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  1. No circulation in my 3010, so I bought an inline pump at great expense and fitted it. No improvement. I removed the flow valve assembly to have a look at the non-return valve. On examination of the inside of the rubber tube the valve was facing the wrong way! No wonder the ruddy pump wouldn't circulate the water. When I fiddled with it before I must have moved it so that it was slightly open. I just spoke with Alde Tech Support and they were quite matter of fact about it having flipped due to hydraulic pressure expanding the rubber housing, and this phenomenon was probably the reason they started using a 'non-flippable' one, just like the one I have ordered today... Grrr!
  2. On our return yesterday from a one thousand mile round trip 'up north' we found that our Fleetwood Heritage 560-4 was minus the big Remitop Slide/Tilt rooflight! It fell off somewhere on the way home but I don't know where. Unfortunately, it is now made of unobtainium, so a complete replacement unit was required. I got on to the Aegis Claims dept this morning and put in a claim for a new one. I was worried that they wouldn't pay, maybe suggesting that I hadn't checked it before leaving... The helpful lady said go ahead and buy one as it's pouring with rain right now and she would sort it for me. I sent some pics and the receipt for £543.95 for a HEKI DeLuxe from Jacksons and almost by return I got the notice that the money (less £100 excess ) would be paid into my account next week. I'll be fitting it myself as then I can be sure of the job... Brilliant service. John
  3. There's a general thread going on about poor British quality. This is our 2007 Fleetwood Heritage 560-4, still looking like nearly new. The interior is the same. It's our second Heritage, our first was a 530-3, sold when we bought a Hymer Starline 640. EDIT I can't get the Imgur links to display automatically. https://imgur.com/gaFQE9O We bought this one last year at a good price as the previous owner had ripped out the L shaped lounge and put in two rocking armchairs! I rebuilt the bench frames and Jan made the new seats and covers. It all matches rather well and we are very pleased with the result. Unfortunately, Jan has just spotted a speck of dust... https://imgur.com/2rW9uVx We removed the fold up table and replaced it with this rather snazzy shelf system. https://imgur.com/nBfmoyp The cooker, sink and fridge are all unmarked. https://imgur.com/oJ2CHGq You appreciate the quality when you see fittings like these... https://imgur.com/VWFlKZW I should add that I have renovated the rather soggy floor...!
  4. I suspect that is the reason why it's called the Lake District!😇
  5. My 2015 E350 towed our Coachman 480 to the Riviera and back no problem, even in the summer heat. I had a Westfalia detachable towbar fitted, about £650.
  6. No. I learnt while in the Army that any fool can be uncomfortable and I can also afford to say no. Surprisingly enough, Haven gave us a pro-rata refund for the first two days we cancelled, and we didn't even have to ask for it! We await their response to the cancellation of the remaining six days...
  7. We had booked into Weymouth Haven Seaview for eight days starting yesterday. We cancelled the first two days because of the atrocious weather, and now the forecast is even worse, so it's a no go as we don't really want to sit on top of a hill being battered by wind and rain! Let's hope our planned trip to the Lake District starting 8th June fares better. I should add that up until now we have usually toured Western Europe, and with good reason... John
  8. Thanks for the replies, I'll keep the wheel and put the heavy stuff in the Kodiaq! John
  9. I've been driving cars without a spare wheel for some years now, relying on the can of goo and the electric inflator. I've never had to use either. There's a big heavy spare wheel in the forward locker of our Fleetwood, taking up space and payload, and I'm thinking of removing it in favour of the alternative. Has anyone else done this or would like to comment? John
  10. I bought a 2007 Fleetwood Heritage 560-4 recently. I had hardly been used given the condition inside and out, but the LHS mover's manual engagement was extremely difficult and haphazard. The RH unit engaged no problem. I tried very hard and even though I'm over 70, I managed to break the shear pin on the hex drive! This had obviously happened before as the offending pin was an old 5mm bolt. I bit the bullet yesterday and removed the offending unit to find it was encrusted with hardened road dirt, probably due to it being in the gutter for most of its life. I cleaned it all up, refitted it with a new shear pin, and tried again, to find that the actuating lever shaft was turning inside the lever as the weld had given way! I drilled out the body of the lever from underneath and whacked in a 3/16" silver steel pin, and it all works perfectly easily now. To think, I was contemplating fitting a new mover...
  11. I'm on my fourth MB, from a 190E through a E320, SL500 and now a E350 AMG Bluetec. All very happy around 85C! John
  12. I'm reminded of an old joke by Billy Connolly: "You walk in to find a salesman standing guard at the entrance. He pounces on you and says "Can I help you sir?". You say "Yes, you look around and I'll stand here!"" John
  13. Hi folks. I've sold the Fleetwood and bought a Hymer 640 Starline, motorhome. Unused Heritage control panel for 2008 530-3 for sale. .... John 07775677052
  14. Hi. I have traded in my 2008 Fleetwood Heritage 530-3 for a Hymer 640 Starline motorhome here in Southampton, and I watched the dealer do the damp test with his ultrasonic 'thingy'. Verdict? Perfect! Sold! John PS I don't need my spare control panel bought this year. Offers?
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