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  1. I haven’t had to change them yet, they have been installed for two years. It doesn’t take long to remove the control panel.
  2. I haven’t fitted one in a Seville but have in two other Unicorn 3 models (Madrid and Barcelona). I usually just fix the battery pack to plastic cover on the rear of the Alde control panel.
  3. As others have said the heating will operate with the water system drained down - that was not the cause of your issue at home. If you did not have a plug symbol displayed on the control panel when at home then I suspect there was no 240v power from your electric hookup. The control panel and pump work off 12v (caravan leisure battery) so that does not mean the 240v hookup is OK. Easy way to confirm if you have 240v when connected at home is to check if your microwave works.
  4. We purchased a 2017 Unicorn Barcelona this year, it had only been used a few times by the previous owner and the van was like new. However we found the same problems with the foam honeycore mattress. After sleeping on it for more than 3 or 4 consecutive nights I ended up with a bad back. I ended up ordering a new pocket sprung mattress from Belfield and it’s massive improvement on the foam one.
  5. They are also foam... however that wasn’t something we really noticed as we had a 2016 Madrid which also had foam bench seats. You can definitely see the foam is compressed after someone has been sitting on it for a reasonable period of time. However it does recover. I suspect Belfield would also be able to supply pocket sprung versions, might be worth giving them a call. FYI the replacement mattress was £334. It is 30mm deeper than the foam one at 180mm. There are other companies that make them but I decided to stick with Belfield as Bailey’s supplier. Mark
  6. Hi Ian, I recently changed from a 2016 Madrid to a 2017 Barcelona (our first fixed bed). I can confirm that the mattress is indeed foam and from what I have read Bailey changed (aka downgraded) the mattress in the later U3 models. Earlier models including the U2 had a pocket sprung mattress. After our first one week trip away in the Barcelona I started suffering with a bad back. That’s not entirely unusual for me and I know someone with a U3 Valencia who is perfectly happy with the foam mattress and finds it very comfortable. I contacted Bellfield and they could supply a pocket sprung version of the U3 mattress so decided to order one. It’s a little heavier (5kg) but I find it far more supportive and comfortable. We used the van for 26 nights in August and my back was fine :-). Hope that helps. Mark.
  7. It will match, they are designed specifically for Bailey Alutech vans. What year/series is your van? You can select the type (pre or post 2015) and then single or double axle here... https://www.youcancaravan.co.uk/isabella-awning-wheel-arch-cover-for-bailey-alutech Mark.
  8. Also use an Isabella one. As stated above there are different types depending on the year of the van due to the change in wheel arch design. We used one on our 2016 Madrid (single axle) and now have one for our 2017 Barcelona (twin axle), about half the price of the Prima/Bailey one.
  9. There is a facebook group of owners suffering with this issue. Unfortunately some have 2018 U4’s - it’s definitely not sorted. Some had their axle replaced 18 months ago only for it to fail again.
  10. FYI Grayson also make progressive auxiliary spring assisters (same design as MAD). They are a bit cheaper than MAD and I fitted some to a Mitsubishi Outlander (made a big difference). Mark.
  11. It does have ATC... Ky Features - AL-KO ATC trailer control system, AL-KO secure wheel lock, TRACKER Stolen Vehicle Recovery System & TRACKER PIR intruder alarm, Up to 4 USB sockets, Dometic 10 series 153 litre electronic fridge freezer with universal handed door mechanism, Truma 100 watt solar panel.
  12. I would go with one for the same model. They do different types of electronics (e.g FMCD) but don’t worry if that is not the same as your existing one - it’s just a newer version. The other option is to get yours repaired for £95 + postage. https://www.arelectronics.co.uk/contents/en-uk/d18_Caravan-Mover-Repairs.html You might also find a used one on eBay - I sold a single axle one when I swapped my mover over to a twin axle (had to buy a twin axle control unit). Mark.
  13. Sometimes it’s not the joining strip that has gone but just the end caps. I had the joining strip replaced and then about a 18 months later the end caps needed re-sealing. It’s not a great design. Mark.
  14. When you turn a caravan with a single axle mover only one wheel is driven with the other one stopped. This enables the caravan to spin on the spot. It’s possible as the caravan only has one wheel on the ground either side. That isn’t possible with a twin as the tyres will scrub. So a twin axle mover control unit drives the outside wheel of the turning circle whilst pulsing or using half speed for the inner wheel. Hope that makes sense... I believe some manufacturers use a single control unit with a switch to change between single axle and twin axle mode. Powrtouch use different control units. Mark.
  15. I have just changed from a single to twin axle caravan and had my mover swapped over. It’s a Powrtouch Evolution Manual. As I owned a “single axle mover” I had to purchase a new control unit designed for a twin axle - but the motors etc are the same. The twin axle Powrtouch evolution uses the same motors as the single axle model. There is no doubt that there is a big difference in manoeuvrability but it really depends on your situation as to whether it will cause you a problem or not. I keep my caravan in a storage compound and most of the time don’t need to use the mover there. Even if I did there would be no need to do any tight turns. If however you keep your caravan at home and have to navigate a curved drive or spin it around then it might be a challenge. If using the mover on site then it can just take a little longer to manoeuvre onto the pitch. It turns like the shape of a 50 pence piece. You can apply a little force against the side of the caravan to help it move. Depending on whether the mover is fitted to the front or rear wheels you can either raise or lower the jockey wheel to take the weight off the wheels where the mover is not engaged. My main concern with a quad mover was not so much the additional cost but the additional payload. It would take another 30kg off our payload allowance. We have only had the twin axle since Easter and used it a few times. I am going to see how it works out the rest of this year but based on my experience so far I think I would stay with the twin rather than upgrade to a quad. I contacted Powrtouch about the swap and they commented that many of their customers do the same as me or if buying a twin axle mover also opt for the twin model initially. I am not sure about other makes but with Powrtouch you can just add the additional set of motors later on if you decide to upgrade from twin—>quad. If you plan to buy a Powrtouch mover it would be worth you calling or emailing them, they were really helpful. Hope that helps. Mark.
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