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  1. My last Tiguan was a EA189 engined car and It had the diesel recall done. The car drove just the same and fuel consumption was unchanged. No reliability problems either. The car had a hard life and in 5 years it had done 170K miles including 30K towing miles. The recall mod was done at 70K miles. the only thing that when wrong was the ERG valve at 150K miles. I swopped it out for one of the last 5N Tiguan's with DSG 150ps 2.0tdi 4motion with AdBlu. Both very good cars that suits are needs well.
  2. I use the SANEF tag. They charge a monthly subscription but this is used against the tolls. I go to France maybe once a year. So, in effect a prepay my tolls.
  3. I'm on my second Tiguan. The first was a 138bhp 4motion Tdi and I towed a Coachman Amara 450 which it managed without a problem. The caravan was changed for a Coachman Vision 575 weighing 1540kg. The Tiguan towed some 6000 miles in a year without a hitch. I changed the Tiguan for another. This time it was a 150ps 4motion with a DSG auto gearbox. Euro 6 (one of the very last 5N Tiguans). This is a brilliant tow car, the 7 speed auto make towing relaxed and easy. Fuel consumption is much better than the manual. I swopped the caravan for a Coachman Pastiche 470/2 weighing 1350Kg. We have towed to France twice and once around Ireland plus some 3500 miles in the uk without a problem. Cruising at 60 mph returns around 31 mpg when towing. With the manual gearbox I found the best towing performance was obtained keeping the engine spinning around 1750rpm. Tiguan's make great stable tow cars and a good car when running around locally.
  4. To shift the green ......Wash the van with Bio-washing powder and hot water.
  5. Gd485

    What's changed

    Just like the democratic method used to select our next PM.... Democracy is a buzz-word used be politicians trying to convince us their idea is brilliant.
  6. Gd485

    What's changed

    For politician read egotistic, self obsessed, boastful, self-interested individual.
  7. Gd485

    What's changed

    Steve ... and now to get his tory mates to vote from him he's going to give the higher paid a tax boost...... bye bye £350 million.
  8. Hi Phillic, That's a bit strange. I have a Alko chassis caravan (not hymer) with shock absorbers and there is plenty of room for the Powrwheel mover to be fitted. Sometimes movers are placed behind the axle to lessen the nose weight a bit. Doesn't the cross bar of the mover get in the way of the spare wheel carrier?
  9. Gd485

    Vacuum Bags

    Hi BOAC "all the items packed are lighter too since you have sucked out all the air, of course" Will my caravan be lighter If I suck all the air out?
  10. To get a significant voltage drop of 20 volts when drawing 6 amps over a 4 mm cable the length of the cable would need to be nearly 1 kilometre!
  11. Gd485

    What's changed

    Hi Odd days, I suppose it's the "baby boomer" generation that have had the best pensions and the best chances in life to get to a comfortable retirement. The young people I know around here aren't interested in fixing things themselves, so, caravanning or camping is out of the options list. Also, living in a flat or rented property doesn't have the space for storing a caravan or camping gear. Plus if you have lower wages, high rents, zero hours contracts, long hours and student loans (degrees in valueless subjects) to repay, the lack of disposable income means any holiday has to be good value, easy to arrange and guaranteed.
  12. Gd485

    What's changed

    John, You are so right, but many voters didn't use a rational choice. In my view many hoped to end immigration by voting leave. I think this may have been driven by the political promise of reducing immigration to "10's of thousands". Immigration will naturally vary do to relative prosperity and employment opportunities of the countries involved.
  13. Mine solar panel stopped charging. I found the charger needed rebooting. Disconnecting the battery and the solar panel allowed the Charger to reset. On reconnecting everything burst back into life. Check with the Chargers manual or website for the correct method to reconnect so to get it to boot up properly.
  14. Gd485

    What's changed

    Just Doing it is the problem! After 40 years of slowly progressing integration the country needs to evolve in to something new. ......but what? When Cameron ask the question the next stage had not been considered, the vote was more about internal party politics rather than redefining a country. Some think the UK can return to the Britain that existed before we joined the EU. That country and for that matter, that world no longer exists. The UK is often quoted as the 6th or 7th biggest economy. This is based on GDP. Any developed country with a large population will have a big economy and therefore the GDP will follow. It doesn't mean we are a wealthy country, it means we spend lots supporting the population. Just to put the things into proportion, Ireland is the richest country in Europe based on the wealth owned by each member of the country. Ireland wouldn't be where it is today hadn't the EU helped. The world has become far more integrated due to the internet. Manufacturers have global supply chains, banking and food production has become worldwide. The EU has helped to stabilise Europe. The baltic states have become less aggressive to one another since the joining the EU. I could go on..... but I feel it would do no good!
  15. Gd485

    What's changed

    Caravan build quality may have an effect but that doesn't explain the previous periods of of peak sales when build quality was a lots worse than today. We are in a limbo situation, companies don't know how to plan for the future, job security is in question, bank interest rates are unpredictable for the first time in many years. Is it any wonder most people are holding back on major financial commitments.
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