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  1. Hi Dave knowing my luck I’d check the reversing lights and drive over my phone!
  2. The pump is an internal item on this model year. A good bit of works needed to change it the the pump in the bucket type.
  3. Hi Devon Dancer, We had the very same problem with our Coachman 575 Vision. I found a simple cure, most D.I.Y. shops sell a plastic sleeve for covering radiator pipes. They are about 300mm long and made from rigid plastic and have a split full length. I wrapped one around the pipe and fixed in place with a couple of cable ties. It worked well. Geoff
  4. I hope the price of the pitch reflects the low power hook up. 6 amps means lots of gas in cold weather which is costly. The word amperage really grates with me! It's due to my 1970's electrical installation course lecturer drumming it in to us,"It is Current not Amperage". :-) Amps are the unit, current is the flow but I couldn't understand Volts and voltage not pressure!!
  5. How do twin axle caravaners manage to fit their Al-ko wheel locks without a jack?
  6. Why shouldn’t a towing socket be tested on an MoT? Ive often followed trailers that have glowing indicator lights that turn into a disco if the brake pedal is touched. Mot only causes problems on less than well maintained vehicles
  7. Brake lights are the tricky ones to check. I use my caravan steady winder to check mine. I found it’s possible to put the socket end on the brake pedal to operate the lights. Pressure is applied by hooking the handle end on the edge of the drivers seat.
  8. Can someone please tell the advantage of an on board water tank for the uk climate and caravanning season? Its like the two Aqua rolls and only one waste master?
  9. The new carabiner type is to be fitted to a fixed point on the tow bar frame. This keeps the Dutch Police happy. The older type is used for looping around the tow ball neck. That's how I understand it.
  10. A lack of jacking points and jack is now common with new vans. It maybe due to penny pinching or MTPLM reduction. At least you have a spare wheel unlike a lot of cars. I had a Passat that split a tyre due to debris in the road, the can of squirty foam wasn't much help there. Will caravans go the same way? I'm surprised the space saver isn't used on caravans. It would be easy to get out from the hopeless wheel carrier.
  11. Most appliances in the uk have single pole switching which means if the polarity is reversed the live could still be connected. It is true that the RCD would trip if there's an earth fault. I cannot say for certain that inbuilt appliances are double pole switched. Although the RCD does offer protection it isn't advisable not to rely on them completely. Would keep driving your car without occasionally checking the engine oil level and rely on the oil Light? Belt and braces approach is the safest approach in my opinion.
  12. I suppose S&F means swing and fold. I have had several VW fitted with tow bars from new and the dealer always used a local fitter to do the job. VW wiring for a tow bar did not include the addition wiring for a caravan as standard. It became necessary to include on the order for a tow bar with full wiring for a caravan on the order to get the full functions. Could the previous owner had the socket changed to suit his trailer(s)?
  13. Hi New Ranger, I suspect the previous owner just towed a trailer. Most cars are prewired for tow bar electrics (fully or partially) and have on board additional functions for towing embedded in the electronics. Extra wiring is sometimes needed to cover the additional functions required by a caravan such as the fridge power, leisure battery charging and ATC function. Some cars are more involved than others when it comes to installing the wiring. Most require changes to settings within the ECU's. This may involve dedicated tools to connect to the electronics on the car. When main dealer fit tow bar kits they often use local tow bar fitters rather than tie up a technician for half a day. I suggest a ring round the local fitters, they will almost certainly do the job for far less than the dealer.
  14. The majority of MTPLM upgrades offered by UK manufacturers is only a few 10's of kilo's. I cannot see a responsible insurance company using this as an excuse. Anyway the third party cover is part of the towing vehicles insurance cover and they haven't a clue what you have on the hook. They cover any road worthy trailer unto the maximum the tow car can handle legally. That's my thoughts.
  15. I've been always put off Lunar mainly due to a dealer's warning that they have to be very careful when taking them in part exchange because of the higher than normal damp ingress compared to other makes. This was 8- 10 years ago and may not be the case today. I have had 4 caravans so far 3 coachman's that haven't had any serious problems and one very leaky Elddis. All the vans where new and regularly serviced. I wouldn't get to hung up on damp issues, I think it's more important to find a van that suits your needs and budget. Buy from a dealer to get some form of warranty. Get it serviced every year and damp checked. If its a van you like then getting any repairs done is much more paletable than on a van you hate!!
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