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  1. I would really appreciate that Gordon, if you didn't mind. Im sure many parts of it are the same. Thank you Barry
  2. Hi Gordon, I don't suppose you have a copy of that 2004 Argente 650-6 owners manual I could "borrow" or buy do you? Many thanks Barry
  3. Hello all, After finally upgrading my Avondale Quantock Leda, I now have a Avondale Argenete 650-6 2005 model (due to arthritis, we needed a fixed bed). My question is, does anybody know where i can pick up a Owners Manual for this model, as some of the features are completely new to me, such as the Truma Ultraheat system and there appears to be a connection on the outside that says "Shower" etc? Hope you can help me and thank you in advance
  4. Thanks so much for all the help and advice so far. I genuinely really appreciate it and take everything you guys say onboard.
  5. Hi Wizzo, thanks for the advice. The door is indeed forward of the axle and is on the kerb side so a pothole is quite possible. To repair something of this nature, are we usually talking hundreds, maybe thousands of pounds? Cosmetically, it doesn't really bother me too much, but then it would be nice to know it's pretty sound. I only plan to hang onto this van for maybe 2-3 years maximum and in fairness, as £2. 5k, it wouldn't overly bother me if the sale value was almost scrap after that time, working on the premise, that i've had 2-3 years of holidays for the price of an average med cruise. I have seen vans of a similar age in perfect condition going for around £4-5k, so i suppose you get what you pay for with the damaged door. I just hope that if we buy it, it will last out says 2 years, in which time we will have saved enough for a much better, newer van. So, working on the basis that i'd be happy in 2-3 years to scrap the van and accept it holds no residual value. And that fingers crossed, the door area stayed strong enough and water-tight enough to make it through that timespan, would you say that the van would generally be up to the job? Given that its extremely solid and clean inside and appears the same outside, with the exception of the door.
  6. Thats for the feedback sunshine. . I completely take onboard what you're saying and im being careful not to let my heart rule my head. However, even the cheapest fixed bed caravans are fetching around £4k for a reasonable one, and currently thats outside our budget until we sell our existing van. The owner has said they have sent away for a replacement CRiS document, as they have lost the current one. We didn't see it at their house, but we did visit the storage area, so didn't view it at the side of the road. I'd be happy to take this van, based on it's price, in the knowledge i'll probably have it repaired at some point down the road and so long as it's water tight in the meantime. My priority is to just try and pick up a tidy van, even if it has a few flaws, which i can then work on over time. I know that for £2. 5k, we are not going to get a mint condition van at this year and to this standard. Are body panel repairs on the Adria's any different than body panels on other vans? Are they made of different materials, and does this make them easier or harder to repair, do you know? My thoughts are currently, so long as it's water tight and usable in the short term, we can get out and about in it an enjoy some of this season, with a view to spending some of the money we saved on buying it at say £4-5k in great condition, to make it good enough to last us for 2-3 years. The only thing putting me off, is the door fractures. Any idea how these may have occured? Do you think they are fixable without replacing the whole panel? Sorry for all the questions and I really do appreciate your advice.
  7. Hi ladies and gents, I'm looking for some advice on a Adria 502 UP 2002 model. I've been to view it with the intention to buy, as I'm looking for a cheap van with a fixed bed. The van in question seems good value, but comes with 2 issues: 1. There is some body damage above the door. There are 2 cracks that run from each top corner of the door, up towards the roof. They have been previously sealed up and I'm assured that they do not let in water. 2. The water heater does not light and it's gas only. This is not a deal breaker for us, as we boil water on the hob for most things and never shower in the van, opting to use the on-site facilities instead. 2 more things struck me when viewing the van, and this was that the water tank had been removed from under the fixed bed. Apparently the previous owner didn't like it and removed it and replaced it with a Whale pump instead, which is situated in the front locker. Also, the battery charger appears to have been an afterthought and it just a black box under the front seat (I think I've seen a similar arrangement in other makes/models) but what I find strange is there is no battery status panel or switch etc to see the current battery condition or charge. Is this normal? Other than the above, the van looks to be in great condition internally with no soft spots or visual signs of damp anywhere. I have been told by the current owner that the van has no water ingress and I have no reason to think otherwise. Inside all cupboards and under bed etc seems clean and tidy. My question is, this van has been offered to us for much less than book value and I've seen them sell at this year and condition (minus the door damage) for £5k upwards through a dealer for the same year. If I said we have been offered it for £2500 in its current condition, do you think that represents a pretty good deal, given we may spend some money having the door professionally repaired, and the water heater repaired/replaced. Would REALLY value you advice as I'm new to Adria vans and understand that on some earlier models, some items were fitted aftermarket to get certification etc, so the strange battery charger issue could be normal for a van of this year. Thank you very much in advance Baz Some images of the door damage
  8. Hi Navara, I use QDOS myself for breakdown cover and have to say I find them fantastic. Have had to use them a couple of times and they have always been on the ball. I was paying nearly £350 for joint cover with the RAC and get my cover now from QDOS for less than half that, and the cover is better (faster response times etc). Don't be fooled by the price, their cover is thorough and was awarded 5 stars by Defaqto, who are independent. It was that which convinced me it must be good. With RAC, Greeenflag and AA you are paying for the name. Google "QDOS breakdown reviews" and you'll see some great customer write-ups for them on independent review sites. Highly recommend them.
  9. Brilliant, thanks Rita. I'll go through them all and see what I can dig up. Thanks for everything
  10. Hi guys and girls, I noticed when i was out in my 'van last time, that there appeared to be a small leak from the washroom taps (Whale units), there was a fair bit of water pooling in the area below the sink. I mopped it out, popped in a moisture grabber and it seemed to have gotten it dry. However, i had to find the source of the leak, so upon running the tap, i noticed that if i rotated the tap left/right, then a small amount of water would trickle from the point that the tap rotates. I am pretty certain thats where the leak is from, though it doesnt explain why it was really wet below the sink unit, as nobody had been waggling the tap. Is this a common problem with the Whale taps over time? Also, whilst i was under there, i noticed that the washroom sink unit has obviously had a repair at some point, as there appeared to be what looked like fibreglass wrapped underneath the sink, on the around the area of the plughole. Just as a precaution, and to tidy the unit up a little bit (it has discoloured the sink unit), I was hoping i could replace it for a new or refurbed unit. Does anybody know where I could buy such a unit? I was hoping that some company somewhere had moulds for all the standard caravan make/model sink sizes etc. Any help would be great for either of the 2 issues above. Thanks very much Baz
  11. Good point Rita, I'll give it a whirl thank you for your help
  12. Hi Rita, upon searching Google, I'd say the one I have looks more like a Thetford C200 model with button flush. I do have an Aquaroll attached and have used the loo twice so far. When flushed, there was water both times. My concern was that there may be a separate tank and what I was flushing was remains in that tank, and when it runs out, I'll be high and dry (literally). I just hope it's fed from the Aquaroll.
  13. I cannot see anything obvious outside for filling up. When I take the cassette out of the slot, there doesn't appear to be anything obvious there either. Perhaps it is just fed from the main supply. Hope so anyway Thanks John, do you know where I should be looking for the water talk filler? And how I check the current level etc? Any help would be hugely appreciated, as I'm out onsite with her as we speak
  14. Great advice, it is indeed a Whale Watermaster thanks guys Now, does anybody know which model of Thetford toilet is fitted on the Quantock as standard? Does it have a separate water tank for flushing, or does it use the standard Aquaroll for its source of water? Besides the fluid you put in the cassette, is there anywhere else that needs fluid putting in, so it flushes with fluid? Still learning about this caravan, and there isn't huge amounts of info around online. Really appreciate all your help. Baz
  15. Hi John, That's the devil! Thanks very much for that, it all makes much more sense now. Thanks again
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