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  1. It is insaured thanks bob just all the hassle and upevil it’s caused they are pensioners and don’t need it thanks
  2. Yeah there insaurance is up to date just a nightmare they are back from Spain now I’m sure it will be sorted
  3. Hi all my mum and dads hobby has been stolen on Saturday night from a caravan site in ingomelds Skegness it’s a 2012 they are currently on holiday In Spain and are devastated to say the least,this van was bought with there pension funds and are now left with nothing,please share on Facebook or any sites you may no thanks daz.
  4. Hi all my mum and dads 2012 hobby has been stolen on Saturday night,from the touring site they are on at ingomelds Skegness,I will put some pics on as soon as I can as my mums on holiday in Spain plz share on Facebook or anything they are retired and this was bought with there pension,they are devastated to say the least any info please msg me thanks daz.
  5. Hi all just booked 16 nights here for next summer hols looks very well kept what you lot think thanks
  6. Thanks for all your advice but yet again the kids win,,cornwall here we come tregarton park for 16 nights 🙈😝🙈😝🙈😝
  7. Thank you I will take a look what’s the time driving from st malo or is there a closer route thanks
  8. Hi looking for a nice respectable site in the vendee for 2018 school hols,on or very close to a beach with indoor outdoor pools etc entertainment not a must but pools are and beach thanks daz
  9. Hi all been to Brittany last two years and to be fair not had such good weather people say if you venture further down to the vendee you get better weather,is this the case,also any reccomended sites preferred on the beach would be helpful thanks
  10. Hi few months ago I cracked the rear corner bumper,and whilst in Cornwall I clipped a barrier cracking the other side lol,so I've two cracked bumpers is there any breakers who may have two or a cheap fix I'm based in doncaster
  11. Hi all,could any of you kind people plz let me use your code to obtain a discount thanks.
  12. Hi looking for a good site in devon must have a pool thanks in the school holiday's!!!!!!
  13. Hi all thinking of a week here in the main hols has anyone stopped here is it ok ie a nice clean site also is there a part of the site to avoid pitching on thanks
  14. Anyone heard of this recovery firm very cheap
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