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  1. It depends on how steep the hill is. Regulations require the car manufacturer to specify a towload limit adequate for a 12% gradient without adverse consequences to the car’s drivetrain etc., but that doesn’t mean that 12% is the limit.
  2. Where is the battery fitted? I am fairly certain that Freedom wouldn't have provided for a dedicated location for the battery, so there may be an opportunity to relocate it further forward. Is the motor mover located ahead or behind the axle? If it's behind the axle maybe it would be possible to relocate that in front of the axle.
  3. I doubt whether any manufacturer has ever produced A-frames for anything other than the smallest of cars and certainly not for a Saab 9-3. There are too few RV's in Europe large enough to tow that sort of car to make such a design an economically viable proposition.
  4. The requirement as laid down as it is, is primarily to cover extreme situations, such as very short, tall trailers where towball height affects noseweight a lot more than long low ones. However, in the case of the average family size caravan the changes to noseweight with towball height is relatively low and probably within the range of accuracy of the gauges used. Who is going to argue about , say 5kg, one way or the other?
  5. Actually, the requirement is that noseweight shall be measured at the height when the trailer (caravan) is coupled to the towing vehicle, and that is not necessarily level.
  6. When the hitch is raised the centre of gravity of the caravan moves rearward, closer to the axle. On a very short trailer such as my flatbed it is even possible, by raising the hitch high enough, to get its centre of gravity behind the axle, resulting in a negative noseweight and the trailer remaining in a nose up attitude, with the need to actively push it down again.
  7. Actually, raising the hitch height will reduce the noseweight.
  8. It's unlikely that the plate is conspicuously located on the outside as that could make it liable to fade if exposed to direct sunlight for any length of time, although I do believe Elddis do place the statutory plate in combination with the NCC label next to the door. It is far more usual to have it in the gas locker, as Charlieboy suggests, as it is well protected from the elements there.
  9. I don't understand why anyone would refuse to add the Covid vaccination to the international WHO vaccination certificate. A number of pages in the booklet have no reference to any specific vaccination, so those pages can be used for any vaccination not covered in the sections at the beginning. To my knowledge the EU digital certificate is designed to be used only in the EU, including visitors to the EU. It will be accepted by all EU countries. However, the WHO certificate will continue to be accepted as an alternative.
  10. True, but one does have to be aware that the weight of the car changes when the caravan is coupled and the car’s GVW limit must not be exceeded in that condition, too.
  11. Correct me if I am wrong, but I was under the impression that the 90 day visa-free stay applies EU-wide, not just for the Schengen area.
  12. Here’s a bit more information about the EU digital Covid vaccination certificate: https://ec.europa.EU/info/live-work-travel-EU/coronavirus-response/safe-covid-19-vaccines-europeans/EU-digital-covid-certificate_en
  13. You‘ll still need an oval GB sticker regardless of what’s on the number plate.
  14. Yes, the certificate that I referred to is in the form of a booklet. I would have thought that anyone intending to travel abroad and having to provide proof of vaccination would ask for one as a matter of course. How else would one do it? Is the NHS app readable or acceptable abroad? The EU is introducing a common app as an alternative to the yellow WHO certificate booklet on the 1st July, but that would only be for use EU wide.
  15. I did say "should", not "must". If you've had any form of vaccination before for overseas travel you would already have such a certificate. Mine already has entries for tetanus, diphtheria, polio, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, rabies, typhoid, and Japanese encephalitis, that I needed for visiting India. It just needs Covid-19 to be added now.
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