The water has been drained, the battery removed and stored in the house for the winter. Over and out.
  2. Lutz


    I'm surprised at your figures. Towing my 1800kg down to southern Spain and back my BMW X4 diesel averaged 10.1l/100km.
  3. The regulations have never been changed. If 2.6m were allowed, then this was only on a concessionary basis.
  4. No, the caravan is nominally 2.3m wide.
  5. I recall that when I had a Fiamma roll-out awning fitted to my caravan, making it a few centimetres wider, I raised the issue with the dealer and he said that as it is over 2m from the ground I wouldn't have to have the width dimension changed in the vehicle registration document.
  6. Lutz

    Tyre test

    Regardless of how insurance companies may see it, I think you'd be pushed to find a piece of legislation that supports your statement.
  7. As far as I know, width measurements apply up to a height of 2m.
  8. Lutz

    Tyre test

    Norway does not require winter tyres. However, if summer tyres are fitted then snow chains must be carried. Countries marked red require winter tyres at prescribed times of the year. Those in black require winter tyres subject to prevailing conditions.
  9. To be really pedantic, miles per gallon isn't even a measure of fuel consumption, but one of specific fuel consumption. The be a measure of fuel consumption, the fuel consumed must come first. In Imperial measure it would have to be gallons per mile or perhaps more realistically gallons per 100 miles.
  10. Even if the A-frame/car combination meets all braking and lighting requirements, it still doesn't mean that it is type approved as a complete unit. It only fulfils certain conditions that have to be met before type approval can be assigned. A type approved trailer must have its own VIN and it must display the type approval number for the finished trailer. As A-frame/car combinations don't fulfil that requirement they cannot be classed as a trailer even if they meet all Construction and Use regulations, hence they are illegal on the Continent, even though some countries close a blind eye to them. However, that is solely at the discretion of the powers-that-be. One cannot claim any right to tow using an A-frame. If your little trailer doesn't have a VIN then it must have been manufactured before 2014 when whole vehicle type approval was first implemented. After that it must display a statutory plate showing the VIN, the type approval number, the name of the manufacturer and weight details.
  11. I doubt whether any car manufacturer would be prepared obtain type approval for any modifications to the car to accept an A-frame. He would have nothing to gain by doing so and it would only cost him money. But even if this hurdle were overcome one would still need type approval for the A-frame/car combination as a complete trailer. The only source to gain from this would be the A-frame manufacturer so he would be the one who have to apply for approval for the car plus A-frame as a class O vehicle, i.e. a trailer. He would have to submit documentation for each permutation, for example, his A-frame plus a Smart, A-frame plus a Toyota Aygo, etc.
  12. Besides, full type approval would need submission of all documentation of the manufacturer of the combination, whoever he is. We have a manufacturer of the A-frame and a manufacturer of the car being towed, but who is the manufacturer of the combination because only then does it become a "trailer"?
  13. Count your lucky stars because if you were in Germany you could expect a 10% variation at the same petrol station on the same day and that variation could go both up or down, depending on the time of day. I've seen up to 5 changes in price on the same day at my local petrol station.
  14. It's not a fully approved "trailer". The A-frame may be approved but not in conjunction with the car. Full approval would be specific to the car being towed and would require a specific VIN number for the A-frame/car combination.
  15. Nothing grey at all re the use of A frames. It is quite clear that they don't fulfil the requirements of a trailer subject to whole vehicle type approval. It's only a grey area in the UK where one can't decide whether a vehicle with an attached A frame is a trailer or not.
  16. As we do pretty well 100% self catering with fresh produce obtained locally, our food stocks are limited to a whole locker full of herbs and spices, various cooking oils, sugar, flour, vinegar, garlic, etc. and the fridge packed with immediate essentials such as milk, butter, cheese and cooked meats. Besides, my wife prepares a few dishes before leaving home for lunch or dinner en route (as it usually takes us up to a week to reach our final destination) and these go into the freezer. Oh, and of course there's coffee and tea (no teabags for us - there's no substitute for loose tea prepared in a proper teapot).
  17. Pity you only see it going in a straight line, though. Probably not approved for towing either.
  18. Not only the caravan industry would have to be pro-active, but also their suppliers, notably AlKo, etc. and engineering companies in general. I am thinking, for instance, of companies like BL Trading, that invented the ATC which AlKo later copied and marketed so much more successfully than BL Trading. The result was a protracted struggle regarding patent infringement, which the smaller company inevitably lost in the end for lack of adequate legal backing against such strong opposition. BL Trading are still in the business with their LEAS system, by the way, but their market share is infinitesimally small compared with ATC. The main difference between LEAS and ATC is that LEAS was designed from the outset as a unit for universal d-i-y fitment to any trailer chassis, not just AlKo and not only caravans.
  19. Perhaps there's a case for providing technical features to both the towing vehicle and the caravan that would allow safe towing at weight ratios over 100%?
  20. Now there's a controversial statement if ever there was one
  21. I have averaged 16,000 miles a year since I bought my car in January 2016. Slightly over half of that is towing the caravan which was towed twice to southern Spain this year.
  22. What piece of legislation are you referring to which states that the presence of the ring of stars is illegal if the UK is not part of the EU? Frankly, I don't think that you will find anything to that effect. As far as I know the presence of the ring of stars is not protected in any way. Anyone can fly the EU flag. If anyone can make it illegal it can only be the UK government.
  23. No, because great care was taken to ensure that instability requiring corrective action never occurred in the first place.
  24. But, conversely, has anyone confirmed that EU style driving licences issued in the UK according to EU vehicle classes and sporting the EU flag will continue to be valid after the UK leaves the EU?
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