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  1. Your safest bet is to have a look at the car's VIN plate, which gives all the weight details. It will state the car's max. GVW (the first figure) the max. gross train weight (the figure below). Subtract the one from the other and you'll basically get the max. permissible towload.
  2. It depends on who you are trying to protect, yourself or others. It has been stated by a number of virologists that a close-fitting scarf will already be good enough to protect others. However, if you want to protect yourself, you do need something better.
  3. One doesn't need to be an expert to foresee that something like this could possibly happening. No, it's pure short term economics, i.e. deliberate withholding of funds from medical services, that has put some countries into the position that they are in at the moment.
  4. Of course, but where are the stocks that should have been available before the pandemic started? Some countries seem to be able to carry out tests on everybody already with first signs of suspected infection.
  5. The Germany constitution prohibits the army from carrying out police duties.
  6. Although there are differences from state to state, none are on anything like as severe a lockdown as in the UK. In fact, they are already discussing limited relaxation of some of the measures in force if the number of confirmed cases doubles in 17 days rather than 10 days, as it is currently. It looks as if they could be on target by the end of the month. Actually, Germany has 16 states. It is true that safe-distancing is considered one of the most important measures, if not the most important, and it is being practised by almost everybody. Apart from an equally strictly applied limit of groups of more than 2 people, everything else is advisory only. Shops, restaurants, schools, etc. are closed everywhere, but there no mandated limit regarding movement outside. I think the main difference between the UK and Germany is in the number of tests being carried out. From the figures that I have, the UK is currently testing about 2200 people per million whereas the rate in Germany is over 11,000.
  7. One cannot compare the conditions in Italy with those in Germany. The medical services in Italy were even less prepared for the pandemic than in Germany. There was actually little delay between the outbreak in Italy and in Germany. Many of the first confirmed cases in Germany were winter holidaymakers who had spent time in the Italian Alps. In fact, the government is confident enough to already be debating first measures that would allow some relaxation of existing restrictions after Easter. First indications are that the latest Austrian measures will be adopted after Easter in Germany, too. This would allow staggered re-opening of shops and other businesses on condition that all customers wear masks.
  8. Judging by the figures I think the people in Germany have shown that they are quite proactive enough in taking sensible, reasonable and appropriate steps.
  9. My wife and I are over 70, as are many of our neighbours, and we are all going about out daily business much the same as before the virus except that we take care not to get too close to others including other members of the family, wash our hands even more often than usual and we wear masks when we go into supermarkets. There has not been any directive for us to do any more. I don't know what the picture is like in the UK at the moment but here in Germany there are a lot more people taking their daily exercise by riding a bicycle. Everybody knows that the risk of injury in an accident is far greater on a bicycle than in a car. In fact, only this afternoon, while driving home, I saw a cyclist doing a somersault over the handlebars and hurting himself quite badly.
  10. I appreciate that, but I was comparing case fatality rates and these should be comparable: The following example shows figures released by the Johns Hopkins University as of today. A possible explanation for the high case fatality rate in the UK is that people are dying before they have had a chance to be tested, but it still doesn't explain why there are so many more deaths per head of the population.
  11. That would explain differences in confirmed cases relative to the total population, but not in the mortality rate relative to the number of confirmed cases.
  12. I am still trying to figure out why the mortality rate in some countries is so much higher than in others. All that I can think of is that tests in those countries simply aren't being carried out early enough, but that has as much to do with the quality of medical care provided as with the behaviour of the people.
  13. Why would you think that the population in the UK is at greater risk of infection than in Germany? Theoretically, with all the measures that have been imposed in the UK the risk should be even less. One is taking risks, albeit minimal ones, every day, even when there is no threat of infection.
  14. I fully agree, but in view of the fact that the mortality rate here in Germany is less than 1 in 1000 of all confirmed cases and I'm not dealing with a confirmed case, I think that risk is so minimal that I can live with it.
  15. I'm glad that they're taking a more pragmatic approach here in Germany, where unless you are found to be congregating in a group of more than two people you can do more or less whatever you like. This afternoon we shall be driving to the sister-in-law who lives about 30 miles away. We are all over 70 so my wife and I will be sitting on the sister-in-law's garden terrace, she will remain indoors and we will have a nice chat through the French window. Later we'll go for a walk with her across the fields, keeping the required distance. I think we're taking all sensible precautions and I can't see any risk of contagion under such conditions.
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