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  1. Has anybody found a cure for the infernal accidental triggering of the van alarm via the key fob? I can guarantee that the thing will go off within five minutes of the key fob being in my pocket.
  2. Did the face to face at the main dealers - one phone call to the parts department and lo and behold - the parts are suddenly and miraculously all in stock. Booked in for fixing in April. 9 months. Express service.
  3. Nice one Millstone - I'll ask the question when I do a face to face next week. ...- Mind you - wheel spat. ..
  4. Our Clubman ES suffered a scrape and some denting last July. We had an inspection done at our local main dealer and the parts were ordered. That was last August. 6 (Six) months ago. I've nudged elbows on a couple of occasions - and got the 'We'll check up with Lunar again' reply. Nothing happens. It's a length of awning rail, a fridge vent cover and a wheel spat. How long can parts take - are Lunar really this bad on parts delivery?
  5. Is it normal practice that a dealer should check Alde fluid for strength of anti-freeze in a pre-delivery inspection on a used caravan sale?
  6. That's the type of customer service I like to see!
  7. 30 years ago cars were much heavier and caravans were lighter. The OP will do as he sees fit, no doubt - but he asked for opinions.
  8. Nice one Paul - where does one purchase such stuff?
  9. A 3. 0 litre V6 is quite a lump of car - I'd say totally the other end of the scale of what you're considering. Personally, I wouldn't do it - I don't think I'd consider towing anything with less that a 1. 6 litre diesel.
  10. I'd also have a look at the kerb weight of the Focus compared to the MTPLM of the caravan - the 85% rule is a good bench mark for caravan beginners. I have a feeling the 1 litre engine is going to struggle a bit on inclines - and if the weights aren't matched you might have the tail wagging the dog.
  11. I recently sprang a leak in the Ultraflow filter housing - and decided it was almost certainly due to the excessive force required to disconnect the 'pistol' connector. The housing was split in two places and was duly replaced, but I decided some modification was due to avoid a recurrence. The first area I concentrated on was the actual pistol insertion and removal; I decide that the force required to pull out the pistol (along with the almost unavoidable 'wiggling') - was due to the presence of two 'O' rings- I had a hunch that two was probably overkill, so I tried the connection after removing one 'O' ring - everything worked perfectly, with no leaks, and the removal was significantly easier, with a straight, easy pull. I then turned to the blue water pipe, which is always in a permanent curve - and becomes almost completely rigid when cold. I replaced the blue pipe with black corrugated 12mm bore garden pond hose - and the result is an easily managed hose that doesn't develop a mind of it's own when it comes to storing it - particularly in cold weather.
  12. Toein - Yep - Tesco have de-ionised water at £1. 00 per 2. 5 litres. I put 6 x 2. 5s of them through to flush and 2 mixed with the Triple QX.
  13. OK - job done. Took about 2 hours total. Flushed system through completely three times after draining header tank. Removed header tank, connected my pump and drain, pumped in 10-11 litres of Triple ZX G13/De-Ionised water (50/50 mix), replaced header tank, topped up to halfway between min. and max lines, switched system on and warmed up. Bled several times from washroom radiator. Ran for 2-3 hours, switched off overnight. Slight leak from one connection on header tank - hose clip tightened - system topped up. Running fine. Below is pic of the 22/15mm push-fit connectors I used - made the job so much easier - and the Ebay submersible pump - 8 quid!
  14. Interesting point re the coupling up of various hoses. The flow and return pipes are both standard 22mm plumbing gauge - so push-fit couplings fit them easily - I'm connecting my hoses with 22mm to 15mm reducers - then 15mm push-fit pipe into appropriate clear plastic tubing. Not done the job yet, but will be doing so in the next few days. Also, whilst prepping for the job, I found that the existing fluid is completely clear - and was obviously like that when I bought the van last August ( From a 'Reputable' local dealer) - I checked with a Hydrometer - and that confirmed that the fluid had no anti-freeze protection whatsoever - so it survived a severe winter with no antifreeze at all. I will be shortly having an interesting conversation with said dealer. PS - I fitted a 12v 'Cigar' plug to the submersible pump and connected it to a 12v transformer - works a treat and means that I can use the mains sockets in the van to power the transformer - saving the bother of lugging a heavy battery into the van.
  15. Thanks for that Flynn - so - only pump through the return pipe - is that correct? One more thought. I've ordered a 12v submersible pump to do the job - can anyone see anything wrong with using the 12v mains transformer from our portable cooler, rather than clipping on to a battery?
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