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  1. Seaman, sorry to hear this, you're not having a lot of luck with caravaning at the moment are you?
  2. Question for you all then. .......as the water all goes into the same container, why doesn't the manufacturer connect them together and just have one outlet? The extra cost to the manufacturer would be 1 T connector but the saving would be 1 outlet. I don't know of any manufacturer that connects them together. . .....and if all you people are fabrication pipe work, why don't you modify the pipes on the van and join them together? Then you only need to carry loose, 1 pipe to going into your waste container Rich
  3. I bought my 2003 Bailey Ranger 500/5 new for £10,490. I traded it last year so it was 10 years old and I got £6000 for it. So yes I think £500 per year depreciation sounds right
  4. Hi kev, I did it for a couple of years after I split. I didn't join a club or anything like that, I just went to normal sites by myself and had a great time. I'm into biking like you, so I'd go to places where I could enjoy my sport. You meet loads of nice folk on site to talk to. One thing caravaning on your own does do, it makes you better at reversing and manoeuvre the van. Only hard part is checking the brake lights before setting off. .....I just used to ask someone and they always were willing to help. ....oh and you get better at putting the awing up too. Go for
  5. Hi Seaman Yes mine was flexing. ....it was due to a delaminated floor. If you search my posts you'll see my story. To sum up, whole floor from back of van to front chest of drawers was delaminated. This on a 2013 Avante, all repaired under warranty. Other owners are having the same issues, I and you are not alone Rich
  6. It all depends on you. How quick do you want to get there, do you want to save the money, do you want to see towns and villages etc etc. it's like driving over here. We always take the toll roads. One person can sleep while the other drives, no need for any assistance with navigation etc. We do a 600mile journey from Calais to Bourg Saint Maurice in the Alps, using tolls we do it in about 11-12hours. .....we have done it in 10hours. The cost is about €120 each way. Rich
  7. We're off down to BSM in a couple of weeks, anybody know of any major road works on the toll roads on our route? We will be going Calais, Reims, Troyes, Dijon, Lyon and Chambery. Round Lyon we'll be taking the new road past the airport. Cannot wait to go, 3rd time in 3 years. Rich
  8. We always stop at the Tesco's just off the motorway by the Euro Tunnel terminal. Fuel has good access even for long outfits, the car park is easy to get in and out of and there's no height barrier.
  9. Why don't you just buy one of those screw in, corkscrew type ground anchors and fix it in the awning. Just clip your dog to it. That way it doesn't matter what awning you get.
  10. As Tandem Man says, give it an hour or so and wait or a break in the weather. There are defo grass pitches at Longleat. Some are round the back of the reception block and some are over at the playground end of the site. .....under trees. ......the sound of water dripping on the van even after it's stopped raining. .....great isn't it!, Enjoy your hols, Longleat used to have the best approach to any site on the CC network with the long drive down past the house. Now you have to thread your way through the houses and come in past the safari park entrance. ....can be narrow in places,
  11. mtb_rich

    SAM 0006

    How do you get in to close the roof light??
  12. Yesterday I picked up my new caravan. .......well technically not true. Yesterday I picked up my now fully repaired 2013 not so SOLID caravan. The delaminated floor has all been repaired and the new back panel has been fitted. C&S caravans in Accrington have done an absolute fantastic job and I cannot recommend them highly enough. The floor feels firmer than the day I originally picked it up. No furniture squeaks at all. For people wondering about the back panel. The panel looks exactly the same as the defective one. The work needed to stop the panel cracking again
  13. Careful with the wood burning stove in a caravan. ......don't end up with one big bonfire. I know M in Laws boat has a wood burner but that has a steel hull.
  14. We carry everything as shipbroker does. ......together with a dog specific first aid kit. We have 2 ex racing greyhounds and they are so clumsy it's untrue. ......a holiday doesn't go by when we don't have to visit a vet.
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