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  1. I decided in the end to part ex the caravan and get a motorhome. Did the deal today and I pick up the motorhome in 2 weeks. Time to clear out the caravan and transfer it all to the motorhome.
  2. That’s why a want a caravan, but it’s a pain setting off on a Friday night, only to return on a Sunday. Where I don’t need to go anywhere by car once set up, a motorhome would be better and the caravan would be better for longer trips. Basically I want to have my cake and eat it. Just wondering if anyone has made it work having both.
  3. So has anyone OWNED both at the same time?
  4. I currently have a caravan that I bought new at the end of 2016. It gets used, but nowhere near as much as it could be. i have been contemplating the idea of getting a motorhome for around £10k, but I am thinking of keeping the caravan as well. My idea was to use the MH for weekends away and the caravan for the longer holidays. Has anyone done this, or should I just get rid of the caravan or stop thinking about a MH?
  5. Quick release battery clamps and disconnect when not in use.
  6. I do not currently use a leisure battery in my van. I am using a spare (previously unused) car battery (110A AGM). It may not last as long as a leisure battery, but I am on electric hookup most of the time and I use the motor mover. If I didn't use this battery, it would just be sat in the shed and I would have had to fork out for a leisure battery. For your purpose a small car battery should be fine. If you decide to not use a battery, make sure that the leads that would go to the battery are covered to prevent them touching each other/metal whilst you are towing as the car may be s
  7. Car is now booked in to Munich Legends near me, supposedly one of the best. Let’s hope they can fix her up. Car has gone from 12. 57v after a charge to 12. 33 overnight and today down to 12. 16. Will keep the C-Tek charger connected to it until it goes in. Don’t want to kill the battery. Bodywork and interior all good, just gonna need some new winters for the rear as they are low on tread. Didn’t bother putting summers back on as the summer rims need a refurb as I get an air leak due to corrosion.
  8. Hmm tricky one that. .... a V8 or a mrs who complains a lot. ... I vote the 550.
  9. Not a V6. I do not like 4 pot motors. I guess that is why I did not like my Sorento (+ it was Diesel) and ended up buying the 550. Yuk. No way I am going back to a Diesel. Fuel economy is not really a concern for me. Unfortunately the 530i and 535i estates are out of my price range unless I go for another E61 model, which then means I will run into the same issues I got with my current one.
  10. Currently using a BMW 550i Estate as my towcar. Fuel economy is not great and therefore range per fill up is not great either when towing. I like the car, but it's 11 years old and keeps giving me issues. At the moment I have a battery drain that I am trying to trace. It's not my daily, I have an i3 for that so don't really mind the poor fuel consumption, plus its a lot of fun. I also replaced the block and pistons about 5000 miles ago, so it owes me a lot more than it's worth. HOWEVER. ...... It is proving to be unreliable and the other half is on at me to replace it. Proble
  11. When we got our first van, we got all the above except gas bottle (got the regulator) and awning, although the van (2nd hand) had a good as new Dorema awning in it. When we got our Brand new van last December (same dealer as 1st van as they are good), we got - Gas connector (pig tails) - motor mover (was a special deal and we paid difference to upgrade from classic to evolution) - 13 pin aligner thingy. - Step - mains lead - Hitch cover - Mugs - key ring
  12. It looked to me like they have recently done a partial update as one near by to me has recently appeared.
  13. Heard a lot of good things about them and would have done, except I needed it that day as I would not be around until Friday when I will be getting the van ready.
  14. And I haven't even driven the car since I replaced the battery. Been taking the i3 instead. Looks like it ain't moving till Friday when the hook the van to it.
  15. Battery in, car coded. Lets hope nothing else will go wrong. Just need to hook the van up tomorrow to get the fridge cool and give it a quick clean. Them batteries be seriously heavy.
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