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  1. Thanks gents for your replies. I am taking the caravan to Crossleys on the first Saturday of December for their professional opinion and damp report. I trust these guys so lets see what they have to say. In the meantime I have attached a couple of photos of the original issue and the effect that it had on the underneath of the floor. Elddis reckoned that all of this was caused by the awning infill strip being stapled to the floor in each corner. The new strip is spaced with a plastic spacer so that now there is no direct contact. They told me that water was simply tracking along
  2. I have an update if anyone is interested. Firstly it seems that the original warranty ran out at the end of 2013 which is why Elddis were happy to carry out the repair. Bringing us smartly up to date the caravan has significant levels of damp around the rear floor and yes this is the floor which Elddis replaced along with a whole new rear panel back at the end of 2013. The level of damp is very high according to Glossop Caravans where the damn thing was purchased. I have been given a price of, wait for it, £1500 + VAT to fix it. It would appear that the problem is exactly the
  3. Well well well, all is not as it seems. Back in November 2013 my caravan went back to Elddis for some serious damp issues to be resolved. They replaced all of the rear floor, sorted some de-lamination and fixed the N/S inner wall which had bowed. Now however following a service carried out 3 weeks ago there is damp in the rear floor area that is apparently quite serious. Elddis say that they have no record. either emails or otherwise concerning the communication that was had with a now departed employee with whom all of this work was arranged. During the repair they apparently b
  4. Thank you, that is exactly what I thought. I havent tested the feed yet when the 12v switch is off but I suspect that it will be dead. Next question is what to connect it to
  5. Its just come back from Sargent and they wanted the fobs as well as the battery and apparently all are ok and so it was during the re-fitting that I noticed this bleep when the 12v was switched off. I reckon that it is wired post 12v switch which is a bit silly because it should take charge from the leisure battery until that fails and then the standby should take over
  6. cheers gents, it would seem that it goes off as it makes a bleeping noise as a warning but next time I am playing I will check the feed to the alarm when the 12v is off. If it is then I need to find a permanent live with an inline 5 amp fuse
  7. Hi Yes it does and it is charged through the leisure battery system but once the 12v is turned off the alarm appears to then use the back up and I am not sure if this is correct. I understood that the main leisure battery would run the alarm until it went flat and then the alarm batter would kick in and run until it was flat. I think that I can only achieve this by leaving the 12v control panel switch in the on position
  8. My alarm battery appears to draw top up power from the 12v system only when it is switched on so once the control panel switch is off the alarm is on its own. Is this correct? I thought that it would have been wired pre-control panel switch and hence would draw its power from the leisure battery and then go to its back up if the leisure battery was flat My leisure battery appears to have only two wires attached to it and these disappear into the loom which looks very complicated. I have attached a wiring diagram pertinent to the make and model of my van and from what I can see the al
  9. I have posted this elsewhere with regard to the alarm in my Elddis Odyssey but I ask the same basic question here When you store your caravan do you switch off the 12 volt system at the control panel? By store I mean any time that the unit is not being used. When I switch mine off the alarm goes into standby battery mode indicating that the alarm is wired post 12 volt switch which seems to me to be a little bit silly as it cannot then utilise the leisure battery power
  10. yes I thought as much. Here was I thinking that when I turned the 12V system off at the control panel the warning noise was the pump or similar telling me that it was now off however the alarm has just been returned from Sargent and so I was re-installing it and it was it that was giving me a warning. I do not know if it has been wired in after the control panel switch but the easiest way is to put a tester on the live feed to the alarm system and see if it indeed lights up with the switch off. I know that it lights up when its on because I tested it. The wiring diagram is very difficu
  11. I need some advice here please When I put my caravan back in its storage spot I always switch off the 12 volt system at the control panel. When I do this the alarm gives me a warning So when the 12 volt system is turned off in this way is the leisure battery then disconnected from the alarm and its running on the back up or is the alarm somehow permanently connected to the live side of the battery via the fuse box
  12. What year is the 5 series with the trailor recognised? Mine is a 530D Sport on a 57 plate and I dont get anything and its an OEM fitted bar and electrics. By the way my parking sensors also detect the caravan but I switch them off when towing
  13. Thank you SuperJock. Looking at the photograph on the Sargent web site I thought that it looked different
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