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  1. Import tax on caravan HELP

    Not here in Germany. It's 19% across the board on all caravans.
  2. Import tax on caravan HELP

    New cars (boats and aircraft) are an exception there. You don't have to be VAT registered to purchase a new car VAT free abroad.
  3. New JLR Defender

    The Santana factory closed down in 2011. The original Santana was replaced by the Iveco Massif, but even that has ceased production, leaving the Mercedes Benz G Wagon as the only European 4x4 with a separate chassis. However, even the Mercedes contract with Magna Steyr who build it in Austria runs out in 2022 so it's anybody's guess what happens after that.
  4. Caravanning in Iceland

    There is at least one caravan dealer in Iceland for imported vans, Vikurverk, in Kópavogur. I can't imagine that the caravans sold there are specifically built for their road conditions unless the dealer himself carries out modifications prior to delivery to the customer.
  5. One Plate on My Wagon.

    It happened to me once on my way to Ireland. I was 135kg over the axle load limit, but after emptying the fresh water tank and relocating some of the stuff into the car I was allowed to continue my journey and heard no more about it. That was 20 years ago.
  6. Caravanning in Iceland

    The washroom door on our caravan pulled itself off the hinges on a particularly rough stretch of road and the latch of an overhead locker didn't hold so the inside of the caravan was covered with sugar that had emptied itself out of a bag that fell out, but chassiswise the caravan stood up very well. The problem was more with the car where stonechip damage to the front end was so severe that the car could have done with a respray after returning home. I sold it instead.
  7. One Plate on My Wagon.

    Actually, even a pre-whole vehicle type approval caravan will have a plate showing the maximum axle load on the chassis somewhere if it's on an AlKo or a BPW chassis, because both AlKo and BPW, being German companies, will have been subject to type approval long before it became a requirement in the UK and I can't imagine that they would have produced chassis specifically for the UK market without plates. Strictly speaking, of course, their figures will only apply to Stage 1 manufacture and not to the completed caravan, but if there is nothing better on the caravan to go by then I would imagine that these figures would be used. I would think that in the case of a roadside check, the powers-that-be would only compare the measured axle load with the plated MTPLM if they can't find the actual axle load limits, which isn't correct, but for most practical purposes it'll suffice for a quick check. After all, caravans have been checked that were over 400kg overweight and in a case like that the noseweight is not going to change the picture dramatically other than to make it even worse, giving the offender the benefit of doubt.
  8. One Plate on My Wagon.

    In view of the fact that all hitches used on caravans are rated either at 100kg or 150kg limits, it would seem logical to have the same value on the statutory plate. Bailey didn't seem to appreciate that although the total weight of a caravan is the axle load plus the noseweight, the MTPLM does not have to be the sum of the axle load limit and the noseweight limit. Indeed, why should it? On cars, the GVW is rarely the sum of the two axle load limits, either. Because the NCC want it that way
  9. Nose weight

    But except for metallic and pearlescent finishes, horrible colours are no more or less expensive than more conservative ones, so the colour issue is only a matter of taste, not of cost. However, whether you are going to recover £450 for a walnut dashboard instead of brushed aluminium or £500 for bright black exterior mouldings instead of matt ones on a car that has no electric windows, no air conditioning and no radio is rather debatable.
  10. Nose weight

    The advantage of the Continental approach to whoever buys a new caravan (or car) is that they only need to buy what they really want and don't have to take things that are included in a package, but which they don't.
  11. Power operated steadies

    AlKo have announced that starting March they will be offering electrically operated steadies under the brand name Up4. The system does not, however include an automatic levelling feature. Presumably it will automatically cut off when the steadies hit the ground although there was no mention of this in the short press announcement that I read. The complete system (less battery, of course) will weigh 17. 7kg and cost 1099€ on the home market. The remote control unit for their Ranger motor mover will be compatible with Up4 so one will only need one such unit.
  12. Caravanning in Iceland

    We took our caravan to Iceland back in 2000 and circumnavigated the island in 2 weeks. Fabulous place although the ferry via Denmark was exorbitantly expensive. Probably for that reason there were only 3 caravans aboard for the 60 hour crossing (once a week).
  13. Nose weight

    The same goes for cars, too. The German BMW price list for my X4 is a 52 page book where you can even choose the surface finish of the bright interior mouldings on the doors and instrument panel and you have a choice of 9 different wheel options, for example. It took me the best part of an hour to order my car at the dealer even though I already knew exactly what I wanted before talking to the salesman.
  14. Frozen up windscreen etc. this morning.

    As one is not supposed to have the engine idle while stationary, but the screen has to be clear before moving off, a heated windscreen is not really an ideal solution because it takes longer to clear with a heated windscreen than it does with any of the conventional methods.
  15. Nose weight

    I think you must be referring to a scrappage allowance scheme that was introduced after German re-unification to get cars with two stroke engines off the roads, due to their emissions. Trabants were cars that were typically affected by the scheme, but they weren't actually banned and in fact they still fetch good money as collector's items.