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  1. Gd485

    Matching unit

    Although the 1.4 engine power is around 138ps the torque figure is going to be relatively low. Small turbo petrols need to be revved to produce sufficient torque. The caravan you have is a good match weight wise regarding stability. The figure often banded around is the 85% of the kerb weight, so 1265Kg kerb weight gives a MPTLM of 1075kg. Even if the old cc figure of 40 bhp per ton is recommended as a minimum your car easily exceeds this at 62 bhp/ton. Progress on the flat should be ok but inclines will regard a lot of gear shifting. Of course all this assumes your car is performing correctly.
  2. I think most auto boxes no longer have adjustable brake bands. The likes of Borg Warner 65 or the Torque Flite were of that type. The ZF box used in the some Discovery uses clutches and brake-clutches. All are mounted axially and cannot be adjusted.
  3. I had the same on my new Coachman. Rather than struggle trying to get the awning to slide as a test I used the draft skirt, much easier.
  4. Hi Frances This isn't just a Bailey problem. Quite often there is a bit of sealer mastic in the rail that needs clearing. But then it still can be a struggle. I was shown a trick using waterproofing spray on the groove in the rail. It acts as a lubricant and helps a good bit.
  5. I had a similar problem on an d Elddis. I used a fibre glass mat kit to re-informed the paper thin plastic. These kits are available from Halfords and the like. Good luck.
  6. Gd485

    New bike price

    Around 1964 I went to a show at Alexandra palace, I was 10 years old and remember being fascinated by a demonstration colour television with about a 14" screen. It was CCTV with the camera focused on the exhibition hall. I can remember it was 405 line colour and had a shade mounted over the screen to block out the ambient light. It was expected the BBC would start transmission of VHF colour by the following year! No price was given for the TV.
  7. We have towed 1540kg caravan with a Tiguan weighing some 1655kg and with 138bhp TDi without any problems. It rolled along at the legal limit on motorways in 6th gear and only needed to change down on the obvious hills. Diesels produce their power lower down the rev range. BHP is a strange unit because it is dependant on engine speed. It has been said that the BHP figure sells cars but torque get the job done. The calculation goes like this:- (RPM x Torque)/5252= hp. As a diesel produces more torque at lower rpm than a petrol then the HP appears lower. However a petrol engine producing the same HP would do so at much higher RPM and therefore the torque will be far less than the diesel. Torque is turning force. HP is and indicator of the work that can be done. As for towing the petrol would be a lot harder to use than the low revving diesel with high torque.
  8. Dyson and Apple have both promised to get in to the electric car market but they will be just one of the many unless they find a solution to the Li-ion battery. The energy density of these devices is not sufficient and until someone tries something different all electric cars will perform similarly. Also there is some doubt about the future supply of Lithium to make the cells and the possibility of recycling the material to make new cells is just a pipe dream. Anyway a car powered by a vacuum cleaner motor.... that's been done before. Clive Sinclair and the 3 wheeled car.
  9. try tow car.info website. It doesn't do exactly what you ask but it is quick, easy and free!
  10. Internal walls and cabinetry are a common cause of floor creaks. There is normally a small bracket that holds the cabinet to the the floor. The screws often come loose and allow the cabinet/wall to creak. A single turn with a phillips screwdriver soon fixes the noise. Don't be tempted to used a battery drill/driver, the screws strip out very easily
  11. As long as the inside hasn't been attacked by rodents and the damp has destroyed the structure then it maybe worth saving. I notice the handbrake has been left off... that could save a lot of hassle when trying to move it. Less likely to have stuck on hard. To clean the outside give it a wash with some bio washing powder in warm water. Good luck
  12. I can understand the need for a 'real' 4x4 but watch the weights and use. Sorry to spoil your plans but..... Ordinary Social ,domestic and pleasure insurance may not cover you to tow a trailer used for trade purposes. You'll possible need commercial insurance. If you are carrying goods that are for sale or you are towing someone else's goods then this can be classed as carrying goods for hire or reward. Also if the gross train weight exceeds 3.5t makes sure you do not require a tachograph to be fitted. There are some limitations that mean a tacho is not required such as travelling distance from home or agricultural. If so then technically you need and operators license and loads of paperwork hassle. Finally your driving license may not be correct if you passed your driving test post 1997. Mr Plodd should be able to confirm the above
  13. Does the start/stop function still work when the caravan is plugged in? A lot of cars have a system that only charges the battery when on the overrun. This is know as re-generative charging. If the cars electrics haven't been correctly re-configured to accommodate the tow bar then the car battery could discharge sufficiently to stop the fridge working. When the cars battery voltage gets low the alternator is switched on to recover the charge. Maybe this is the cause of your problems.
  14. On the media unit display that showing the outline of the car and if any door is open will shown the drawbar attached when the caravan is plugged in and the correct settings have been changed.
  15. Hi Xtrailman Ive not had any problems with stability when towing at 93% with my Tiguan. I towed back from Ireland last year in a storm. The wind was so strong that the ferry we were supposed to catch had to be helped into port by tugs. I suggest the the Stability program isn’t active as the Start/stop isn’t being inhibited and the car doesn’t know you are towing. There are several parameters that need changing when programming the ECU Maybe one of these hasn’t been changed. Either 5N Tiguans I’ve owned has given any stability problems.
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