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  1. Thanks for info, now decided to drive through France
  2. Got the same deal, magic. Insurance next £££
  3. Hi, Anyone taken a caravan on the ferry Connemara, which deck were you parked on, I,m asking because Ive been told caravans are parked on the top/open deck and could involve reversing. Cheers. Taph
  4. Hi, I. m booked on ferry to Bilbao in September which departs at 11. 45am, is it possible to park on the ferry port (with caravan) the night before and spend the night there, if so is it safe. Taph
  5. Hi, Not sure about a new tunnel, travelled to Spain and return a 2 years ago with 7. 5 mtr van, the Spanish side is an easy drive with good roads, the French side is different with tight bends and steepish sections. Its not a bad drive, HGVs do it daily, and from Pau to Zaragoza its free. Taph
  6. Thank you all for the info and video, I am now happy and looking forward to the holiday. Thanks again, Taph
  7. Hi, Travelling this summer Portsmouth to Bilbao on Cap Finistère, I have never travelled on this ferry and I have been told that when driving on and off there are ramps up/down even when towing a caravan, is this true and if so how easy is it/ Taph
  8. Hi, Reference the toll price, I,m not sure what is special about Santander to Zaragoza but I normally pay about £30 Bilbao to Zaragoza when towing van. Taph
  9. Hi, Planning the Spain trip for next year and will be travelling on the A23 from Zaragoza to Valencia. I have never travelled this route and require a stopover site not to far from the main road around Teruel, any help would be welcome. Taph
  10. Hi all, I will be booking my ferry to spain next week and I realise this is a bit cheeky but if anyone has a Discount Code for Brittany Ferries that they could pass on it would be most appreciated. Taph
  11. I always fit one as I have heard some horror stories hen caught without. I tie rap a whit board to the grab handles and fix a horizontal marker board to that, never been stopped in Spain or France. Taph
  12. Hi, We will be travelling from Lagos east to the Spanish Boarder along the A22 and I am confused about the tolls and how to pay. Has anyone travelled this route lately, if so how did you pay. Cheers, Taph
  13. Great Sat Nav but need help,can I plan a route on my laptop (a route planner like Michelin) and transfer it to the Sat Nav,
  14. Road maps are indicating that the A27 from AP2 to Tarragona is under construction. I will be traveling that way in June and would be very grateful for any info on the progress. Taph
  15. There is a drain cock, look under the centre rear under the bathroom behind the number plate and you should see it Taph
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