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  1. Hi all, I just thought I would share this will everyone, apologies if it is covered else where. Having just done a 600 mile round trip to Cornwall, I had the dreaded ALKO noise from the tow hitch, this was especially confusing as I always clean the friction pads with brake cleaner. Having got home and had a proper look under the hitch, the front pad was moving around and the screw had loosened- hence the noise. Luckily the pad isn’t damaged. We have a 2017 Bailey Pegasus - so if anyone had that noise might be worth checking to see if the front and back friction pads are tight. Thanks all
  2. Hi, our Kampa 390 pro leaked and blew up in France a few years back . to be fair Kampa sent out replacement air beams but they broke too...... swapped it for a Isabella after dealer took it back .. it’s quite a common theme here .. Kampa are not great at dealing with returns via dealers, the won’t refund the dealer. My local dealer was looking at getting rid of them as a brand ..
  3. We have both Halifax Clarity, especially for fuel and the Revolut for everything else.
  4. Hi, I had pine sap all over my car most years when we go to France . . The best thing I use is Surgical Spirit B. P . I got it from boots. I use a very small amount on a cloth and it rubs right off . .
  5. We have always eaten on the ferry, it’s very good and not overly expensive. we did eat in the ferry port and let’s say it’s wasn’t the best and from what I can recall around the same price as the ferry . we do usually grab a Costa while we wait to board. If you can I think it’s worth the wait for the ferry. .
  6. Hi, I had he same problem, luckily the retailer I got it from gave me a full refund and I got a Isabella instead and went back to poles. I was told that Kampa are not supporting dealers very well and they have having a lot of problems with quality and returns. i posted about this last year . . Kampa customer service did send replacements to me in France but this took many phone calls. Then others then failed, luckily for me I saw them bulging before they burst and dropped he pressure to the minimum . Kampa then sent the invoice to the Dealer ! They didn’t pay it !!
  7. Sorry there. ...Didnt mean to spark a debate over towbars . ..For me I ordered the towbar as a fitted option. It’s was £250 more than a detachable aftermarket one and it is fully electric (novelty still not worn off), with all the supporting anti sway trailer control and car coding for reversing sensors etc . . for me it was worth the extra . . I think it was the 5 series which has to have extra cooling fitted. . anyway back to topic . .autos’ are great . ..
  8. We tow with a 320d auto and drive over 1500 miles every year in summer in France . . Aboslutly fine and no issues. . much more relaxing. . as has been said on here, watch the towing capacity with autos, some have to have extra cooling fitted if towing, unless the towbar is factory fitted . .
  9. Hi, We had 3 420’s that did the same amongst other faults . ...Given up on Air Awnings now. . Getting Fibre poled Isabella for next season.
  10. I did initially think it was the heat, but it wasn't that hot-around 26oC. Kampa never raised any issues about the heat and it certainly wasn't hotter that the UK can be . .. I think we just had one of those "Friday afternoon" ones . . I would say that duck tape and thick Velcro straps are worth keeping just in case it seems to work well for a short term fix and would keep you going when you're away, especially in Europe. I did also think as a last resort to visit a French DIY store and get some wooden poles cut to keep me going. . or a tree branch !....
  11. Hi, not over inflated . . used the supplied handpump. . it's what I first thought . . but Kampa confirmed on the phone that you can't over inflate using the hand pump . .. apparantly they are tested to 22psi before failure . . There was other defects I found when I stated looking especially the seam tape which was peeling off, dealer said it appeared it was not stuck down and not hot eneough when applied so never sealed properly . .. not good when over £1000. .. think I will go for a carbon pole Isabella. ..
  12. Just thought I would let you know about the Kampa Air 390 plus we have just taken back to the shop for a refund. We brought it new in May 17, the first one was covered in grease on the inside and the second one . . well . .... 4 air beams failed whilst we were in France last week. .. to give Kampa some credit, they did send replacements to me in France, but this was after multiple emails and phone calls and calls from my supplying dealer, but then a further one failed . .. when I started looking closer at the awning . . there was multiple area where he seam tape was peeling off and when it rained it leaked. .. I was lucky and the air beams didn't explode but split the cover . . I had to rely on the campers favourite . . duck tape and Velcro strapped to hold the air beam in enough for a few days until the replacements arrived . .even when. The new beams arrived one was that bent that I couldn't fix the light in the Velcro straps . .. it seems that Kampa are having major problems at present in the U. K. .. The dealer stated that they have had enough of Kampa. . they have very poor support . . never want to deal with warranty claims and very hard to send faulty items back . .. they stated they ha e only seen the rep at autum ordering time for next season . . They have said that they are not going to stock Kampa for 2018 . . I've put some pictures so you can see . . I've seen a few other posts about this so might becoming a common problem . .
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