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  1. The bathroom has a shower tray but no shower head. ..it has a sink and a tap, thank you for reply
  2. Good point, we never thought of there being 2 taps per sink. ..no there is only 1 on each, possible mixa?? To answer the above, there is a submersible water pump in a container under the sink at the moment, not sure if it connects both sink and bathroom sinl though, thank you all we will check out the above links tonight
  3. Hi. ...No, we have a Thetford toilet and full bathroom and kitchen sink, these are fed from the water in a large container under the sink unit fed up via a sub pump. These vans were made for the german market im told. Thank you
  4. You are reading this and hopefully may be able to help advise me or point me in the direction of others that may be able to help. Yesterday we purchased an old Hobby prestige 425 Caravan here in Spain, made in Holland or Germany and is on Spanish plates, in very good condition for the age, well looked after. Never had a caravan before so are giving it a go, very excited. However we have some questions…hundreds really but at the moment advice with one we cant find an answer to online until I came across your site. We don’t have hot water in caravan and want to know if its po
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