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  1. a new one costs £1200 from Bailey and £60 fitting charge according to my dealer. I will put up with a bit of mist. My main point in posting was to warn others to watch out for it. It is certainly not condensation nor the rubbing together of inner and outer walls. Thanks for your interest everyone
  2. here is the mist photo, its not a good one hope you can see it, its a horizontal white band
  3. thanks for this link, I missed these posts. Very helpful. What is said about sprays and cleaners may be true but it is not the case in ours. I agree that it is connected with the stresses that are mentioned in the posts as the misting on mine is only at the most stressed part. These are big windows after all.
  4. We have a 2.5 year old Bailey Unicorn Valencia 3. The big front window has a horizontal white mist patch across it at the point on the bend. Chased it up with the dealer as van warranty will end in in 6 months. It's not dirt - inner or outer. It's not delaminating, it's not condensation. My amateur opinion its a stress problem in the plastic. Dealer excellent but: Warranty on windows only 2 years Bailey said tough its out of warranty Window maker said tough its out of warranty Message to other owners with newish caravans is that if you notice any misting take it seriously and register it before your warranty runs out. Does anyone know what could cause this kind of misting?
  5. Things may be changing. NW has had a review of its insurance and the cost of extending a stay beyond 31 days and for covering certain medical conditions have rocketed. In our case from £15 extra annually (to the £13 per month) to £135 annually.
  6. This is all very helpful and logical. I will find it amazing if ALKO tell me the suspension (both sides) is 'relaxed' more than for any other 1 year old van - seems like there has to be some kind of adaption to take care of the normal settling of the suspension. Will post the outcome of discussions with the ALKO people next Monday.
  7. Hi I have also just been told my 1 year old Valencia has a 'relaxed axle' and that ALKO have to inspect it. Apparently my (small) dealership has already had several new series III vans with the same problem this year. They fear an avalanche of unrelaxed customers when they come in for a season's service in March. Seems like an obvious warranty case or even a case for a precautionary recall. I have been told that ALKO now inspect and send in a report that says if the van has been overloaded or not - how they can tell for certain is a mystery to me. My local information is that so far one owner out of 4 has been told they could not get a repair done under warranty . Does anyone know what the bigger picture is on this? M
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