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  1. Just saw some posts about UK motorists being attacked. This is the headline on Facebook HUNDREDS of migrants shouting "f*** the UK" have stormed the roads in and around Calais and hurled rocks at British motorists in a desperate attempt to reach the UK before Britons decide whether or not to leave the EU. If that is how they feel, then let them go somewhere else.
  2. Hope you all have recovered from the ordeal. , we will be there in July fingers crossed. Quite honestly we have enough of our own Thugs and the Prisons overcrowded, our NHS cannot cope and Schools have far too many pupils in the classes. Why can't the MP's/Government see that we are already full and do not need more people who will add to all our own internal problems. Can we sort out the UK before we try to be World Custodians.
  3. People who drive faster than their skill level.
  4. Firstly we are Francophiles, through and through and having a place in the Correze for the past 16 years does help. The price of food has gone up steadily over the years and in general is dearer that the UK, there can be regional variations and at the markets you get excellent local produce at prices similar to our own Farmers Markets. You get what you pay for. If you are after a cheap and cheerful holiday then there may be other destinations that suit as France cannot be described as a low cost place to holiday. You either love or hate France, a bit like Marmite, we love it even with the blockades, strikes and all the other French ways. As said, the recent problems may put people off this year, but not us and a visit down the road last week the Camping Aire in Uzerche was full of Motorhomes so not all doom and gloom. Fingers crossed that the fuel problem has ended for our next trip in July.
  5. Just tried to find the site I visited and no luck, have scoured around and it looks as though none is allowed on the Ferries. The Tunnel still seems to allow up to 30 litres.
  6. 10ltrs on the ferries and 30ltrs on the Tunnel from a site giving advice today.
  7. Off to the Correze on Tuesday for 10 days to build a Pergola in the garden, may get time to go for eats. PR1 Good eats at La Tour in Masseret which is not far from you, you can also get the key from the Hotel, if you fancy climbing the numerous steps to the top. Great panoramic view once up there. Uzerche is well worth a visit with some nice restaurants. Has a MH Aire for those interested.
  8. You could try here, pleasant stopover and near the Ports. http://www. pommiers-3pays. com/modulosite2/3pays-licques-campsite. htm
  9. We have the Free Sky channels in the house in France, the French TV is not to our taste. I know it works that is why I posted a reply to the OP, it is not for me to give opinions on what other people do whilst on holiday just because it does not suit. Each to their own.
  10. We get Sky coverage in the Correze which is next to the Dordogne.
  11. You could try the below site which gives peoples recommendations. UKCS
  12. We bring plenty of wines that we like from France, and use Laithwaites for when we want some good wines in the UK. Have tried quite a few from the above and all have been very, very good and reasonably priced, more so when they send you the Special Offers.
  13. I watched it for 30 seconds and thought it was a new Carry On Film so switched over.
  14. As you see from the picture to the left, he is large, hairy and loveable just like Hagrid in the Harry Potter films. We have a large van so we can transport him, my 99 year old mum (100 in May) and the 3 of us plus the wheelchair and goodies not available in France for our Ex Pat friends. Once he knows he is in the train on the Euro Tunnel he does not move a muscle.
  15. Our French vet aways checks Hagrid out apart from weighing him as he simply refuses to go onto the plate, and at 75 kilo we do not bother, his weight is stable. She is far, far cheaper than our vet in England.
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