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  1. Herbert is now for sale in the classified section
  2. I will do, just wanted to give a heads up as people on here have expressed interest in it in the past.
  3. Sorry to rake up an old thread but i wanted to say that reluctantly Herbert will be coming up for sale towards the end of May due to our expanding family needing more space. I would very much like him to go to an enthusiast who will continue to use him and care for him as we have done.
  4. I call dibs on the TR if no one wants it
  5. Huff


    Glad I'm not the only one
  6. Huff


    Are people really bothered about other folk looking at their vans when on site? Maybe its just me but I can't fathom anyone being annoyed by that. Mind you our van is unique and when we erect it on site it always draws a crowd so I guess I am used to it. I spend at least half of any trip away showing people around the van or recounting it's history. I don't go round peering in anyones windows or anything but i do like to look around the various units on site from a respectable distance, particularly if i see another folding van or folding camper.
  7. I've been involved in classic car circles all my life and sadly this is all too familiar a story. Even when their are family members they don't always want the bother of dealing with the car (or boat/caravan delete as applicable) or even know what to do with it if they are willing. The car club i belong to is constantly being approached asking for help with disposing of cars left behind when some poor old soul passes on.
  8. Cooking oil can be effective at removing sticky residue, put a little on a cloth and lay it over the patch for a few minutes before removing and wiping with a clean cloth or scraper if its still being stubborn. Best to try a small bit first though as the oil itself can leave a stain on some surfaces, i should think a caravan window would be OK and wouldn't stain but better safe than sorry.
  9. My advice would be to spend as small an amount of money as possible (within reason) on a cheap starter van and make sure that caravanning is really for you before you go spending £10k on one. Test the waters, learn the ropes and then make a final decision. Maybe even borrow or rent a van if you can.
  10. I have a folding van, a one off prototype made by the Everyman company in 1962
  11. For us it is definitely a hobby as our van is more than just a place to sleep its also a restoration project and something that we exhibit at shows. But I think of camping in general as one of my hobbies, I go camping for the love of camping rather than simply as a type of holiday.
  12. My parents have just bought a 2013 Tay and have been very impressed with it so far.
  13. I can't help identify it but looks a lovely little unit Happy camping
  14. I don't think Witter fit bars themselves, they just have a list of approved independent fitters. At least thats how it always used to be. Could have changed I suppose. I have bought loads of towards from Witter though and had no problems. They hold the designs for bars for many classic cars and make them to order so have been very useful for that.
  15. Thanks Mechs but I guarantee they won't Insure me. My van is a prototype, one of a kind so as such there are no Off the shelf parts for it and it can't really be valued. It's worth what someone would be willing to pay foe It which might be £50 or £10k. ...... I appreciate the thought tho
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