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  1. I used the latest milenco aero with the f pads, still had to be very careful when putting them on, the Tiguan which was an 08 and still had the same issue got written off and they fit the crv easy.
  2. The static sites might have their own company or might recommend someone for you, otherwise use trading standards recommended companies,showers are fairly reasonable but it's the fitting and extra electrics such as an independent trip switch that costs more. Mira showers 8. 5 kw like we fit are around £120 from screwfix.
  3. You won't go wrong with an Isabella awning. Our Quasar awning rail starts at the bottom though so can be a pain to feed it in, will ask my dealer at the next service to open the rail higher up in line with the window to make it easier. The draft skirt has the be fed in either side of the wheel not at the ends.
  4. The newer bowel type is just as bad, we use j cloths along the back edge to soak up any spills.
  5. We fit showers to mobile homes for disabled persons, most times we install electric showers due to pressure differences around the sites, as well as insufficient boilers/Emerson heaters. Just check the mains electrics will run one and fit a shower that is suitable for that.
  6. Some sites have license conditions stating no external gas bottles, not usually enforced but you may get chased about it if it's noticed.
  7. Replacement Vango tube arrived today after going straight to Vango for £25 after I made the other shop refund me. Will be selling the Vango 150 now as gone for a larger 260 one.
  8. Little ***** are out in force this evening, glad we left the van at home this week and used a cottage.
  9. A few around the Loch Leven at Invercoe yesterday, too much wind today. Bunree has the site full signs up this morning. The M74N slip to the M73 was closed on Saturday, diversion goes most of the way into Glasgow on the M8 with very poor signs if you want to go Stirling way, I just carried on in the end over the Erskine bridge and up Loch Lomand which is a rubbish road due to potholes and traffic.
  10. I did try but it had split right across where it folds over at the top end, couldn't get a decent seal.
  11. Last time out my Braemar 150 airspeed tube went bang, erected properly to the specified pressure,purchased the awning second had so may have been abused previously. Been chasing round since trying to find a replacement as not many dealers have the 410x10 in stock or they say the do but I am still chasing one for delivery after 10 days. Good job we have an Isabella Magnum that we use for longer stays.
  12. Yes they are Commander Dave but site conditions for a touring site are different compared to a holiday or static site, these come under the standard prescribed conditions under the Caravans and control of development act 1960 as amended, touring sites have different conditions as do tent sites, Marley under public Heath. Although a local authority can attach any condition it wants to a site license.
  13. It depends on the site license conditions, mainly on static/ holiday van sites not touring.
  14. Up to Invercoe next Friday but in a cottage as only have a week, too long a drag from Hampshire with the van for a just week and probably works out almost the same cost.
  15. There is more protection now from dodgy site owners but only on permanent residential sites from the mobile homes act 2014, you take your chance on the holiday ones unfortunately.
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