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  1. Yes WispMan i so did, its a private seller, thanks everyone for advice, Dode,
  2. Hello everyone, When we bought both our vans we had them checked out first with a mobile check, and it has worked out well both times, this time we are going to view further from home , im thinking maybe get our own damp meter ? then i would need advice on the best way to use, does anyone rely on a damp meter to buy? Thanks Dode.
  3. Can anyone give me opinions/advice on Elddis Avante please, 2012, the one we have looked at with the fixed single beds, seems a good price, or are they cheaply made ? known for ant specific weaknesses etc, Thanks Dode.
  4. yes we don't need to take the bed out, to repair that corner, altho , the other corner is showing same problem , it seems. Thanks Dode.
  5. ladydode100


    Hello, just wanting to see if someone has experience of damp in the back corner under the bed, we have an 07 odyssey, has been a great van, but we have discovered damp badly corner under bed, and starting opposite corner too, we think it may be the rain running down the strips and under the van over the years, however, has anyone attempted to take that piece of under floor out as its a separate piece, the bed would have to be un bolted and in the other corner the toilet and shower, or is this unrealistic for a novice? any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Dode.
  6. ok, thanks for your advice. much appreciated, Dode.
  7. No, we didn't change our van in the end we still have our odyssey 07, and we will test in that area , thanks. Dode.
  8. ladydode100


    We have damp in rear corner under bed behind entry box, about a foot square, any suggestion please? Dode.
  9. We like a caravan we have seen , it has had a ding on a post leaving a caravan park, its marked on the awning rail only really, should we be overly worried about the damage? honestly doesn t look bad, Thanks Dode.
  10. Hi Johnaldo, Ihavent checked anything as complete numpty, but all other 240v appliances working, fuses and trips all ok, last time we were out it worked fine a few month ago, but, the front was loose, must have worked free in transit, but seemed to go back ok ...ish, ?
  11. Can anyone tell me what to check on our truma ultraheat fire which isn't putting out any heat on electric, we don't use gas. Thanks Dode.
  12. Hello everyone. How can we avoid that taste that comes from using the aquaroll after it has been unused for a while, sometimes its there, and sometimes not. Any tips? Dode.
  13. yes thanks, checked all that.
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