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  1. Hi, my bailey gt65 Verona will be due for 1st service shortly &the dealer I bought it from has gone bust ! Was wondering if I could use a mobile service & still keep warranty safe ? Anyone out there use one in central Scotland ?
  2. Thanks for that Jason i'll just have to do a bit more homework before I make my mind up !
  3. Hi, just been looking at khyam awnings, never heard of them before wondering if they are any good? Can Anyone help. Thanks
  4. Hi, had ours set @ 19c fan came on intermittently during the night, hardly noticed it !
  5. Hi, just had 10 days away in our gt65 Verona, everything we expected & more . Kept heating set at 500w overnight no probs, I'm sure you'll love your new van good luck Jeff
  6. Hi, sorry you've had so many probs with your van but I can only speak as I find, we have had two baileys over the past 18 years with very few problems, maybe I've just been lucky . I think you can get good and bad in any make of caravan
  7. Hi Ian, great minds think alike !!!Not any real probs with nose weight as I just keep small lightweight items in side lockers (which aren't that big anyway ) we only keep bedding and walking gear etc in front lockers . Barbecue & heavier gear goes under bed, tends to keep nose weight in check !
  8. Hi Ian, Don't think you'll have any worries, we were feeling exactly the same wondering if we had done the right thing or should we have kept with our old 2003 Bordeaux . All my sleepless nights were for nothing as everything about the gt65 is superb ( my opinion ) Good luck with your new van Jeff
  9. Hi gd, we just back from our first outing in our gt 65 Verona, delighted !!! Everything we expected from the van and more Jeff
  10. thanks, we will! Thought the heating was excellent, temperature constant through the van .
  11. Thanks, as it was our first time out in this van we didn't know what to expect with regards to the noise of the blown air heating but it was on all night and we hardly noticed it! Warm as toast!!!
  12. Just back from our first night in our new gt65 Verona, love it ! Had some concern's about blown air heating but no probs whatsoever
  13. 1showman

    So Excited

    good luck hope you have great times in your new van
  14. 1showman

    So Excited

    new bailey Pegasus gt65 Verona, not everyone's cup of tea, but hey we like it !Overland caravans, larbert
  15. 1showman

    So Excited

    Thanks for reminding me, so much going on at the moment, we are just staying local for first trip so any probs can be sorted fairly quickly
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