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  1. Some four years ago we sold our wonderful Fleetwood Heritage 530-3 and defected to a Motorhome. We took our Hymer 640 Starline all over Europe, including a 10 month trip to Portugal via Croatia, and finally sold it last May. having covered some 16,000 miles in three seasons. We soon found out that we both hadn't lost the nomadic instinct, so last week we found an absolutely immaculate 2010 Coachman Amara 450/2 for sale in Horsham, and we are off to France on the 20th Sept. for a month or so in the southern sunshine! We'll keep you posted. . . John & Jan Hamble
  2. I'm on my fourth MB, from a 190E through a E320, SL500 and now a E350 AMG Bluetec. All very happy around 85C! John
  3. I'm reminded of an old joke by Billy Connolly: "You walk in to find a salesman standing guard at the entrance. He pounces on you and says "Can I help you sir?". You say "Yes, you look around and I'll stand here!"" John
  4. Hi folks. I've sold the Fleetwood and bought a Hymer 640 Starline, motorhome. Unused Heritage control panel for 2008 530-3 for sale. .... John 07775677052
  5. Hi. I have traded in my 2008 Fleetwood Heritage 530-3 for a Hymer 640 Starline motorhome here in Southampton, and I watched the dealer do the damp test with his ultrasonic 'thingy'. Verdict? Perfect! Sold! John PS I don't need my spare control panel bought this year. Offers?
  6. Oops! I should have said "It's worth paying the extra. ..." After all, we are on holiday, so what the heck! We also made sure that we found hypermarche petrol stations off route. Off to Santander on Tuesday week. ... John
  7. The City De La Mer is a fantastic maritime exploration exhibition, well worth visiting while you are parked there. It's geared up for kids and exhibits are documented in English as well as French. You get to go around the Redoutable (pronounced redootaaaabla!) nuclear submarine, and the original bathysphere is on show. Brilliant! We kept our sailing boat at Cherbourg for two years. The Cafe de Paris on the waterfront is well used to us Brits and is (was?) good value. John
  8. Jason We motored nearly 5000 miles around France and northern Spain last year, 2000 of them towing our caravan. We found that despite the 50% uplift for the caravan, the toll charge was worth paying. Our Kia is an auto, and using the 'N' roads, and slowing up for tiny villages, going up and down the box, meant our fuel consumption was severely affected. Journeys often took at least twice as long as when using the autoroute. We tried the 'Avoid Motorways' option on the TomTom, but to no real advantage. The autoroute is relatively safe and stress free, providing you keep up with the lorri
  9. Just sent off a reservation request to Playa de Oyambre for 27th March - they are doing 5 nights for the price of 4. Our first visit to this area. Anyone else booked on the Santander ferry on the 26th? John
  10. Motorcycle Electrical Services Unit A2, Harris Road Wedgnock Industrial Estate Warwickshire CV34 5JU Bob Norton - I like that! 01926 499756 John
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  12. O'Leary's have none, but I got hold of MES and they have some at £110 + VAT+P&P = £141. . Apparently it's an OEM item and it is programmed by MES to suit the application. No EPOS facility there so it's back to cheques and snail mail. .... Thanks for the pointers. John
  13. Thanks for your help both. I'm minded to get a spare as I met a guy at a rally last week who had bought TWO spare ones! He wouldn't sell me one though. ... Alandmel I've contacted mes electronics today but as yet no reply. The website advertised appears not to exist. O'leary's have responded but they want to know serial numbers and I'll have to remove the unit to find this out. Onewheelonmywagon I must have an earlier model. Built end 2007 first reg 2009. It’s not a touch screen, just two arrows astride a central square button with the lcd above, However, I do have a solar pa
  14. Hi. I just joined here and spotted this post. I've just bought a Heritage 530-3 (georgous!). I've looked up m. e. s. but I get a marine electronics co. only. Is this the correct one? Thanks John
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