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  1. I changed from a single axle to a twin in April 2019 and don’t regret it at all (I also tow with a Santa Fe). I have never towed in Europe and all of our caravan holidays are in the UK, it’s also true that quite often we are staying on site for a week or more. However in the summer after purchasing the twin we did a 3 week “tour” of the Peak District, Yorkshire and the Lake District. We stayed for approx 3 or 4 nights at each site and then moved on. I had to level the van on quite a few of the sites but as others have said this is pretty easy with the Lock n Level. It wasn’t really any mo
  2. I have a 2017 Barcelona and replaced the foam mattress with a pocket sprung one from Belfield. It’s 5kg heavier than the foam one but is far more supportive and I no longer suffer with a bad back. However since purchasing it I have made two further improvements. I found that the bed did still sag in the middle, it was less than with the foam mattress but it was clear that the frame was also partially to blame. I have fitted a removable upright support between the centre of the frame and floor. I remove it when towing as we do store some items under the bed. That fixed the issue with the
  3. Your handbook can be downloaded from here. See page 47 for instructions on how to operate the water heater on gas, remember to remove the exterior cowl cover.
  4. Recently switched to Elsan Organic (green) and this works really well. We have been using our own facilities during COVID and it broke everything down. Has the same benefit as Fenwicks Top n Tail in that it can be used in both the flush and cassette however it smells a lot better!
  5. Hi Amanda, As far as I know the location you mention (on the right hand side of the fridge/freezer) is the location where Bailey recommend you fit a TV bracket. Bailey have included some additional support behind that panel for the bracket. I have a U3 Barcelona so cannot help but I am sure some owners on here will share some more details with you. Mark.
  6. Seems to be mostly the Unicorn single axle 4 berth models, but there were a few Pegasus owners also reporting failures. Whilst there were a lot of reports of failures with the Vigo and Valencia that might just be because they are the more popular layouts - I am not sure any particular model is more affected than another. My Madrid failed on the offside which is not too surprising with that layout as that is also where the bulk of the weight is (hot water storage, boiler, oven, microwave and fridge/freezer).
  7. Nobody really knows for sure as Bailey have not been fully transparent about the issue, they are never going to admit they made a mistake with the 2014-2019 models. However the 2020 models have around 90mm clearance unloaded. This seems to be in line with al-ko’s recommendations with a 30mm movement in the swing arm for loading and then another 60mm to full bump stop. In that setup the wheel cannot protrude through the wheel arch. I don’t think the spec of the axle has changed, it’s just the way in which it is fitted/located in order to create the required clearance. To be hone
  8. Yes, there is a facebook group discussing the axle issues and there are quite a few U4 owners on there with the same problem. I don’t think it was finally corrected until the 2020 model year.
  9. +1 for Aquasol - I add it to the water in the Aquaroll each time I refill it. Provides safe drinking water and removes any bad after tastes.
  10. I know this is an old thread but a friend of mine is in the process of purchasing a 2015 U3 Vigo and is also having the same issue over which full awning to go for. As the Isabella measurement is less than the Bailey stated 1045 we are trying to work out if a Dorema 16 (1025-1050) would be a better fit than a Isabella/Ventura 1050. I used to own a U3 Madrid myself and had a Ventura 1050 but did find it a little big unless the pitch was either dead flat or sloped away. It was sometimes difficult to get the canvas taught. Whilst Bailey state both models have the same awning size I
  11. I purchased it from a dealer (not my local one) but prior to purchase confirmed with my local Bailey dealer that they would do all servicing and warranty work. I have that in writing. I have purchased a number of brand new caravans from them over the years. I cannot see it being resolved in three weeks either so rebooked my service for the last week of June (just before the end of the 3 month grace period). Mark.
  12. My caravan was booked in for an annual service next Tues. It's a 2017 Bailey Unicorn Barcelona but as the first owner missed a service the Bailey manufacturers warranty was invalidated. I took out an MB&G policy to cover it when I purchased the van in April last year. I have been in contact with MB&G and they are now allowing a 3 month grace period for servicing so their customers will not be penalised if their caravan service is late. I just rang my local dealer and in fact they have closed their workshop from today and are rebooking all servicing. They said that all t
  13. I haven’t had to change them yet, they have been installed for two years. It doesn’t take long to remove the control panel.
  14. I haven’t fitted one in a Seville but have in two other Unicorn 3 models (Madrid and Barcelona). I usually just fix the battery pack to plastic cover on the rear of the Alde control panel.
  15. As others have said the heating will operate with the water system drained down - that was not the cause of your issue at home. If you did not have a plug symbol displayed on the control panel when at home then I suspect there was no 240v power from your electric hookup. The control panel and pump work off 12v (caravan leisure battery) so that does not mean the 240v hookup is OK. Easy way to confirm if you have 240v when connected at home is to check if your microwave works.
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