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  1. They are not illegal in principle, but there aren’t any that meet the respective requirements, in particular type approval.
  2. Actually, it was the positive feed that was the culprit.
  3. You’re probably right, but I am fairly confident that I have eliminated the cause. There was no excessive corrosion to be seen at any of the terminals that I was able to inspect. Any more detailed investigation would involve having to remove the fridge, which I would hesitate to do unless absolutely necessary. As it was, I already had to remove all the drawers under the sink unit, but everything was dry there.
  4. I guess it must have been corrosion somewhere along the line. While trying to fit a lead to bypass the suspected affected area after locating it roughly with a meter, (there was no obvious corrosion to be seen at any of the connections in between) I must have inadvertently hit the terminal involved and everything suddenly sprang to life again after hours of searching. Much happier now considering we are in a fairly remote part of Spain at the moment, miles from any dealer.
  5. That it’s German made doesn’t mean that it’s correct to assume that it would be legal in Germany.
  6. It can't be grit in the impeller because a) it's a brand new pump and b) the pump works alright when connected directly across the battery.
  7. That's what I assume, too, because I'm getting metered 12v at the electrical connection to the water pump but it drops down to zero as soon as the pump is reconnected. Only where could the poor connection / corrosion be occurring? As all taps are affected (even the toilet flush) it must be somwhere between where all their leads join and the electrical connection to the pump itself.
  8. I'm talking about the submersible pump in the on-board water tank. It is connected to the 12v supply by means of spade terminals which I have also replaced so there can't be any corrosion. Funny thing everything worked until yesterday evening.
  9. Since yesterday, when I open any of the taps, no water. Thinking that the water pump was defective I replaced it, but still nothing. Checked the electrical connection to the water pump and found out that the 12v supply is arriving there when a tap is opened. Checked the replacement water pump and it works OK when connected directly across the battery but when I reconnect it to the said 12v supply it doesn't work. Has anyone got an idea what the cause could be?
  10. The legal position is perfectly clear. There are no special provisions for A-frames in any legislation anywhere so for lack of details to the contrary, the A-frame plus car is treated as one unit, and consequently as a trailer. It must therefore fulfil all legal requirements that apply to trailers and that includes full type approval. However, up to now no manufacturer has applied for and received such type approval. That is the position on the Continent. In the UK the authorities take a more tolerant view and have not, as yet, insisted on full type approval.
  11. Unless one is pitching the caravan for weeks on end I can't quite see the point as one normally doesn't do the same for the tyres on the towcar.
  12. Judging by the weather forecasts that I’ve seen for France lately I can‘t understand why anyone would want to use an airconditioning unit. We’re in southern Spain at the moment and I would say the temperature here is just comfortable, about 25 to 27 degrees during the day under clear blue skies and nothing but sun, and under 20 at night. I wouldn’t want it any cooler.
  13. Two German states, Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria, have two weeks of half-term school holidays at the moment.
  14. Yes, I would agree with Mecamero.
  15. I recall reading the results of a test published in a magazine some time ago that a caravan becomes more susceptible to instability once the difference in wheel load left to right exceeds about 75kg.
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