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  1. Lutz

    International Driving Permits

    But the UK never signed the 1949 agreement but only the 1968 one and should therefore only issue 1968 IDP's. I have never heard of anyone having problems with the 1968 version, even in a country that signed the 1949 agreement.
  2. Lutz

    International Driving Permits

    But one IDP would serve both countries.
  3. I didn't see anything of that while we were in Aguilas last October and November. From what I was told, the beach just outside Aguilas suffered from a serious wild camping problem in the past, but other than isolated incidents on the odd night or two it was completely clear. Just three kilometers down the road across the border into Andalucia, even before one got to San Juan de los Terreros and Mar de Pulpi, the picture was completely different and there were motor homes everywhere.
  4. I'm glad that the sort of thing one sees in that photograph is limited to Andalucia. At least the powers-that-be have clamped down on that sort of thing in adjacent Murcia.
  5. Lutz

    Shock absorbers?

    Without dampers one is limited to 80km/h in Germany. With them and subject to other conditions one can tow at 100km/h, so one can conclude that they must be of benefit for dynamic stability.
  6. Lutz

    I did know that.

    Besides, what if the customer at the time of purchase turns up in a Honda Jazz, but picks the caravan up later with a Range Rover? The dealer would only have the purchaser's word for it that he is going to turn up with a larger vehicle later. Is the dealer going to refuse to sell?
  7. Lutz

    International Driving Permits

    I think you are not appreciating the purpose of an IDP. It does not validate a driving licence for use in a foreign country, but only serves as an official translation of a national licence so that foreign authorities can understand the categories that one is allowed to drive. For that reason, an official translation is just as acceptable as an IDP. All countries that I am aware of, and certainly France and Spain, abide by this policy. I know for a fact that Germany and Italy do as well, so it would be safe to assume that the same applies elsewhere, too. In case of doubt, one can always check. As far as UK issued EU style licences are concerned, in view of the fact that they are fully in line with EU rules and the categories that one is entitled to drive are identical, requiring a separate translation would be absurd as there is nothing to translate.
  8. Lutz

    International Driving Permits

    Not recognising a UK issued EU style driving licence would amount to not recognising a UK passport bearing the words "European Union".
  9. Lutz

    International Driving Permits

    Compliance with what law? The laws governing any possible need for UK driving licence holders to carry IDP's in any or all EU countries haven't been written yet. It is surely not unrealistic to assume that current practices will continue to be implemented until then. If a UK issued driving licence in which entitlement to given EU vehicle categories is absolutely self-evident to anyone reading it in any country of the EU, why should it be invalid just because it bears the name of a country that is no longer in the EU? If countries waiver requirements outlined in an international convention, why should they suddenly stop doing so? International conventions only outline agreed minimum requirements. They don't preclude a more liberal interpretation and why should that change?
  10. Lutz

    International Driving Permits

    One can equally argue that it is just as reckless for the UK government not to point out that requirements may vary from country to country and not just various versions of IDP.
  11. Lutz

    International Driving Permits

    To assume that the most probable outcome regarding driving licence requirements is reckless is a bit much considering the whole purpose of an IDP is only to enable a foreign traffic officer to interpret driving licence entitlement written in another language, nothing else.
  12. Lutz

    International Driving Permits

    No country has announced anything officially yet. Even the information put out by the UK government is totally speculative.
  13. Lutz

    International Driving Permits

    Whether an IDP is required or not is not regulated by the EU, although all EU countries have agreed to accept EU/EEA licences without an IDP or translation. Beyond that everything is regulated by each individual country. Germany, for instance, will accept the following non-EU/EEA licences without an IDP or translation: Andorra Hong Kong Monaco New Zealand San Marino Switzerland Senegal For other countries of the EU, other conditions apply, so one would have to check for each country that you want to visit. Credit card style EU licences issued in the UK will obviously not require an IDP or translation because, being the same format as licences issued elsewhere in the EU, there is nothing that requires translation.
  14. Lutz

    caravan back to the uk

    The Spanish plates can remain on the caravan so long as it’s in Spain, even if towed by a UK registered vehicle. In effect, it would then be covered by third party insurance twice, once in its own right and again by the insurance on the UK car. Not all trailers have to be registered in all EU countries either, although in most they do. It’s up to each country, whether in the EU or outside, to make its own rules.
  15. Lutz

    Fog Lamp Bulbs

    To the best of my knowledge amber lights don’t comply with Construction and Use Regulations, except of course as turn indicators.