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  1. Gd485


    4WD cars need tyres with similar rolling radius. Modern 4WD use the ABS sensors to detect wheel speed differences and use this data to engage the drive to the rear wheels. If the 'brains' decides the wheel speed difference is sufficient then the drive to all four wheels on good road surface means drive line wind up. That means strange noises or damage. Ask an early Freelander owner about the strange noises when the viscous coupling seized and caused drive line wind-up.
  2. Gd485


    AdBlue is used in conjunction with a selective catalytic converter to reduce the Nitrogen oxide emissions that are produced by diesel engines. The majority of the AdBlue fluid is de-ionised water (about 66%) the rest is urea. The clever chemistry within the catalyst and some heat the NOx is reduced to petrol engine levels. Storing bottles of AdBlue should be frost free as the fluid will freeze around -11C. In the AdBlue tank of most cars is a heater ( fed from the engine cooling system). As for the consumption is dependant on engine load. My VW uses far more AdBlue
  3. The idea of a caravan becoming an effective Faraday cage that's able to specifically block or attenuate mobile phone signals does not sound like a serious possibility. It reminds me of the motor bike thieves that operated in London during the early days of trackers. These clever chaps used refrigerated vans to lift bikes from the streets and due to their heavy insulation and alloy bodies the tracker signal was untraceable. This bought the thieves time to find the tracker unit and disable it. So I suggest the same vehicle maybe suitable to the OP! P.S. why mobile ph
  4. You'd certainly know what an alko chassis looked like as the body would be still sitting on the drive!!!! It's wonderful what's been made possible, a 3 cylinder engine has poor secondary balance. The four stroke cycle and 3 cylinders in line needs good balance compensation. The power stroke last some 120 degrees which leaves 120 degrees before the next one. Thats is why six cylinders are so smooths the gaps are minimised and a flat six overcomes the secondary balance problems.
  5. I have fitted those as well and they do make a difference. What I tolerate as a problem may will not be a cause for concern for many other users.
  6. I try not to speed but not always 100% successful but as an aid I now use the cruise control as much as possible. It's really useful in lower speed limits as I can concentrate on driving rather than just my speed.
  7. I've not used the Falcon version. The idea seems good. I think the Car's mirror housing plays an important part in the success of the extension mirror, without a good foundation the extension mirror just exaggerates to problem due to the length of the arm and how that arm functions.
  8. There's no such thing as a perfect 'van. When choosing a change of 'van there is always a bit of doubt about the make/model selected. Everyone has second thoughts. Any choice is a compromise on many levels. I try to identify the key reasons for changing and try to find a model that addresses those points. As far as repairs go it all depends on what you expect, what you fix yourself and what you call a problem. Some consider a lose door handle a need for a court case whereas another owner consider the ingress of water a minor hiccup. Good luck with your choice and hope you have
  9. There has been some Talk on France Bleu Radio that the speed limits changes are being discussed for France. I think the driver ( no pun intended) is reduction in emissions.
  10. I think it's the rubber block inserts that are different, some are stepped to overcome rim of the mirror housing. In my investigations I found the main areas that caused the wobbles were the arm tube and the clamp body. The bend in the arm seem to cause some of the problem. I tried a straight arm and this reduced the wobbles a bit and swopping the tube material from thick wall aluminium and things improved a bit more.
  11. I recently tried the Go Outdoors at Bedford but they didn't have any 6kg propane bottles at all. The local Calor dealer says they have been withdrawn for sale competly that was in June last year. The supply of these bottles seems to be a bit intermittent. I got my last one from the C&CC club site at Dartmouth in October.
  12. I have a 2015 VW Tiguan and use Milenco Grand aero mirrors. These mirrors fit well and work OK but they wobble a good bit. So, I decided to try to improve on the already good design. Here are a few photo's of what I managed to do. I just re-engineered what Milenco have already done. The clamps, shafts and brackets are made from HE30 Aluminium. I made the clamps about 10mm narrower than the originals as they "follow" the curve of the mirror housing better. The stability has improved but not completely as the door mirror housing seems to be the culprit now. I t
  13. Hi Dave, The Guardian is prone to a slight bias!!! Like most countries, the UK is a worldwide operation not the old model a isolated stand alone island, those days ended between the wars and accelerated since the proliferation of the internet. There is some truth in the saying " America sneezes, we get a cold". The irony is China (US political enemy) sneezed and the world got a cold!
  14. I agree that people are the cause of pollution and global warming. This country has a financial policy that rewards more than one child. Family allowance, tax credits etc. The time has come to reward those that have less children not more but we live in a world where continual expansion and growth is seen as a benefit.
  15. I have been down this route with a leaky Eldis a few years ago. I contacted the the factory but they chose not to reply. There is a helpful company in hull called O'Leary's motor homes ( they are on the web). I sent a a sample of the rotten board by post and they located a very close match. O'Leary's seem to get hold of end of line wallboard and hold a good selection in stock. Good luck and I hope that helps.
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