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  1. Trouble is, that truck pumps often have bigger nozzles that won't go into a car's filler pipe.
  2. But, unless it is longer than the extended breakaway cable, the chain would prevent the breakaway cable from doing its job of applying the caravan's brakes. Besides, if the caravan has really gone out of control, it could cause the towcar to swerve, too, if still connected by the chain and then you've got two vehicles that are all over the place. Therefore, the chain is only a good idea if the trailer is substantially lighter than the towcar.
  3. As far as I know, practically all braked (over 750kg) single axle AL-KO chassis have a 100kg noseweight limit, regardless of the length of the A-frame. Stands to reason really, because chassis are basically off-the-shelf items, independent of what is later built on the chassis in second stage build.
  4. Why they found it necessary to pick on the caravan when it was an accident involving multiple vehicles is a mystery to me. The cause of the accident may have had absolutely nothing to do with the caravan. It just suffered as a consequence of someone else‘s misdoings.
  5. There has not been a change to the regulations as far as I know.
  6. Lutz

    Nose weight

    I am amazed at claims made by some that 5kg changes to the noseweight make all the difference between a stable and a twitchy outfit. I strongly suspect that other parameters changed at the same time for anything to become noticeable..
  7. I tow with an X4 which is just an X3 in a different guise. You don't say what you would be towing with it. My caravan is an 1800kg single axle and the car has the 3.0 diesel engine. I've had the car for 5 years now and done over 90,000 miles since I bought it new. I can only speak praises for it, both solo and when towing. We've towed the caravan down to southern Italy and southern Spain with it six times in total.
  8. I bought a polished aluminium mirror that Lidl or Aldi (I can't remember which of the two) had on offer a couple of years ago. It's a lot lighter than glass and the image quality is not bad, although not as brilliant as with glass. Acrylic mirrors are, of course, lighter too, but because they are very flexible unless thick (and that would offset their inherent weight advantage), they tend to distort the image quite a lot. It is possible to get 2mm thick glass, but it's hard to come by and of course very susceptible to breakage. 3mm is the safest minimum.
  9. Those German "shelf" toilets are a thing of the past. I haven't come across one in any house built during the last 30 or so years.
  10. If they want to demonstrate how familiar they are with metric units, they shouldn't be quoting pressure in bar anyway, because it's not an international unit. To be absolutely correct they should be stating tyre pressures in kilopascal (kPa) or hectopascal (hPa). 1 bar = 101,325 Pascal or 1.01325 hPa
  11. Thank you all for your replies. My wife's hesitancy probably wouldn't be so bad if her sister didn't have to be hospitalised after her second jab and two of her nephews were out of action for almost a week afterwards, too. Her hairdresser suffered acute thrombosis after being treated with Johnson & Johnson and still isn't back at work - by all accounts apparently not such a rare occurrence with that vaccine. On the other hand, others of the family who had the virus had almost no symptoms, so she asks herself whether the benefits aren't somewhat overrated when compared with possible side effects. As a consequence, she says that even if she does get vaccinated, it will only be to succumb to pressure, not because she's convinced that it's all that it's cracked up to be..
  12. Two weeks later and she's still scared stiff at the thought of getting vaccinated. Last week she got as far as reception in the vaccination centre, but made an about turn at the very last moment. Anyone else in a similar position with a good suggestion how to put her mind at ease? We both desperately want to get away to somewhere on the Med, but without a full complement of jabs it's going to be difficult.
  13. You're probably right. So long as I had a car on UK plates in the days before EU style number plates I never bothered to fit a GB plate/sticker and it was never an issue. Driving down the autobahn yesterday there were no end of trucks from eastern European non-EU countries on the road without a country identifier and none of them were stopped.
  14. There is no such thing as a minimum kerbweight. Kerbweight is the actual weight of the specific vehicle in question. Anything else is not kerbweight. It could be mass in service/mass in running order, though, in which case it would the actual weight of the vehicle in basic (minimum) level of equipment. Maybe that is what you meant.
  15. The trouble is, kerbweight, as defined in legislation, is not documented anywhere so it would be rather difficult for an insurance company to enforce such a clause in the policy.
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