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  1. Only need 1 pipe off to lose air pressure in an outlet. My front one was the prob
  2. Morning all. Some 640 owners will possibly notice the bedroom area significantly cooler than the rest of the caravan. This is due to the current design of the heating outlets. This is normal, although not ideal. The image below shows the reason why the bedroom will be colder. The heating pipe is reduced in size, just behind the cooker / bathroom cupboard. It then travels below the toilet cassette and is then attached into the bedroom. The current design shows that the "fat" pipe couldn't go past the toilet cassette, and rather than sending the pipe outside (which would cause a loss in heat and an increase in condensation) this is the best solution. another valid reason why the bedroom is colder is the reducer may have come apart (like the pipes on the outlets etc) and hot air is not making its way to the bedroom. . Courtesy Mr Trudgian.
  3. The bedroom pipe is smaller bore to get allow it round back of cabinets. My front blower was totally disconnected from brand new- this affected the blower pressure (Bailey platinum)
  4. I'm 6,2. And the extra recess makes all the difference for me. It was the one compromise I made in the u3. Now it's perfect for me
  5. I simply charge from the USB on the radio though I know some of the earlier u3 radios didn't have one. I suppose it's a nice touch but wasn't that difficult to charge any how as there is a mains plug next to both seats. .(Vigo there is ) For the difference in cost though I'm sure the charging lights will be standard on all vans shortly
  6. Had a Verona new in 2013. Heating system was horrible n noisy. Had a few mods done by whale but never right Front windows leaked Also thought it towed horrendously The unicorn I replaced it with was better by a mile imo
  7. Had the new type hook up a few years on mine, I'll be honest I prefer it -never had any probs but mainly stay on club sites so not really a risk imo. It all boils down to modular building and that big thing COST. baileys vans are cheap compared to others and offer pretty good value. I ve never had any other brand so prob a bit biased too
  8. I sort of like the layout but in the past the beds weren't big enough for a tall guy like me,the new drop bed end is prob more use in the Vigo -in the cabrera I don't think I would even bother to put down . I like the idea of the full width shower screen to get in and out, but the new mirrors are great if you are maybe 5 foot 8. I see my chest! Like I say if I can do the right deal I may go for it . I also had a sobering thought moment as I was leaving -I looked at a pursuit with the Valencia layout- 15k new. I'm thinking to myself. Is he unicorn really 9k Better,will I enjoy my time away any less?
  9. Forgot to mention the slightly longer front seats are a real plus if your a 6 footer. You can now put your feet up
  10. Been to view today as considering an upgrade from U3 Vigo. In the main I like it but a few things bothered me. Particularly the locker as you enter. I currently use as a shoe locker as you kick off on entering. On checking the Cabrera today I opened the locker to see the mover isolator and mains cables behind the door deeming it unusable IMO I can't see why they didn't move these to other side of tray (admittedly you'd access the isolator from outside locker but I do that now) I also rather liked my coats around the door area but now it's a tv spot. 😩 I've been offered 16500 for 2015 Vigo -if I can screw dealer to a 5k change figure I may put up with the niggles. Basically I lose a grand a year depreciation on old van which I can live with.
  11. Just noticed my rooflight trim is full of bubbles,is this common?is there an easy cure? Thanks
  12. Baileys van polish removes it easily. Don't know how but it does
  13. When I had my peg the front had to be empty to achieve anything like a decent noseweight I think the peg was a shocker to tow personally. Now on a uni 3, tows much better in my opinion
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