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  1. Lutz

    Towing Myths

    Some of our models had very low towload limits when specified with the factory-fitted LPG conversion. Maybe it’s the same with Ford.
  2. I only asked because I've not heard of any genuine electrical safety issues on the Continent. Unless one ignores plain common sense, the risk of electrocution is a lot less than encountering many other everyday hazards.
  3. There's no reference to any date in the club's technical advice sheet so there's no way of knowing whether it is still valid today or not.
  4. Why is this only an issue among UK caravanners, even though by now most caravans now have double pole MCB's. I don't understand it. I've never come across anyone on the Continent even giving it a thought.
  5. Lutz

    Ice on windshield?

    By the way, idling at standstill without the driver at the wheel or for extended periods in traffic is an offence in Germany. This includes not only warm-up idling in the winter but also, for example in a serious traffic jam or at a level crossing where further movement is unforeseeable, even in summer with the air conditioning on.
  6. Lutz

    Towing Myths

    It only means that the Mondeo can tow no more than 400kg if it is fully laden to its GVW. It can tow more if it isn't, so long as the gross train weight of 2670kg is not exceeded.
  7. I thought that after a certain date UK caravans were double pole switched as well, so there would be no need to check for reverse polarity. I can't understand the issue then as they would be same as their Continental counterparts.
  8. Heating the caravan whilst in storage is a bit like Tyron bands. They cost money and whilst they probably don’t do any harm, no-one has ever demonstrated that one would be worse off without them. Same applies to heating.
  9. I don’t quite see the need to heat the caravan unless you are about to use it in the next day or two. A bit of waste of energy in my opinion.
  10. No change in vehicle tax has been announced in Germany for January 2020, and that after all, is also an EU country.
  11. Euro 6 emissions standard will become effective for all new vehicles in India, too, as from 1. January 2020.
  12. Subaru have got their facts twisted. It is true that governments are being forced to implement measures to reduce CO2 emissions, but how they go about it and how the load is distributed between vehicle emissions, industry, home heating etc. is left up to each government. Tax revenue is not imposed by the EU but by each government and there is certainly no truth in the 95 euro charge being imposed per gramme CO2 over the 95g/km threshold. To the best of my knowledge, most government are choosing to impose the charge by raising the price of fuel, not on the basis of emissions figures.
  13. Yes, I towed an 1800kg single axle with an RX400h for over 6 years. It was a nice car. The biggest disadvantage was its relative thirst when towing, but solo and particular in town traffic when running a lot on electric only, it returned very respectable fuel consumption figures for its size and weight. A couple of further negative comments I would make about the RX400h, but I'm told they were resolved for the later RX450h, were the much too small starter battery (there simply wasn't enough space under the bonnet for a larger one) and its torque sensitive steering, especially when pulling away from traffic lights with the caravan on the back. (The starter battery was identical to the one in the Nissan Micra). Apart from that it was a very refined car and to a certain extent I'm sorry I parted with it.
  14. Snow chains are only required on roads in the mountains which are specifically signposted as requiring snow chains, and then only on driven axles.
  15. Theoretically yes, but I have not heard of anyone being fined for not having them. I think the powers-that-be take a fairly pragmatic approach and are normally satisfied so long as the towcar is fitted with them.
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