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  1. Thank you - all we now have an Elddis Vogue - but no Lots of Longer have that car - we now have a Jaguar S Type 3Ltr sport but are struggling to find out if we can now get a towbar fitted to this vehicle - 😥
  2. Can anyone help ??? we have a Jaguar S Type 3Ltr Sport - does anyone know if you can get a towbar for this make and model ???? kind regards Mr & Mrs Stephen
  3. We are looking to start Caravanning - we have an Astra (2004) 1. 6 Therefore our max MTPL fully laden is 1200 - we don't want to really spend over £3,000 on a first caravan but are struggling to find a lightweight model can anyone help??? Regards Mrs Stephen
  4. "Caravan talk is the one and only place to come when you need to talk about or listen to experts in the industry" Take Care Annette Stephen
  5. Caravan Talk is . . . the greatest thing since travel and tourism was invented
  6. This is a great idea - and IT'S FREE - what a fantastic idea - love it :0)
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    Hi there, I've heard that peppermint essence or essential oil get up little noses and they can't stand it - I have never tried it but you have nothing to lose and it's very inexpensive. Good luck.
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    Folding camper

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    May Bank Holiday - 2013

    Folding camper - in Suffolk
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