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  1. It's not a Euro 2 sticker even though it displays a '2' . Unlike the German system where the number corresponds roughly to the Euro emissions rating (although they currently stop at 4), the French numbers are the other way round. A sticker with a '1' for example, applies to zero-emissions vehicles, such as electric. Most Euro 5 or 6 emissions vehicles will get a '2'.
  2. 2 metres apart. How generous! Last year I was on a site in Italy where we had to agree with the neighbours in the adjacent caravan who could open the side window. The two caravans were so close that facing windows couldn't be opened fully at the same time. Admittedly the site was full and there was no opportunity to space anywhere else further apart. Fortunately we only stayed two nights before moving on.
  3. Yes, no transformer necessary. I have made up my own adapter leads for the various countries that I have visited to suit their household sockets.
  4. Why 110V? Was it intended as an export to some overseas country that has that voltage?
  5. I had the same happen to me with a single axle and even had to negotiate a bend in the slip road before being able to come to a stop. By that time there was nothing left of the tyre but I had no problems in keeping the caravan on course.
  6. Only Elddis can give you a definitive answer to your question. I wouldn’t rely on any other source as there is too much at stake if things turn out wrong. They would be able to tell you exactly where the necessary reinforcements behind the back panel are and where holes can be drilled to mount the bike rack.
  7. I worked for over 30 years for a German car manufacturer (not BMW though), and for quite some time the colleague sitting next to me in the office was responsible for product design of tow bars. I can assure you that he worked closely with AlKo and towbar manufacturers and with the development engineers responsible for testing the design. That the wiring was incomplete for UK use was not his decision, but a management one. At the time it was considered to be too low a volume to justify a cost penalty for all other users.
  8. If the car is fully laden, then the noseweight is already included in that load and you don't even need the caravan to establish the hitch height. A car can just as well be fully laden by having a corresponding load in the boot without having the caravan attached. Part of that load in the boot would then have to be removed when the caravan is hitched or else the car would be overloaded by the amount of the noseweight.
  9. I would agree with Mr Plodd. The fact that the towbar on the Audi is retractable suggests that it must be a factory-fitted one. Considering it's a German car manufacturer and in Germany virtually all cars with towbars are factory-fitted (because retrofitting there means the car has to be re-tested to the equivalent of an MOT) and AlKo, too is a German company, it seems most unlikely that the towbar would be AlKo incompatible.
  10. Hitch height should be measured on level ground with both car and caravan fully laden, I.e. with the noseweight applied at the towbar. This does not necessarily imply that the caravan is level, nor for that matter the car level either.
  11. You don't say whether you would want to park with your caravan or without. A couple of months ago we parked our car in Benidorm in an underground car park, Parking Calpe, in Avenida de Europa, within easy walking distance of the promenade. If you enter 'Parking, Benidorm' in Google Maps you will find plenty of other alternatives, too.
  12. As long as there is no final date, nothing will change and until then one probably wouldn't even be able to apply for a visa even if one wanted to.
  13. The hitch height with the caravan fully laden and level should be 465mm max. above the ground. If you are measuring 520mm (although you don't say whether laden or unladen) then it's 55mm too high, in which case there's nothing wrong with the car, but with the standing height of the caravan.
  14. Because the unit is designed for a higher MTPLM, it may apply the brakes a bit harder than it ideally should if fitted to your caravan. I can’t say whether this could be a problem or whether you may find it disturbing.
  15. The information that I have is that the ATC unit that you are being offered is Part No. 1 223 287. For your caravan the proper ATC unit would be Part No. 1 223 022. That one is designed for caravans with an MTPLM of between 1001 and 1300kg and with a minimum unladen weight of 800kg. As you will probably be towing the caravan more laden than unladen, I would suggest that it is more important to get a unit that is suitable for the laden condition.
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