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  1. Lutz

    towing weight please

    To be able to impose such a clause would require kerbweight to be documented somewhere. As it isn't and manufacturers aren't required to publish kerbweights in the first place, I wonder how Towergate handle the issue. Besides, as I read it, they are referring to the actual weight of the caravan, not its MTPLM, so the 95% that they are talking about can't be compared with the way weight ratio is conventionally calculated.
  2. Lutz

    towing weight please

    Actually, they are not quoting towing limits based on an empty vehicle but on the maximum allowable gross train weight. That is quite intentional as it gives the owner the opportunity to jiggle around a bit with a higher towload if the car isn't fully laden.
  3. Lutz

    towing weight please

    Every version of the Passat will have different towing limits so it's not surprising that yours doesn't tie in with what the brochure says. Some cars even have different towing limits depending on whether they have a manual or an electric handbrake, on others it depends on axle ratio. If everyone who tows over 1700kg with a Passat would need certifying, psychiatriac clinics would be overflowing. In almost 30 years of caravanning I have towed at or just under the towing limit.
  4. Lutz

    towing weight please

    I wouldn't say that. Lots of people tow caravans at the towing limit on the Continent because there is no such thing an 85% weight ratio recommendation and yet I've not seen any Passats towing caravans involved in accidents. In fact, in their towcar tests, the German Caravaning magazine quite often knocks marks off the final score if the towing limit is below the kerbweight.
  5. Lutz

    Twin axles abroad

    That may be because only the very biggest caravans, usually over 2000kg, are twin axles on the Continent.
  6. Lutz

    towing weight please

    Exceeding the towing limit is not, as such, an offence. It would only invalidate the vehicle manufacturer's product liability and hence any warranty. What would be an offence is to exceed the gross train weight of the outfit, the gross verhcie weight of the towing vehicle and the repective axle load limits.
  7. Lutz

    Caravan snaking over 50MPH

    Snaking is a sway that will not recover of its own accord without intervention of some sort, whether by slowing down, changes to prevailing driving conditions (such as a drop in crosswind, downhill to uphill, etc.), deployment of ATS or similar.
  8. Lutz

    Caravan snaking over 50MPH

    If not fitted with the optional integrated lock, the AKS 3004 hitch itself is rated at 150kg. (The version with integrated lock is rated at 120kg). It's the chassis which are usually rated at 100kg max. and it's the lower of the two figures that applies.
  9. Lutz

    Caravan snaking over 50MPH

    I cannot accept that simply removing a carpet can be a robust measure that would guarantee overall docile stability of an otherwise twitchy outfit. If it did do the trick then it can only be under very limited conditions. Following the OP's method without question may bestowe a false sense of security.
  10. Lutz

    Touring Europe post Brexit.?

    I remember when we first crossed the Channel in the late 50's, in order to avoid having to pay a deposit at Customs in case the car was not re-exported, one needed a Carnet de Passage. I can't remember when that was abolished, but it must have been before the mid-60's.
  11. Lutz

    Caravan snaking over 50MPH

    I would think that if the weight of the carpet is going to make the difference between a stable and a twitchy one, then one is sailing a bit close to the wind in the first place. Either that or there is still something else that had also changed at the same time, but of which one was unaware.
  12. Welcome to the forum from another German, currently on the Swiss/French border and en route to southern Spain with my caravan. I don't have a British caravan, but as I am over in England at least once a year, either with or without the caravan, and spent many years in the UK in the 50's and 60's I find the forum a good way to keep in touch with others of the same interest.
  13. Lutz

    Uneven loading across the axle

    Caravaning magazine carried out tests a few years ago to find out if uneven loading side to side had any effect on stability. The conclusion that they came to was that stability definitely suffers quite noticeably if there is a difference of much more than about 75kg.
  14. The owner's manual won't be any more accurate than any other source. It can't be because kerbweight is specific to each and every car, so a generic owners manual can only be a rough guide depending on the level of equipment and trim.
  15. As I said, kerbweight is specific to each and every car so any published information can be nothing better than a rough guide. 1614kg sounds about right so, without access to the car that you actually intend to purchase so that it can be weighed, you might as well use that figure.